Friday iPhone Dump ~ The Flashback Edition 4

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1. This was taken almost exactly one year ago. I used to think he was cute then and that was before his famous smiles!!

2. My sweet Baxter. This was taken years and years ago. Baxter was probably one here? I think this was even pre-Buddy days. Someone else please tell me your dogs roll all over the air conditoner vents in the summer too??

3. L used to refer to the Apple store as “the fruit store” and always insisted we needed to go in so he could play. We have the exact same computer at home. However, it was never as cool as the one at the store.

4. This was our backyard about 3 years ago I think? Nothing. Now? Houses everywhere. It’s CRAZY how fast they are going up!

5. Before L got his Escalade, he had a Jeep. He has to upgrade since his jeep would often run out of battery and didn’t go very fast. Plus, it was a one seater. Ohh, and this lot is now home to L’s BFF. I’m telling you, houses everywhere!

6. I am cracking up at his picture. L used to be scared to watch the Grinch (also known as Grinch Grinch) so he’d hide behind the pillars (is that the right word for them?) and kinda peek though. He wouldn’t let us turn it off though…

7. It’s possible that this is my all time favorite picture of L and the dogs. I love every single thing about it!

8. B used to travel A LOT, which left L and I a lot of time together. And resulted in a lot of selfless. LOL. I need to start taking some more!

9. L has had that ipad for years. Years and years. Best toy ever. It used to be mine and I gotta tell you, that thing has paid for itself 4x over!!!

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