Thursday Thoughts 19

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Thursday Thoughts

~I’ve been staying up extra late (like past Jimmy Fallon late) to get my Monthly Subscription Box List all updated and I think it’s finally set! Phew. Next up is coupon codes which should be finished tonight. If you know of any amazing codes, let me know. I’m not seeing too many fabulous new ones out there. And no, I didn’t send out a weekly newsletter this week. I decided to just get everything all updated here and do a bigger newsletter on Sunday.

~Summer seems to have gotten here faster than I anticipated, so I gotta know, what are your summer plans? I’m kinda feeling like I need to make some sort of plans.  Are you going on vacation? Any special events you are looking forward to? Do your kids do a day camp or anything like that?  Other than up-north trips which happen basically whenever and need no advance planning, we’ve not NOTHING.  I feel like I need to get L in something, but I also don’t want to commit to anything so we can do whatever we want whenever we want too!  I really want to do a few nights in Niagara Falls and a night at Mackinaw, but I have no formal plans.  I should get on that.

~All my stalking paid off yesterday and I am happy to report that I scored a Cocoa & Hearts painting!  If you’ve never tried to get one, let me tell you, it’s MADNESS.  She posted maybe six yesterday and umm, they sold out in about 5 minutes.  I’m not sure if I like the paintings for much because I like the paintings or if I like them because they are so hard to get?

River Rock

~In box land, I still need to get reviews up for lullubee, doggielawn and MeUndies.  And then, OMG, I am ALL caught up.  Of course, I am expecting still expecting bluum, Birchbox Man and The Little Book Club this week.  And I am still debating the PopSugar Must Have Box for Him.  I’m kinda hoping someone gets their soon and I can see everything that’s in it before I have to decide.  I am also thinking I may get B the Birchbox Limited Edition “The Handsome + Hungry Collection”.  It’s only $48 (a $110 value), plus they have some amazing coupon codes to get a bunch more STUFF. “TRIFECTA1” gets you a FREE full-size bottle opener with paste styler and cologne samples while “TRYFECTA2” gets you a free full-size Lucky Tiger Lip Balm, Quirky Wrapster, and a GO247 Shave Cream sample (both with +$40 purchase).  How can a girl resist??

Handsome + Hungry

 ~I mentioned yesterday that we might do our garage sale this weekend.  Hmm.  What was I thinking?  I have nothing prepared.  Nothing gathered.  No tables.  Nothing.  That may have to wait.  On the other hand, it’s doubtful I will actually do anything in advance anyway, so maybe we should just do it over the weekend and be done with it!  Have you ever held a one day garage sale (Saturday only)?  Did it do okay?

That’s it from here.  What’s on your mind today?  Don’t forget to link-up below!

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19 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  • Jenny

    We only have a couple things planned for June. My dad got us a beach place for a long weekend and then N has a camp at his preschool for a week. After that we are up in the air until he goes to school in July. Hoping to get to my moms for some time. Skipping the Boston trip this summer but thinking of going for Ns first break in Oct. Should be a good time to drive up.

    We did Niagara Falls as part of my honeymoon road trip. My boys would love to see it so we’ll have to work it into a trip sometime.

  • Alicia

    At first I thought the Cocoa and Hearts paintings were weird…… But, the more I looked at her gallery, the more I liked them!! If you don’t mind me asking, how much do they sell for?

  • Kelsey N.

    My cousin usually has a rummage sale on city wide rummage sale day and I bring my stuff over there and we all do really well for just one day of it. I probably could have done better but I broke my toe the night before and didn’t get all my stuff set up.

    Niagara Falls is fun to go to for a trip. I went there twice when B was in the army so he could probably show you some fun stuff to do around in that area.

  • Katie

    Those paintings… I don’t follow her anymore but kudos to her for creating such a buzz around her products. She’s a pretty savvy business woman in that respect.

  • Jessica R.

    We don’t really have many fun plans this summer. I am going to the mountains with my parents in a couple weeks. And we are flying to Montana in July for a family reunion on my husband’s side to honor his grandfather who passed away in October. Oh, and sometime towards the end of the summer I will have a baby. I guess that counts as summer plans? Oh, and I am trying to cancel The Little Book Club. Do you have any contact information for them other than doug@littlebookclub? I have not received a reply back on my cancellation and I just got charged for next month even though I still haven’t gotten this month’s shipment.

  • Shelly

    I am 30 mins from Niagara in Buffalo. If you guys have passports or enhanced licenses and do go there, make the trip over the border to Canada to see the falls on the Canadian side and the sites on Clifton Hill, Lots to do there!! 🙂

  • Danielle

    Check out your library for a program for L, we do a Monday morning story time for babies once a week and in the summer our library has an outdoor program for kids of all ages once a week. We went last year and it was really geared towards bigger kids but there was such a variety of ages and so many different activities there and it was a lot of fun. The great part is you don’t have to commit to every week you can just go whenever you like.

  • Shelby

    You should definitely do a day or two on Mackinaw Island! Love that place!

    Or head up to Traverse City for the National Cherry Festival (end of June, beginning of July). Lots to do there.

    • Susan

      @Shelby: We’ve been to the Cherry festival a couple of times. It was a lot of fun, we will definitely go back some time, probably not this year, but maybe next.

  • Glenna

    I live pretty close to Niagara Falls. If you haven’t been there before then you should know that the Canadian side is MUCH more touristy while the American side has some nature trails you can walk along (though true of both sides). Canada has lots of attractions like wax museums, Ripleys Believe it of Not, haunted houses, lots of restaurants, etc. Oh–and the Maid of the Mist experience is the same no matter which country you take it from 🙂 Have fun!!

  • Kira

    We’re actually doing a Saturday sale here this weekend. I’ve done it the last couple of years and its worked out well—we also only advertise on Craigslist!

  • Mary Q.

    Yay summer! I’m going to Orlando next month, because I was offered a deal… the catch is there’s a timeshare presentation, which I knew nothing about when I signed up. Then I did some research online and hopefully it’s not as painful as some people say!

    Thank you Samantha for sharing that LivingSocial deal! I am alllll over that. 🙂

  • Mrs. L

    My girlfriend is having a garage sale in a few weeks so I’m trucking all my stuff over to her. I’m letting her keep all the proceeds. But I haven’t even started going through stuff.

    No plans for this summer. I’ve been so stinking busy that I just want to enjoy the summer at home.

  • Alexia561

    Go for the garage sale, mainly just to get it over with! We’ve only done one-day sales as I don’t think the hubby could handle multiple days. And it never seemed to matter if things were marked or not, as everyone tried to bargain the prices down. If L is going to be there, maybe he could set up a little drink stand and sell bottled water or something? I’ve seen young kids do that before and they seemed to have fun with it. Good luck with whatever you decide!