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It’s time for another Thursday Thoughts! If you want to participate, but have no idea what a link-up is, you can check out my explanation of it here.

~After 4 snow (well cold / snow / whatever) days in a row (Friday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday), L is finally back to school today! And not a minute too soon since we were slowly running out of things to do. I was *this* close to taking them to the McDonalds play area yesterday, but I thought we’d save catching strep throat for another time. I guess yesterday was Snow Day #7 for the year (basically #7 since January 6th) and that makes us over our limit for the year (we are allowed 6 snow days per school year) so we are going to have to start making this time up. No one knows yet if they will tack on days to the end of the school year, add extra minutes to each day, but it will be interesting to see what happens considering that we will likely have more snow days this year because, umm, we have two months of winter left!

Snow Week

Snow Week

~After way too much work (I seriously tried to get B to get out of bed and help me get it to work) I finally got to watch Teen Mom 2 last night. So worth it. Jenelle’s attorney must be a busy man! And that conversation between her and Barbara about Jenelle’s new online man might have been the best they’ve gotten along in years. I actually smiled during it!!!  And it could just be me, but I don’t see Leah and Jeremy working out.  They seem to either be talking about Corey or how she hates his job.

~I mentioned how I have been busy getting organized and all that this year and finally got the boys closets and dressers cleaned out yesterday! Now it’s just a matter of what on earth is going to going to happen with all that stuff I am piling into the spare bedroom. Do you have something on your To Do List that you avoid like I avoid that mess? Ahhhhh!!!

~Okay, so my Moxie Jean order arrived yesterday and one of the items I bought was a Banana Republic sweater. As a side note, why hadn’t I been buying pre-owned items all these years? Everytime I buy something I kick myself for not doing it sooner. Anyway, one of the reasons (the other reason being that it’s adorable) I ordered the sweater was because I had no clue that Banana made kids clothes. Of course, I did a quick GTS which revealed no evidence of a kids line or of anyone knocking off Banana for Kids. Do I have a super shrunk down grown-up sweater?  Some random one of a kind piece? Whatever it is I love it, but I am so curious about this. Any insight here?



~I am not sure what additional Subscription Boxes I still have coming this week, but I know I am waiting on a few.  These snow days have me all out of sorts! I know Birchbox Man, Adventure Trunk, Julep and possibly a few more are coming. And before we know it, we’re going to start getting all the February boxes rolling in and that has me very excited! I am hoping for an amazing month for boxes.

~OMG, I cannot thank you all enough for your Disney World tips!  SO many great ideas!  It appears I need to stay down there about 6 months to get everything in.  I have been there a bunch of times, but there is always something new to check out and new places to eat and everything that you can never fit it all in.  I also learned from someone (THANK YOU) that there is a shop at Downtown Disney (called Marketplace Fun Finds) that sells grab bags.  Say what?  I told my mom about this and we are all over this.  I even searched until I found someone’s grab bag on YouTube (it’s no wonder I stay up so late).  I will for sure be grabbing one or two and will report back (don’t hold your breathe since it won’t be for a few months) on this!  So excited about this!

image credit: On the Go in MCO

image credit: On the Go in MCO

~Any big Super Bowl plans?  Any weekend plans at all? B has some National Guard stuff to do so it’s just the little boys and I on Saturday.  Hopefully it’s not north pole cold so we can go outside and play.  Fingers crossed!  We all could use a little fresh air.

What’s going on for your Thursday today?  Let me know and of course, link-up!

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36 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  • Brandy @ MommySplurge

    If the boys are into Potato Head (mine has a GIANT collection) there’s also a stuff all you can Potato Head pieces in Downtown Disney.

    I don’t know what’s up with that banana sweater. Maybe they made gifts for kids one year? mommy/daddy & me collection?

    • Jennifer Post author

      I have seen that store. I wanted to build one last time,but L nixed me!

      Someone said they had a line like 15 years ago. Who knew????

  • Jennifer @ Mom's Got Mail

    I would love to get organized. I was working on that a few weeks ago, but I won’t be getting back to it until after Valentine’s Day! I am searching high and low for Easter eggs today, finishing a map of the games and prizes for the carnival, cooking dinner early for the family then heading off to school. For the night. It is going to be a long one! There is only enough time to pull out and set up games between the time school is out and the start of the carnival, so everything needs to be ready to go tonight.
    I did catch up on a couple of my TV shows, though last night while I stuffed tickets into envelopes. Reign and The Originals on the CW. My kids want to go back to Disney World, but I don’t think we will go this Spring (my husband has too much going on at work, and we had a lot of unexpected expenses). I think we will take a weekend trip to Niagara falls, and maybe another one to NYC or Vermont this summer.

  • Shawn

    Banana Republic USED to sell kids clothing, then BR was gobbled up into the Gap stores and they might have figured they had that market covered with Gap Kids and Baby Gap. I would say you have a “vintagy” red sweater—but it looks super cute! My youngest is 15 (GASP!) and they had kids clothing when he was little. Hope that helps! 🙂

  • Amanda E.

    Omg! Teen Mom 2: I thought the same thing about Jenelle and her mom. It was almost cute. I kept waiting for one to blow up…but it just didn’t happen. I really hope she “get’s it” this time. But it didn’t seem to click when she was on the phone with the lawyer. I could go on a year long rant about Jo. What’s his deal? He’s a spoiled little jerk. I’m really hoping Chelsea sticks with school this time, and speaking of spoiled little jerks…Adam…UGH!

    • Jennifer Post author

      Seriously it was so cute with her mom. And yeah, she was like well, I don’t think I will get in trouble….

      I see why Jo doesn’t want it to happen, but considering that he moved, it doesn’t make sense??

  • Tiffany

    i couldnt agree more about your TEEN MOM 2 review.. Jenelles attorney must think shes a lost cause.. because she NEVER learns, EVER!. I dont think Jeremy and leah are going to work out either, is it just me or does she seem extremely RUDE to him? Maybe the baby will be the saving grace there.. but i dont see it working out. Did you see the previews for next week with chelsea and adam.. OH MAN!

  • Jenny

    I haven’t done the grab bag in years. This last trip I didn’t even make it to downtown disney or I totally would have gotten one. My sister used to love them. Sometimes they were good and sometimes not but that is the fun of it all.
    We don’t have any snow days built in so we have to make them all up 🙁 Today is our third day out. Our first makeup day is this Saturday which will be a welcome relief after having the kids home so much. LOL

    • Jennifer Post author

      I can’t believe you didn’t tell me about the grab bags! That is so me!

      I cannot even imagine trying to get people to have school here on a Saturday. That would never fly. Ever.

  • Cindy

    Hey I just thought of something….did you ever have L try on those German lederhosen!!? Ha! I bet they are close to his size!? Sometimes the schools have those heritage type festivities… (When you’re done I gotta give back to Matt.). Oh, and in other news we are close to booking a house or condo in FL for winter break… May even end up in Orlando!? We never plan ahead unless it’s a school trip!?? Dumb, I know!

    • Jennifer Post author

      OMG not yet. I will make him do it this weekend!!!

      Yeah!!!!!! We are so behind too. We will have to meet up if you will be on Orlando!

  • Kyra

    Depending on how many days you will be in FL for I highly recommend Legoland if you haven’t been yet! We’ve been twice and my 5 yr old LOVED it, actually I did too! It’s not too far from Orlando either.

    • Jennifer Post author

      I have not gotten that or the Jennifer Love Hewitt this month. Sometimes they run into the beginning of the following month though.

      I *think* one of them just shipped because I got a FedEx Alert….

      • Sandy

        Ok, thanks, this will be by first Fancy box. I am used to receiving all my other subscription boxes mid to late in the month; with some delays due to weather to reach me this month. My poor Love with Food took 15 days to arrive.

  • Elise

    We got our birchbox man yesterday and we were so entertained by the mixup with the info card. There was some sort of mass typo and editing issues. Ryan was reading it to me and I thought he was making it up! I’m still jealous of their birchbox and would gladly pay $20 for one like theirs with a lifestyle item added.

  • Ashley C.

    M is working 3 12’s this weekend, so its just the kids and I — Sunday morning will be filled with church and all afternoon will be prepping and planning our snack/appetizer meal for the big game. As long as Denver loses, it will be a good game in my book. {Says the New England fan!!}

    I haven’t been watching Teen Mom 2 yet this season {not really sure why not!} but saw in a gossip magazine this past week that Leah and Jeremy are still married but that he threatens divorce every single time they fight. Sounds to me like a match made … in teenage hell?! Ha!

  • Bethany

    I have not seen those Disney grab bags! Good to know!! And I am so excited for February boxes!! My list of subscription boxes isn’t that long, but I do keep a little list. Just Fancy Box remaining for me this month. Also, I’m joining in on the link up for the first time! Woot!

  • pamb

    I actually shrunk one of my husband’s BR sweaters, and now my 10 yr old wears it! But, I think BR may have done a few kids’ pieces for a holiday line (that’s why the sweater is red) a few years ago. Ann Taylor has done a few girl’s pieces as well.