So What Wednesday 3

It’s So What Wednesday over at Life After I Dew and I’m linking up! This week I am saying SO WHAT if..

  • I still hide if someone knocks on my door and I am home alone.  Umm, hello, call first.
  • I sometimes get the urge to vaguebook on Facebook.  I restrain myself though ;).
  • I have moved from frustrations from my newborn photographer to an etsy seller I ordered from over a week ago and haven’t heard a word from.  W’s newborn pictures were TOTALLY worth the wait and these 4th of July garlands better be too.
  • We (sort of) are participating in a garage sale this weekend and I am not even sure what I am selling, which means I have not gathered it, priced it, etc.
  • I told L that you are only allowed to get three candy toppings on your fro-yo. This is per the rules of the store of course. ;).  And you can get as many fruit toppings as you want.
  • I think my kids are the most adorable kids on the planet.  I mean, getting one cute one is one thing, but two cute ones?  That’s something!  And yeah, I realize everyone thinks this!
  • I let L play iPad in my bed if (as if I ever get up first) he gets up before I do.  It’s a win-win because it’s extra iPad time for him and extra sleep (okay, eyes closed) time for me.  Of course, this all depends on what W is doing.

So what are you saying so what to this week???

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