Friday iPhone Dump 7

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1. Well of course we went to Target this week! Only once though, but we do need to go back again today for a mop (thanks again everyone for the suggestions). Why don’t shopping carts have a five point harness system to keep kids properly restrained?? WB can maneuver out of anything!

2. We have spent a crazy amount of time this week playing in these huge puddles and as luck would have it, it’s suppose to rain more so we’ll still be able to head over there today.

3. While L was totally being an amazing helper, he did kind of get WB sprayed with a ton of water on purpose.  Of course, WB just kinda shook it off and ran back for more, so I don’t think it mattered.


4. Someone was a tad tired after playing in the fountains.  He could barely move he was so beat!  Which may be the reason why he didn’t try to take his shoes off?

5. Again with the cuteness of these two!  WB saw all the other cups playing with cups in the fountain (it’s like the thing to do), so when he got his hands on one, he right away went over to the fountains and did what the big kid were doing.  Adorable!

6. Usually this scenario is reversed and B has his space, but last night the boys were all over him.  And look at that beard.  OMG!


7. “Mama, it’s like a hot tub in here”!  Hmm, maybe a hot tub on the Jersey Shore or in the Real World?  That water is GROSS.  But L loves it, so I let it happen!

8.  WB really just started walking on Monday and he can’t be stopped now.  It’s so wild that last week he was just take a few steps here or there and now it’s a true walker!

9. I think this was the 2012 birthday gift at Sephora and I probably got it last year too, but I love these mini lip balms.  They are seriously adorable.  I wonder if you can just buy this size anywhere?

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7 thoughts on “Friday iPhone Dump

  • Jenny

    Was that your Sephora gift this year? I got a mascara and something with it. LOL drawing a blank but I’m pretty sure I still have the packaging somewhere. I should go and look but it was not that. 🙁 I would have liked yours better.

    Getting ready to post my link up. You’ll have to check out my rain pics.

  • Susan

    WB walking is too cute. My 2 oldest both walked late @ 14 mos, but my 3rd decided to walk early at 11 mos. She’s now 16 mos and all over the place. Too funny. I’m totally ordering those skip hop cups you mentioned yesterday. FYI, Amazon has them for the same price & since I have prime there’s free 2 day shipping no minimum order. I got that same lip balm set from sephora & use them all the time, they’re great.

  • Shauna

    Every pic I see of WB’s grin just makes me smile. What a cutie! And how sweet of L to be such a patient big brother, and show him all the important things in life like playing in fountains!

    Oh my gosh! That beard would so have to go if Roger were sporting it. I totally didn’t realize how out of hand it’s become. Tell B that we all support YOU in this!

    Please share which mop you chose after you go back. Still needing one around here.


  • Megan

    The mini Sugar lip balms you can buy at QVC and often at Sephora during the Holidays in multi-packs…that is normally the time of year that I stock up on them 🙂

  • Crystal D

    #6. omg!!!! B has a gnarly farmer tan… well… is that even considered a farmer tan? I bet he looks like he has a WHITE pair of shorts on when hes naked, huh? HA! Feel free to post a picture next Friday. 😉 tee hee!