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It’s time for another Thursday Thoughts! If you want to participate, but have no idea what a link-up is, you can check out my explanation of it here.

~Teen Mom.  So much going on in that hour I can’t even stand it.  Jennelle’s heroin addiction was finally discussed.  She’s pregnant.  Then she’s not.  Chelsea and Adam?  The five seconds he was being a jerk to her were enough for the season.  AHHHHHH!  It was good to see Randy back on my screen.  I have missed him.  Did anyone else have a feeling that Corey and Leah aren’t quite over each other yet?  Becaise I don’t typically sit around with my exes and talk about what what wrong and how we should have tried harder.  And finally, Kailyn.  I get why she wants to move, but I also feel for Jo.  I can only hope The Huffington Post does their show recaps for Teen Mom like they used to.  Sometimes those were better than the show itself!

~Umm, did everyone else know that all Fruit Loops were the same flavor? For real? This cannot be true. I KNOW they are different flavors. I just know it. Soon someone is going to tell me that all the flavors of the marshmallows in Lucky Charms are the same flavor too. And you know what, I’m not buying it. Different food colors = different flavors.  Isn’t that a universal law?



~I’m expecting a few boxes yet this month, including GLOSSYBOX (I don’t even think mine has shipped yet), Bespoke Post, Mantry and possibly a few more that are slipping my mind right now.  I’m still trying to resist Memebox, but I don’t know how long that will last.  I’ve also been busy shipping things (prizes, Spark, books, whatever), so if you were expecting something, it’s on it’s way!  I swear, I don’t know what I would do without PayPal shipping.  It’s pure genius all hidden away in PayPal!

~WB had tumbling again yesterday and is still totally digging it.  I am thinking about signing him up at a local gymnastics place for a class after this one ends.  I think he’s going to be quite annoyed when this one ends ;).  And he has quickly learned that the end of class means getting a stamp on your hand and a sticker and he’s ALL over that!

Sweet WB

Sweet WB

~B’s getting Lasik (or whatever it’s called these days) tomorrow!  I don’t know what they will give him to relax him, but I am totally looking forward to it and hope it’s highly entertaining.  He’s got his blue blockers all ready for the ride home and I am guessing he’ll be pretty much OUT the rest of the day.  I had it done years ago (like pre-B) and recall being quite sleepy after and things being a little blurry.  And then like magic, the next morning I woke up and could see!  I can’t wait for B to “see”! Technology is amazing.

~Has anyone seen / smelled Bath & Body Work’s new candles in person? I am so intrigued by all the new scents, but am trying to wait until they are 2 for $20 (not 2 for $25) again.  I know it will happen, I just need to be patient (which is NOT my thing).  The “City” candles are the ones that have me most interested.  What exactly does “Michigan Avenue” smell like?  Expensive shopping?  I don’t know but I want to find out.

I'm Intrigued

I’m Intrigued

~THANK YOU to everyone who left me crockpot suggestions!  I am going to attempt “something” tomorrow since B’s not going to be able to cook.  I’m thinking maybe shredded salsa chicken?  That shouldn’t be too hard to mess up.  So I say now anyway ;).

What’s going on for your Thursday today?  Let me know and of course, link-up!

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43 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts!

  • Lisa D

    I got my Glossybox yesterday – my favorite box by far. I mean I love them all but this one I can use everything. I got my shipping notice yesterday to lol. Finally got my julep order I placed on Jan 3…I swear their shipping totally sucks.

    • Jennifer Post author

      Ahhh, I am dying for mine to ship! And yeah, DHL is not a good way to ship. I try to only do monthly boxes or add-ons because I don’t want to get annoyed waiting!

  • Sara

    I swore I wasn’t going to watch this season of teen mom and than I watched 5 minutes and I got sucked in. I HATE Adam and don’t know what Chelsea ever saw in him. Reality Tea also does a recap of Teen Mom 2 that it is pretty entertaining. You should check it out.

  • Tiffany

    i coudlnt agree more with you on Leah and Corey.. i mean she even talks to jeremy about how her and corey could of tried harder. I bet Jeremy is happy they have Addalyn.. and his comment THANKGOD corey got married cracked me up. I feel for him because i cant imagine what it would be like to be married to someone you know probably would rather be with someone else if she could..

    Jenelle and her mom.. does that fighting ever end?? ANd now shes pregnant again!! craziness!

    Kailyn i think is super selfish. HEr life is not more important than Jo.. and i give jo a lot of credit for standing strong for what he wants, he seems like a good dad!

    i heard the fruit loops thing too and i dont believe it either!

    • Jennifer Post author

      No, the fighting between Jenelle and her mom never ends.

      I tried to find out if the courts allowed K to leave, but I couldn’t tell??

  • Brandy

    I was at Bath and Body Worjks last month and found a Florida Keys candle! My family use to vacation there all the time, so much my parents now own a second home there. I bought the candle for my mom and it’s very Florida smelling.

  • Alicia

    I got an email today saying that bath and body works 3 wick candles are now 2 for $25…not quite 2 for $20 but better than the original price!

  • Alexia561

    Who says Fruit loops are the same flavor? You’re right, different colors = different flavors. It’s the rules!!!

    I haven’t heard of the memebox, but it sounds intriguing! I’m a sucker for foreign beauty products and always like to try something new whenever we get to go overseas.

    Good luck to B with his lasik! My DH had it several years ago and raved about it, but I’m still too nervous to have a laser mess with my eyeball. I’m convinced I’ll be the one in a million who goes blind. Yep, I’m a big chicken! *L*

    • Jennifer Post author

      I’m pretty sure they are different flavors. I don’t care what they say.

      Thanks! It is amazing! Don’t be scared. IT’s life changing!

  • Theresa B

    Oh my goodness. Can we comment on Justin Bieber’s arrest for drag racing, DUI, And resisting arrest in FL last night?!? Seriously, I think it’s past time for him to lose the “teen idol” card.

  • Rachael

    Bbq shredded pork in the crockpot is really easy and delicious. Put a pork roast that is thawed in your crockpot then pour rootbeer in the pot until it covers the roast. Cook for 7 and a half to 8 hours on low. Then pour out the root beer and shred pork. Then put in bbq sauce and mix. Let it warm up in the crockpot and then serve on rolls.

    Super good. My husband who doesn’t like bbq stuff really enjoyed it.

  • Jessica

    I want to know what that candle smells like too! When I am shopping downtown, it always smells like bus exhaust! I am sure it won’t smell like that. Teen mom- I need to watch that today while the little one naps. I never thought Corey and Leah were over each other either. She filed divorce so quickly and then met the new guy so soon, then they got married fast. I don’t think she likes to be alone. Jeremy seems like a good guy though and I hope it works out.
    Good luck with your dinner. I sometimes add a can of drained black beans to the chicken mixture after I shred the meat. It adds a bit more flavor and protein. Don’t know if your family likes beans though!

    • Jennifer Post author

      We like black beans! That sounds good.

      I do not think they were over each other either. I cannot imagine sitting down with someone I used to be In a relationship sadly talking about why we didn’t work out!

  • Carla

    Oh Teen Mom 2!!!! How is it that I am so obsessed with this show and I am in my mid 30’s??? Gracious!!! I seriously feel like they should have had a season between last season and this one. There was way too much that went down during the off season. I felt like when it was over I had ran a marathon. Little Jace dropping f bombs was breaking my heart. I’m sad for Jo but according to sources he ends up getting Isaac 9 nights a month now. Leah with 3 babies at 22 is making me tired for her. I wanted to kick Adam in the throat! Then there is Jennelle….good lord I can’t even get started on that hot mess!

    You know I went ahead and ordered the meme box! I can’t wait to have beautiful Korean skin. It can’t get here fast enough.

    We are going to do a blindfold fruit loop taste test tonight. I just can’t fathom that they are all the same flavor.

    Have you ever made the crockpot chicken and dumplings? OMG they are so easy and delish! I can send you the recipe if you don’t have it.

    Hope all goes well with B’s surgery tomorrow!

    Oh…are you signing the boys up for the secret Valentine?

    P.S. Thank you for tagging me yesterday! The trade was a success and I can’t wait to try the mud bath!!! Eeekkk 🙂

    P.S.S. Sorry for the extremely long post!

      • Carla

        Meme should be shipping out next week so I will keep you posted. The taste test proved they are all the same. My world has been completely rocked by this revelation 🙁

        I didn’t think my post went through so I sent you the email. Oops!

  • Katrina

    Is your vision still as good as it was when you first got Lasik? J got it before I met him (over 5 years ago) and his vision is starting to get a little fuzzy. I’m torn on whether I want it or not. On the one hand, it’d be nice to be able to see without relying on contacts or glasses. On the other, I’ve grown to kind of like how I look with glasses. 😉

  • Nikki

    Ahhhhh Teen Mom!!! I just want to sit and watch the entire season! Not only did Leah discuss the things they could of done differently with Corey, but she also then turned around and told her current hubby the same stuff about how things could of been differently! My husband “wasn’t watching” and chimmed in with “wait, isn’t that her husband there” when she was talking to him while at dinner! Ahhhh! I see in the previews he packs his bag and was saying something along the lines of “you always make our relationship seem like shit”. I feel bad for him! And Adam is a mess! Complete MESS!

    PS: I’m a decent cooker, no where near a pro, but I BURNED the shredded salsa chicken that I found on pinterest. I mean, like burned to the point where I thought the crockpot was going to be ruined forever. I also burned the BBQ chicken. So clearly the chicken pieces I buy (Perdue tenderloins) is no where near thick enough for what they need. So just keep watch on it! Ekkkkk! Chicken recipes in the crockpot have been pinterst FAILS!

  • Jenny

    I need to look into a class for C he has preschool but I think he’d really like a tumbling class too. He loves to run around.
    Did you see Bieber news this morning? Well that is a silly question since its all over the news but wow that kid has some issues. I see a rehab visit in his not to distant future.
    Speaking of rehab did you see that Dean is supposedly getting outpatient treatment for a sex addiction? I love him and Tori together but WOWsers she may need to kick him to the curb.

    • Jennifer Post author

      Oh Bieber. He’s in a world of trouble. That mug shot? He looks so thrilled with himself. Way too excited about getting arrested.

      That is interesting about Dean. I could see that!

  • pamb

    As a Real Housewives addict (I watch them all, except Miami), skip Atlanta for now, the season is almost done (or, program your DVR and catch up in time for the reunion).

    BUT, New York is starting soon, so set the DVR for that one! I think Beverly Hills and New York are the best, because (most of) those women are the real deal. Everyone in the OC went bankrupt at one point, and are full of Botox and fillers. New Jersey is just tacky. It’s all about Lisa and Yolanda’s homes on Beverly Hills, and the fashion on New York. Enjoy!