Friday iPhone Dump 12

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1. I can’t recall how long L’s BFF’s (big doggy and little doggy) have been with us now, but it’s been a while.  He cannot sleep without them.  And they do everywhere.

2. It seems to have happened over night, but L has turned into more of a “big boy” and less of a “little boy”.  I still get those glimpses of baby L, but they are less and less frequent for sure!

3. And while L is all about playing outside, WB is taking over the train room.  One train at a time.  One day this will be my craft room / homework room.  For now, it’s the choo-choo room.  And yes, I color coordinate my books.  I’m OCD like that.


4. I about tipped over yesterday when L brought this lunch home, with the kisses and butterfinger not even touched!  He said there just wasn’t time to eat it.  Happily I know he’s not eating his dessert first!

5. OMG.  I saw this on Andy Cohen’s instagram yesterday and was like how did AC get a picture of B???  I swear, I glanced at this quick and was like WTF, why is B on there.  No, B hasn’t mowed the lawn in a speedo.  But people, he would.

6. This is L’s drawing from Art Class yesterday.  I (wrongly) thought it was a dinosaur.  Nope.  It’s a turtle.  I should have known.  But either way, I think that’s some fantastic drawing tight there.


7. OMG I am dying.  So I my order from thredUP arrived yesterday.  If you’ll recall I have been talking about this grey Crew Cuts sweater and how excited about it I was.  Umm, it’s miniature.  It’s marked “3” (not 3 months or 3T, just “3”), but seriously, it’s like size 0-3 months.  The shirt I have under it in this picture is 18 months.  thredUP doesn’t even sell anything smaller than 12 months, so I don’t know what happened here, but I was cracking up when I saw it.  I e-mailed them and sent them this picture and they replied right away, issued me a refund for the sweater without me even asking and told me to keep it.  AMAZING customer service.

8. We’ve had to say goodbye to a few fair fish in the past week or so, but we’ve got a nice group that I think are going to make it.  The boys LOVE checking on the fish.  L is the “fish daddy” and handles feeding them and WB, well he just stands and talks to (well yells at) the fish.

9. Word on the street is that Birthday Cake M&M’s are coming out next Spring. I can’t wai to try them!  What do you think?

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12 thoughts on “Friday iPhone Dump

  • Jenny

    Oh my goodness I love your color coordinated books. Ours are forever all over he place but that looks awesome. It may be my next task.
    I know what you mean about the boys turning into little boys. N has all of a sudden started watched real tv like Jessie and Austin and Ally instead of the cartoons he watched just a month ago. I can’t believe he is getting so big. Oh and he leaves his dessert/crunchy for last too. He tells me he starts with a couple bites of sandwich and then moves onto his fruit. He says his dessert/crunchy isn’t his healthy food so he has to do that last. LOL he doesn’t always get to it but will sometimes have it when he gets home.

  • Nicole Arredondo

    Where is the lunch container from? I was thinking this would be a good idea for my picky child and was wondering does the cheese/meat stay cool until lunch? Love this blog I am a beauty box subscriber but its cool to see the ones you like as well.


  • Stephanie L. McGuire

    OMG, I’m dying at picture number 5. At first glance I honestly thought it was a picture of B and I was like how did you get him to mow your lawn in a speedo?!?!?! Either way, that model could be B’s doppelganger!!!

  • Lauren

    I love the train room! Both the trains and the literal shape of the room, haha. Your boys are just the cutest.

    And birthday cake m&ms? Oh man, sign me up. Did you ever try those birthday cake oreos? So bad but so good.