Thursday Thoughts 22

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Thursday Thoughts

~Did anyone watch Teen Mom this week? If not, check out the most hysterical recap (they do them weekly) ever over at The Huffington Post and then come back here. Okay. Now, WTF is wrong with these girls? Crazy hair and all, Chelsea seemed the most sane, by far, this week. Perhaps it’s because of Randy, but still. Jenelle? Those new b**bs? No. Leah? Yes, you should for sure get married right away. That last one went so well. And Kailyn. Yes, you need to get some help. But I will give you that your house is kinda crazy with those dogs. Because it is. Oh and next week it appears everyone is getting married? Say what? Where was I when Javi proposed? Also, Kailyn just revealed that she’s pregnant!   Okay then.

image credit: Kailyn’s Twitter

~I am all caught up on my box reviews and it feels good.  It’s kinda like when you are at work and get all caught up with your inbox, your voice mails, etc.  The craziness will begin again though as I am still expecting Wittlebee, Homegrown Collective, Julep, Birchbox Man,  FabFitFun, Little Spark and Goodies.

~The Easter Bunny and I are going out tonight to do a little shopping for this years baskets and to get some sushi so I can finally finish my “I’m Totally Trying It – February Edition“.  I’ve tried everything else and am ready to report on it, so it’s just the sushi left. And yeah, we’ll be skipping the March Edition and will just be moving right into April.

~I am so looking forward to tonight’s games and can’t wait to see what goes down this weekend.  I want to see upsets all over the place ;).  Which would of course mean that my Spartans beat Duke!  And of course, I am looking forward to seeing who is on top of the March Madness contest after the games on Sunday!!  One thing is certain.  It won’t be me ;).

~It’s now Day 2 without Diet Pepsi and it blows.  I know it’s so awful for you, but I sure do love it.  Like I love it.  I’ll probably give it up until Summer and then I’ll fall off the wagon and guzzle as much of it as I can get my hands on.

I miss you!

~What’s everyone doing for Easter (if you celebrate that is)?   We’ll be hunting for baskets and Easter eggs (hopefully inside and out) on Sunday morning and then we’ll head to my parents later in the day for dinner and another hunt.  It’s far from a formal affair and usually ends up with everyone sitting around the table scratching lotto tickets (aka our egg hunt prizes).  It should be fun!

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22 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  • Sue

    I am so excited for March Madness to begin again!!! I also can’t wait to hear how you like your first real sushi experience.

    Looking forward to a weekend filled with fun things like easter egg hunts and spending time with friends and family!!


  • Erin

    Can’t wait to hear your take on Parenthood. I just watched my 1st episode in this last season and was hooked. I immediately got on my Amazon Prime and watched every past episode I had missed. It only took about 2 weeks to get caught up…which between working outside of the home and being a single mom of 2 boys I’d say is pretty impressive. I am absolutely in LOVE with this show. It is so relateable. I feel like I’m a Braverman =) And…do you not just love the parents house?? I want to have family dinners outside under the lights in that beautiful garden. That’s not happening here in GA. We’d be eaten alive by mosquitos while drowning in our own sweat. *Gross* Anyway..looking forward to your opinion on the show.

    • Brittany

      @Erin: I laughed when I read this because I completely feel your pain about being in the miserable GA heat and all of the bugs. I live out in the sticks in Georgia so there are even more bugs than when I lived in downtown Atlanta. It’s terrible. I wish I could have those dinners outside too and maybe just be able to enjoy a nice stroll down the street without coming home with 50 bug bites.

  • Alena

    You used the Honest Laundry Pods? How were they? I was switching my bundle around this month and was thinking about trying them, but was not so sure! 🙂

  • Dianne @ Skinny Seahorse

    You Diet Coke. Me Dr. Pepper. I did a detox last week and I was fine, except for the Dr. Pepper withdrawals. It was bad. Very very bad. But you are stronger than me. Go girl! Don’t give in.

  • Kristin

    Firstly, how do you watch teen mom with no cable? We went down to basic about a month ago. Or maybe it’s basic extreme (that’s not the name, but it’s something along those lines) I know we get MTV, but I always miss Teen Mom! I miss DVR mostly 🙁

    Secondly. There’s nothing better than a diet pepsi on ice. I know it’s bad too. Just makes me want it more. Only in moderation won’t kill you right? 🙂

    Thirdly (?) Can’t wait for some bball tonight! Finally!!!

  • Jessica R.

    Your Goodies box should get to you soon. I just got mine yesterday. I have tried two of your totally trieds. Parenthood and the Honest Laundry Pods. I love Parenthood and want to be adopted into their family. And I was disappointed with the laundry pods because they get stuck in the lip of my HE washer and only half dissolve and are really messy and gross.

  • Courtney

    That recap is so funny and now I feel like I should watch this show?! Why aren’t you excited about your Fabfitfun box? Oh, and what kind of sushi are you going to get to try? Are you getting Sashimi or sushi?(i know a lot of sushi eaters don’t know the difference) We are making tye dye shirts and decorating Easter eggs on Friday. Saturday we are going to two egg hunts, then on Sunday we will do his basket.

  • Elyse

    How do you get teen mom? I got behind by 1 episode and it’s not coming back to for a couple of weeks. I tried Hulu and it just sends me to MTV 🙁

  • Kristy

    I have got to catch up on Teen Mom. So much seems to be happening!!

    I gave up Coke for Lent. It has been really hard. I’ve had one in the past 6 weeks. My husband brought it to me when I had a migraine. It has been really hard. I completely understand what you are going through!

    As for sushi, I never tried it before I married my husband. My advice order some cooked sushi for your main thing and try a few things you wouldn’t normally try. I always get something cooked with shrimp then add something. Doing this I’ve found I really like eel–strange I know!

  • Amy

    I read Brandi’s book. It was good a little, maybe not the best written book I’ve ever read but I enjoyed it.

    For Easter we are leaving for a cruise to the Bahamas! I can’t wait!!

  • Ashley C.

    I love me some Teen Mom 2!

    Although, I must admit — Kailyn is my fave. Maybe because I have a secret “if i was a kid again” crush on Javi? 😉 Who knows. Anyways — I do know he proposed sometime last summer. And they courthouse’d it over the winter. He left for AF basic. Which could pose interesting … as we all know Jo actually SEEMS interested in being a Dad, even if he hasn’t necessarily proved to be the most stand-up [has he been putting his GF first? Seems like it according to MTV at least!] But I can bet he isn’t going to be thrilled when they get stationed somewhere and Kail petitions to take Isaac with. Wonder if MTV will show THAT drama. Glad she is getting the bipolar help, though. She was getting a little whack-a-doo for a bit.

    Chelsea? Too stuck in high school. Get over Adam already. He’s a loser. With a capital L.
    Leah? Kills me every time she says she wants kids RIGHTNOWRIGHTNOWRIGHTNOW because she just wants a family, yaknow?! Ummm … I know her bio. dad wasn’t there. But her stepdad seems to have raised her. And what do you call your mom and sister? They aren’t family?!
    Janelle? Is a freakin’ trainwreck. I hate that Gary even agreed to date her. She parades around the fact that he’s a Marine like its a trophy. He’s a Marine, yes … but he’s not that great. Just look at the company he keeps. Duh!!

  • Jen Dera

    Teen Mom… always good entertainment. What got me was Leah and the wedding planner crap. I mean really! Going all out for wedding number two just after you got divorced. Who is paying for all this, especially the “beach” venue and the darn planner. Yeesh.

    As for Kailyn, I had reading a wedding spoiler about that some time ago, so just waiting for it to happen on the show. Nice that she flipped out on him, but… he was being pretty nasty about the whole thing himself.

    As for little miss I need new b**b’s and I move into a new place every five minutes, again, who pays for all this crap?!?!?! And is it me or the fact that everyone seemed so comfortable talking about it over “family” dinner was a little trashy and disturbing all at the same time. If my mother talked like that to my hubby, (or BF in this case), and he responded back the way Gary did… uhhh, I’m not sure which disrespectful one I’d hurt first.