Friday iPhone Dump 13

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Allright, a few of you said you wanted to link up for a Friday iPhone Dump, so why not? All you gotta do is post your favorite iPhone (or any pictures really) from the week and share a little about them!

1. I stumbled upon this Wizard of Oz slot machine at the casino on Monday and thought it looked so cool. Too bad it sucked and took all of my money. I just wanted to play the bonus one.more.time. Is that too much to ask? I guess so.

2. L declared this week that Baxter was his new favorite because Buddy somehow poked him in the eye.  Considering that Buddy doesn’t have fingers, this was likely hard for him to do?  Anyhow, Baxter is hoping that Buddy is L’s favorite again soon because he’s not overly excited about the “hugs” L gives to his favorite.

3. WB has been crazy as ever this week.  He stood up on his own yesterday and I almost fell over when I saw it.  It was the first time he did it and I don’t even think he knew what he was doing.  It’s going to be so cute to watch this tiny little guy running all over!

4.  L and my mom went to the farm this week and saw the cows being milked, visited with the goats, etc.  And what was L’s favorite animal?  The barn cat.  Pretty sure he wants to go back and visit the farm again just to see the cat.

5. Umm, did anyone else get the Love With Food e-mail last night / this morning??  How flippin cool that they included my review!  I die.  And they better watch out because I will totally go visit them and help them pack boxes!

6. With L’s help, I put new batteries in WB’s aquarium this week and WB is mesmerized.  He can’t take his eyes off that thing.  I think he looks forward to going to bed just so he can watch “tv”!

7. So WB and I were playing nicely on the floor when all of a sudden he catches sight of the tv and sees Adam Levine.  He crawled right over and stood there and watched for the longest time.  I don’t get it, but I don’t blame him one bit.

8. Doesn’t L look crazy big here?  I really honestly believe he thinks he steers the cart with those steering wheels.  Oh, and L was at the grocery store with his Papa (aka my Dad) here.  I am pretty sure my Dad never took me to the grocery store when I was little?  Ohh, totally, but I think Monday was the first time B ever took WB to the store alone.  I mean he’s perfectly capable of it, but it just never happens.

9. While at the grocery store with my Dad, L insisted that I “needed this” and made my Dad buy it.  Ugh.  How sweet is that kid???

If you want to link-up, feel free.  And if not, that’s cool too!



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