Friday iPhone Dump 6

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1. This is probably my favorite picture of B in a long time.  It’s a selfie and he looks like he’s having so much fun!  He’s probably half in the bag (he’s been drinking PBR which he insists is necessary because he’s camping), but I still love the picture.

2. Oh man.  What can I say.  WB had a little mac n cheese left in his cup last night so I gave him his fork to work on well, using a fork.  He started to feed himself and then he saw Buddy.  And he fed Buddy the last few pieces of his mac n cheese form the fork.  And I didn’t stop it.  I just laughed.  Boys.

3.  L told me last night he was never going to move out of my house and we will live together and that he hopes we end up on “the same cloud”.  Could he be any cuter?

4. And speaking of cute, someone has a popsicle addiction.  Oh my.  We finally got some WB sized ones (as seen on Instagram), but all week he’d been having these huge fruit bars.  He can’t finish them, but loves them.  I am guessing they feel pretty amazing on his teeth.

5. When these two play together, my heart melts. WB really thinks L hung the moon.  If L plays with WB’s toys, they are cool.  If I play with them?  BORING.  Life is better with a brother.

6.My Cocoa and Hearts painting arrived and I love it!!  It’s so tiny though.  I would totally want a bigger one next time.  Next time being when I win the lotto.

7.  Stickers get sh*t done.  That’s all there is to it. L wants those stickers on that reward chart so badly.  So badly.  His head might explode from pride if he gets them ALL this / next week!  I hope he does ;).

8. / 9.  Swinging in the backyard has been our go to I’m bored activity this summer.  Even if we just go out there for 5 minutes, everyone ends up in a good mood.  The boys laugh and laugh.  It’s so fun to see them having so much fun.

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6 thoughts on “Friday iPhone Dump

  • Ryan

    Jealous of Bonnaroo!! (I’m following along on Instagram, agree that not jealous of porta potties but would totally be there camping!) Would love to have seen Jack Johnson, Billy Idol, Bjork, The Lumineers, Wu-Tang, Paul McCartney, Macklemore…. ZZ Top is always fun, would love to see them again! Only way hubs got out of it this time was by taking me to Tom Petty tomorrow at a smaller venue! 😉

  • brian h.

    Regarding #7, wouldn’t not getting any stars and doing whatever you want be better? I am going to suggest this the next time we speak.