Friday iPhone Dump 8

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1. Brotherly love at its finest at Costco.  Could these two get any cuter?  Probably,  if WB had an all stripes outfit on too.

2. Look, we have pumpkins!  They are growing in what used to be the empty lot that housed our garden and now is where a house is being built.  I have my fingers crossed they don’t level out the ground anytime soon because my pumpkins will be gone.  I also hope they stop cutting drywall at 7am, but we’ll see.

3. Just playing in the water table. He’d be happier if I just let him play with the hose, but this works too.


4. WB has given up walking and now runs. Everywhere. No matter where he goes he’s in a hurry and needs to run. I tried to hold his hand the other day at CVS and he swatted it away. Okay then WB.

5. Look at this flipping kid!  At the beginning of the summer, he couldn’t do this.  And now he’s flipping all over.  I’m so proud of him!

6. Yes, that is the neighbors dog in our house.  He was on the patio visiting the other day and L opened the door and he happily swaggered right in.  I love that dog.


7. Red velvet cheesecake. OMGSOGOOD. Thank goodness it’s not closer.

8. And this is what I am doing with those Happy Meal toys we’ve collected (sometimes we don’t even open). They are all in the free box at the garage sale.  I hope some little kid is thrilled by these!!

9. I was busy answering e-mails on the patio last night and I just keep seeing bucket after bucket of water headed to the sandbox with L was playing with the neighbors. I didn’t care enough to stop it, but I was scared to look.  They were all quite pleased though ;).

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8 thoughts on “Friday iPhone Dump

  • Ryan @ Fox Tales and Ponytails

    Oh that messy sandbox looks like lots and lots of fun!! The Louisville Cheesecake Factory has been open for YEARS and it’s still bananas to get into… on a rare occasion that bar stools are open, the apps are our favorite!! And, I had on a striped tank when I tried on a totally mismatched with it striped skirt today. Thought of your kiddo! LOL! His outfits make me smile!! 🙂 Have a great weekend!!

  • Jenny

    I keep our stash of happy meal toys here. My moms church makes the shoeboxes for the holidays so I take my stash their and they fill up the boxes with them. They get very excited for my stash.

  • Lisa

    Another thing to do with the happy meal toys is see if their is a teacher at L ‘s school that has a prize box and donate them. I have one for my students an they LOVE the happy meal toys.

  • Alice

    OMG you need to bring your MCD toys to NY…you’ll be rich woman!! MCD in Manhattan are sold out and my friends are going crazy looking for those minions for all their kids lololzzz! Glad you had a successful garage sale!! =)