Friday iPhone Dump 9

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1. This week started out COLD. And then all of a sudden it was smoking hot on Wednesday and popsicles were necessary.  WB is still working on the proper popsicle technique and likes to give Buddy licks (they are so gross), but he digs them.

2. I found this sweet surprise in my mailbox yesterday from the fabulous Stacey over at Five Minute Style.  She knows of my love for crispy m&m’s and although she just got back from Paris (she’s in the UK), she still had time to send me a little package!  SO SO SO NICE!  Thank you!  Oh and when L asked what was in the m&m bag, I replied “just a note”.  Yeah, I lied.  Oops.

3. Okay, so have mentioned a zillion times that they are redoing my local Target.  While there yesterday I found this.  It appears we are getting fresh dog food?  Really?

4. Also at Target yesterday I found that they had a TON of Superhero stuff out for the summer.  After much debate, we settled on t-shirts for each of the boys ($8/each and they are SO soft), a Batman straw cup for WB (I may go back to Superman) and Batman swim googles for L. You can never have too many pairs of goggles.

5. So yesterday when the little boys were all being crazy in the backyard, Baxter was happily resting on the cool cement.  Staying out of trouble.  Unlike…..

6. L and Buddy.  Oh those two.  After it stopping pouring yesterday, we took full advantage and raced outside.  To play in the mud (we’ve had a TON of rain and that mixes nicely with construction dirt).  And where L goes, Buddy goes.   Trust me, they both got very long baths last night ;).

7. Wb had to settle for swinging instead of playing in the mud.  He doesn’t seem too upset by it, but I can only imagine what that smile would have looked like had he gotten to play with the other boys in the mud.

8. Ha!  I don’t know why we haven’t tried the goggles on WB before, but it’s hysterical.  WB hated it and pulled them off in two seconds, but I think he looks adorable.

9. Last night, after dinner, B (it’s amazing to have him home every night by the way) suggested we go out for frozen yogurt. Umm, do you don’t have ask us twice. And yeah, L had his pajamas on.  So it WB for that matter.

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9 thoughts on “Friday iPhone Dump

  • Jenny

    Well now I need to go to Target. 🙂 I did make it the other day with the boys in tow and grabbed a Pacifica gloss in guava. It smells so good. The display was pretty sad so I’m hoping maybe they have stocked up since then.

    Supposed to rain here on Monday and N has already asked to go out and play in it. He doesn’t care how he gets wet as long as he’s wet.

  • Ryan

    Excited to start participating in this! Hopefully it encourages me to delete some pictures (prob not going to happen! LOL). I LOVE your pic #6. That humongous mud puddle would be my kids’ dream come true!!

  • Lynsey

    OMG I saw the super hero stuff a few weeks ago and bought tons! I did the opposite I bought the superman cups and want to go back for Batman!
    And damn straight about the goggles, I bought 10 pair last summer TEN and when the boys swam last night not 1 pair survived! I should buy stock in Speedo!

  • Stephanie

    My little yorkie (15 lbs +) loves to swim too, but my goodness your little one does love the water. Does he try to jump in pools? Mine will walk the ledge on above ground pools then jump in. Lakes are a given.

  • carol

    Ok I looked through all your boxes and I finaly got a invite to stitch fix. I know you haven’t tried it but since I have nothing to lose, if you don’t like it you can send everything, nothing or even just one thing back with a prepaid return stamp. I’ll let you know how it goes. I also signed up for the Treastie you wrote about. yum um

    here is a link to Stitch Fix if you all want it …