Friday iPhone Dump 19

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1.  Silly faces!  Can you ever get a 5 year-old to smile on the first try?  Because I can’t!

2.  Ahhh, did all you Citrus Lane subscribers get this in your e-mail box last night?  Actually, I think it’s just for ages 3 and up, but you get you pick which style Skip Hop bin you are getting in your February (I picked the Monkey).  If you are getting a 3+ box, check your e-mail / spam box!

3. I NEED another one of these ramps.  I mean need.  This is my brother’s (and don’t you forget that it’s just on LOAN to you L because Uncle B isn’t too into sharing) and the kids both go crazy for it.  They need to do a remake on this because I am not paying ebay prices!

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4. I posted these on Instagram, but they were so good I had to posy again.  They are bananas pancakes from my favorite breakfast place ever.  So good.  We went there on Snow Day #1 this week and it was amazing,

5. I’m not sure if you could tell, but everyone (L, WB, Buddy and Baxter) are all piled on B here.  I wanted to get closer to take a better picture, but I didn’t want to interrupt them.

6. I signed up to send / receive RAK’s in the Erin Condren FB Group and I got the kindest RAK in the mail ever the other day.  Seriously.  Not only did she send me planner goodies (that’s the idea of the RAK), but she went a step farther and included a Starbucks gift card.  Because the only thing better than putting washi in your planner is doing it while drinking a latte.  Totally brightened my mailbox!

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7. On snow day #7 billion this week we swung through the McDonalds drive-thru and grabbed Happy Meals.  We needed to go somewhere to get out of the house but not get out of the car and that was it.  Anyway, the girl toy was basically washi tape.  I was cracking up! So cute.

8. My B&BW order I posted about on Sunday came today!  I got 17 holiday foaming soaps, one kitchen soap and a 3-wick candle for $27 (shipped and including taxes).  Seriously a great deal.

9.  Oh WB!  Such a character this one.  This is how I found him sleeping the other night (he was in our bed with B because he was screaming his head off).  So comfortable.  His teeth clearly weren’t hurting in my bed.

Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 10.35.35 PM

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19 thoughts on “Friday iPhone Dump

  • Jacki

    This random acts of kindness (in any variation) intrigues me. Do you know of any other types or groups? I don’t have an EC planner but I do love putting gifts together for people.

      • Beth

        I know that I see them in my feed all the time this time of year from various friends….. One friend just posts something like this “I want to start the year out doing Random acts of kindness. The first 5 peopel that respond to this, I will send something to throughout the year. The only thing I ask in return is that you post this in your status and do the same for 5 other people”

  • Beth

    Did you see the story on the news about the McD’s selling cocaine out of the drivethrough? Evidently all you had to do is order a kid’s meal with a boy toy……what I didn’t understand is how did they know you really didn’t want a kid’s meal with a boy toy????

  • Jenny

    Is that a matchbox ramp? I just spent my morning putting together and adding stickers to a matchbox aircraft carrier that N got for Christmas. I do not understand why they can have some stickers already on but I have a gazillion more I have to do. I really hate all of those little stickers. LOL
    Well now I need to go to McDonalds and get the girl toy. What is the boy toy? We’ve actually been skipping the kids meals since we just don’t eat them. We end up with a 10piece meal and an extra cheeseburger since N needs nuggets and a cheeseburger. But I could always get me a kids meal. That would work 😉

  • Bethany

    I didn’t get a CL email, but my daughter is under 1. I am loving the RAK exchange idea. You could always host one on your blog between fellow surprise box lovers.. 🙂 Your kiddos are so cute!

    • Jennifer Post author

      I did a random one last year. I drew names at the beginning of the year. It seriously took me until December to get all 5 boxes out. I wasn’t on top of my game!

        • Jennifer Post author

          The thought of that terrifies me!!! I would never be able to keep up with it! You should join the B/S/T Trade FB group. They go Secret Santas, Valentines Swaps, etc!!

  • Ennie

    I’m definitely getting the Bespoke Post sock option this month. I looked them up on the sock website and those socks are like $24-$28 each pair! So 7 pr is a good thing for a monthly $45 choice.

    Also I just got an email this morning from Mean Duffle. Going out of business now.