Friday iPhone Dump 6

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1. This is technically from last week, but whatever.  Chick-fil-A = delicious.  And I just looked at their website and it turns out they do have one near’ish to me.  W.T.F.  How did I not know this?

2. Every time B wears these shorts he gives me a little smirk like yeah, I know you hate these and I don’t care.

3. How cute is Buddy’s new haircut?  I love when he gets his haircut super short.  Baxter looks kinda silly, but Buddy always looks like a cute little puppy.

4. The other morning L declared he was taking his iPad outside.  Okay, whatever.  So I go check on him a bit later and this is what I find.  He had dragged a bin into the top of his swingset to use as a table for his iPad and he was just sitting up there, all chilled out watching My Little Pony (*) or something.  L has it made.

5. So we are all sitting at the table eating breakfast and I glance over at WB and he’s cheesing beyond belief.  Just all by himself, just smiling away.  He caught he looking at him and smiled even harder.  So I pretended not to pay attention to him and out of the corner of eye my, I can see him, still smiling away.  He’s cute and he knows it.

6. The boys are happy to be back together and have been playing together extra nice this week.  I don’t even know why I try to get a picture of everyone together.  It never works.

7.  I threw the smoothie I made from my freshfoods Baby Food Maker into my Tupperware popsicle molds, threw it in the freezer for a hours hours and gave it to WB.  He LOVED it.  He’d getting his top two teeth which looks super painful so I bet this feels amazing.

8.  These two.  I don’t know if they want to be in some sort of circus act or just like to make me nervous of what.  But they are CRAZY.  And those googles.  L insists on wearing them every time he is anywhere near the water.

9. I think the neighborhood missed these too while we were gone.  All the dogs in the neighborhood bark at that car, so it was probably pretty quiet without them…

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6 thoughts on “Friday iPhone Dump

  • Jenny

    I’m sure the boys are all glad to be home. Mine like to touch everything after they’ve been gone for awhile. I swear they walk around the house looking and touching like I had a trash fairy come in while we were gone and throw their toys out. 😉

  • Nicole

    The picture of the 4 of the cracks me up. I can’t even get a decent picture of my two kids together. Every time we try to set her near him he starts saying “owie” and pretend she’s crushing him. This is clearly not the case since they typically aren’t even touching.

    And Chick-fila is awesome. Here if you have a lot of kids you can go through the drive thru to place your order and then go inside and they will have all you food set up with all the high chairs that you need…I have yet to do this, but my friend with 4 kids does it all the time.

  • Jessica R.

    Want to try something really good? Try a Chick-Fil-A milkshake. Right now it’s summer so they should have peach which is amazing. But the Cookies and Cream one they have year round is also awesome. The peppermint chocolate chip one at Christmastime is my favorite! We lived in Washington for a time and had no Chick-Fil-A within 300 miles. It was super sad. They are my favorite fast food place. When you get a toy in your kid’s meal, you can trade it in for a free ice cream cone instead, if you want after your meal.