October Birchbox Review ~ Goop Edition 15

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October Goop Birchbox

This month, Birchbox paired up with goop for a special goop curated Birchbox. They sent out e-mails to all subscribers asking if you wanted the goop box or the “transformations” box, which was the October theme.  Have no clue what goop (you can click to read more about it) is? I didn’t either but decided to opt for it anyways.  I mean, why not?

I thought maybe we’d get a different Box. Nope.

Shipping didn’t take as long as it did last month (how could it really?), so I was pleased about that.  Hopefully next month it comes even more quickly!

First look.

I received Box #11 this month.  Here’s what was inside:

The information card.

~Caudalie Vinoperfect Complexion Correcting Radiance Serum ($79): This stuff is suppose to fade dark spots and prevent them from reappearing.  I need this to work.  If this stuff does half of what it says it’s going to do, I would buy it in an instant.  Please work!  Please!

Caudalie Vinoperfect Complexion Correcting Radiance Serum

~DDF® Brightening Cleanser ($38): Much like the Caudalie Serum, this promises to even out your complexion and lighten discolorations.  I am going to use these together JUST as instructed and pray that they work.  Do things like this really work?  I know a lot of Birchbox’ers were excited to get this in their box and after reading more about it, I am too!  This is, without a doubt, the largest sample I have ever received from Birchbox.

DDF Brightening Cleanser

~LUNA Fiber Chocolate Raspberry Bar ($14.95/case): I like LUNA bars (actually I like them A LOT) and have never tried a Fiber LUNA bar, so I am pretty excited about trying this.

LUNA Fiber Bar in Chocolate Raspberry

~Mighty Leaf Tea – Tea Pouches ($9.95/box): Ugh.  I knew I would eventually get this sample in my box and here it is.   I am sure some people enjoy samples of tea, but since I don’t enjoy tea, I don’t.

Mighty Leaf Tea

~Miracle Skin Transformer SPF20 Face ($40): I love of the moisturizer / foundation combination.  It’s no secret I am lazy about skincare, so putting two steps into one is awesome for someone like me.  The three skincare products in this box are perfect fits for me.  Well, they could be if they do what they say they do (and if I actually use them).  My face is bigger than this sample though, so I do wish it wasn’t so small.  I am more than fine with a two use sample (one packet per use), but let’s make sure there’s enough stuff in it you know?

Miracle Skin Transformer SPF20 Face

~per-fékt beauty Lip Perfection Gel ($24): While this sample is very small, I don’t mind like everyone else seems too.  Wow.  The complaints I have read about this are insane.  I was expecting to have to get my magnifying glass out to find it.  LOL.  Sure it’s small, but of course it’s going to be smaller than like skincare samples because your lips are smaller than your face.  I’d never buy a product like this (it’s not bad, it’s just not for me), but it’s fun to give it a try.  I’m more annoyed by the small Miracle SKIN Transformer sample I received.  Maybe it’s because I actually want to try that and I don’t care too much about this?

per-fékt beauty Lip Perfection Gel

I know I mentioned last week I was disappointed in my box.  But after receiving it and reading about the products, I’m not anymore ;).  I was just sad that I didn’t get the Essie nail polish that some people got in their boxes.  Because that’s what I need.  More nail polish!  Ha.  But OMG, I have never heard so many complaints from other people about how crappy their boxes were, how Birchbox sucks, how they want to cancel, etc.  Sure, some boxes didn’t seem “as good as” other boxes, but it’s all a matter of perspective.

October Goop Birchbox

By my calculation, my Birchbox cost $3 this month.  I had 6 products to review, so that’s 60 points (10 points = $1, 60 points = $6), plus you get 10 points for each box purchase, so just for buying this box and reviewing my products, I get $7 to spend at the Birchbox store.  Was my box worth $3?  Of course it was!  I think that’s a no brainer.

Do you subscribe to Birchbox?  What box did you get this month?  What was in it?  Were you pleased or p*ssed?  And if you don’t subscribe (or aren’t on the waiting list), what exactly are you waiting for?  Sign up now!  If you hate it, feel free to send me your stuff. And I’ll send you my tea in exchange.  And, you know where to find me to complain if you hate it ;).

Disclosure: As always, all opinions are my own, but yeah, I will get Birchbox bucks if you buy something.

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15 thoughts on “October Birchbox Review ~ Goop Edition

  • Jenny

    Ok a different computer and I’m trying again. Sorry if you get alot of comments on this post from me. 🙁

    I got my invite today. So excited and I was only on the waitlist for about 3 weeks so not too bad. I’m excited to see which box I get and how it stacks up. I looked on FB and somepeople are really upset but its all about expectations so I’m excited.

    With this box and my ipsy box and my POPSugar I’m going to be good to go. 🙂

  • Desi

    I got the same box you did and tried the Miracle Skin Transformer this morning since I was running late for work. This stuff is amazing. I have a real uneven skin tone and with this stuff on you couldn’t even tell. I ended up ordering some as soon as I got off work.

  • Aimee A

    Im still waiting for mine!! It feels like forever (10 days) So happy Im not getting tea because I just recieved tea in my Love With Food box…. Disappointing!
    Im getting box #5

    • Jennifer Post author

      A blogger I follow just did a review on Box #5! It looks great!

      And Bryan says he will drink my tea, so that’s good because I for sure won’t! What else was in your Love With Food box?

      • Aimee A

        Blackberry Blossom Honey Straws
        Cranberry Orange cookie
        Mountain mambo trail mix
        All natural cheddar cheese baked fries
        Go Go squeeze applesauce
        Acai Strawberry Sesame Strips

  • Maggie

    I received my first Birchbox this month. Opted for the Goop one. I was upset about not getting the Essie polish as well. I didn’t know they told you what came in your box after it shipped so I knew what was coming a week before it arrived. I got the Supergoop Sunscreen Serum, an illume candle, Lemon Zest Luna Bar, Jouer Lip Enhancer and Kiehl’s Rosa Artica Eye balm. I was sort of disappointed with my first box but I’m not going to give up! Everything in my box is useful though.

    • Kate

      Yea. -your box was great! Deluxe samples and full size nail polish. I got a super jenky box I guess. Weird how much they differ. I’m on the west coast maybe we just get the dregs. 2 more months and if it still sucks I’m out!

  • Kate

    Ugh yea. Was REALLY bummed when I opened mine and there was a gross lemon flavored Luna bar a tiny candle and teeny samples from Kheils that I could have gotten myself. On sample from super goop was interesting…but SO not worth 10 bucks. Come on

    Why do one people get the Essie but not others?? I don’t get it. The quality and amount of samples have gone way down 🙁

  • Chasity Taylor

    I opted for a GOOP box, and I received: Joanna Vargas Daily Serum sample, Kiehl’s Liquid Body Cleanser in an Orange Lychee scent (deluxe sample), Naked Princess Naked Shine Lucious Lip Gloss sample, Essie nail polish in the color Power Clutch, a Luna Fiber Bar in Chocolate Raspberry, and a beige Twistband. I was pleased. Lately, my boxes have been pretty great. It fluctuates, but overall I think Birchbox is a great service.