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Disclosure: This post contains affiliate / referral links.

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It’s time for another Thursday Thoughts! If you want to participate, but have no idea what a link-up is, you can check out my explanation of it here.

~Happy Thursday!  School just got out a week ago and already all my days are running together.  It might be because B isn’t here and coming home from work on the weeknights, but we need to get in a routine around here!  Speaking of B, we’ve Facetimed with him a few times and OMG it’s hysterical.  WB screams with excitement when he hears his voice and the L catches him up on everything he’s been missing here.  L has also been texting him, which is highly entertaining.

~I still have so many subscription boxes I am expecting this week! I am waiting on Phone Case of the MonthThe Bride BoxPupBoxCitrus Lanebluum, Escape Monthly, Luxe Lacquers, Lip Factory and I’ll have a surprise or two coming as well I am sure ;).  I got a TON of mail on Monday and then Tuesday?  Nothing.  Wednesday?  One box.  I am sure today will be crazy to make up for the last two days!

Monday's Boxes

Monday’s Boxes

~I’ve been using my turkish towels from PopSugar and I decided to go ahead and order hand towels (I bought them from turkish-t) for my bathroom.  I think turkish towels are my latest obsession and I am planning to switch us over to them for the summer at least.  Once I settle on my favorite brands I want to pick up a few for scarves as well!

Turkish Hand Towels

Turkish Hand Towels

~Have you taken BuzzFeed quiz “Can We Guess Your Real Age“?  I took it last night and am quite pleased that I got 29.  I am actually nearly 8 years older than that, but I feel like I am 29, so I think that’s all that matters right??  Take it and let me know what you get!

Yep.  You got it.  29.

Yep. You got it BuzzFeed. 29.

~The winners of the 5,000 Likes Giveaway have been selected, verified and notified and have all responded! Congrats to Shannon Aman who won the Tieks, Callie Cooke who won the Erin Condren prize pack, Amanda Sakovitz who won the 3-month PopSugar subscription, Sheena who won the Lush Gift Set and Lindsay Toews who won The Crispery Crispy Cakes! Congrats ladies!  I hope you enjoy your prizes!

~I know we weren’t alone on this, but we had some crazy weather here yesterday!  After L’s swimming class we hit up Target (I am on a hunt for some oatmeal that is being discontinued for my SIL who loves it) and snapped this picture in the parking lot.  I usually take my time in Target because I love it so much, but we were hustling yesterday because I was scared the power would go out and I wouldn’t be able to get my stuff!

Rains coming!

Rains coming!

~My friend Kara (who has a blog she should be updating) posted about this yesterday on Facebook, but did you hear that Juicy Couture was closing up shop?  OMG I was distraught!  I feel like it’s the end of an era. I used to obsess over Jessica Simpson’s juicy outfits on Newlyweds.  I do have about 20 pairs (maybe more) of Juicy pants I have accumulated over the years so that should hold me over for a while, but they will be missed!  I will now only have Lululemon to shop for $90 sweatpants.  RIP Juicy!

~Our Disney Magic Bands came this week!  Pretty sure that L and I want to start wearing ours right now!  I was worried WB’s would be way too big, but of course Disney is one step ahead of me and has created the bands so that you can peel away part and make it fit little kids.  I swear they think of everything.

Love them!

Love them!

~I think I have found a DIY project that will both help make my bedroom (well my closet) look cuter and also make be better organized.  We have a walk-in closet in our bedroom, but only the back wall and right side have “stuff” on them.  The other wall is just that.  Wall.  It’s too narrow in there to have racks or drawers or anything, but it is totally usable wall space.  I have some jewelry hung up there on hooks now, but I want to revamp it into something cuter and something that would hold more stuff.  Maybe using cutlery trays or frames?  I need to do some more Pinteresting, but this is happening!

image credit: Mini Manor Blog

image credit: Mini Manor Blog

That’s it for now!  What are you up to today?  And of course, what subscription boxes are you expecting to end your week with?

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72 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  • Lauren

    Yayy magic bands… so weird we pretty much had the same colors. Lol.
    so just a word of advice if I can….
    I wouldn’t take WB’S putter part off to make it smaller right away. I did and my little man hated it. There the same age.. so i ended up carrying it would have been nice to just wear it but it was too small. In all actuality, he doesn’t really NEED it all the time, but there were a couple of times where I did have to get the diaper bag out of the stroller dig through that 20 minutes later I would find it. But if you think he is going to be really good with it that’s your call. I also found around the ankle is better.

    • Jennifer Post author

      I am wondering what he will think of it. I feel like he might want it just because L will have his on? I will wait to separate it though!

  • Meredith

    Your secret for staying young must be having a younger husband. I’m 34 -today actually- and I got 42 for my age Lol! My husband is 11 years older than me. I blame him for this 😉

  • Kristin

    I don’t know how old your youngest is but when we went to Disney our kidlets were 4.5, 7.5, 11 and 14. ALL of them were told one big gift, one t-shirt and one small souvenir. We bought them the pressed penny books at the park and told them whatever pressed pennies they could find they could get. I brought a roll of shiny new pennies and a roll of quarters with me. They all would look in the shops for the machines instead of all the other goodies. The rule with the pressed quarters was you only got it as a special one if you went on the ride. My youngest then 4.5 was the only one that went on the Tower of Terror and the other three wanted a pressed quarter but nope only Se got one. So they all have their t-shirts still and their pressed pennies books in their memory boxes.

    I love those magic bands. We still have pluses left on our cards from 2001 and I’d love to go back.

  • Lily

    I had no idea what the Disney Magic Bands were – so I looked them up. That’s such a great idea! I’m not planning a Disney vacation any time soon, but now I want to. Keep us posted on your closet DIY – I need something like that too.

  • Alicia N

    I am so sad about Juicy closing!! And now I think I need to go online and buy everything before its gone 😉 I am expecting my escape monthly, bulu box, total beauty ultimate sampler collection, and also I got a email that I won a Sugarbash box and it will be shipping shortly!

  • Sophie

    Totally random, but have you heard of Glam Glow? I was looking at it at Sephora the other day, but I’m hesitant with the $70 price tag. Also, did you ever start Me Before You?

    • Jennifer Post author

      I have tried a sample and liked it! You should ask Sephora to make you a sample of it!!! I did start it, but I am not done.

  • PA Anna

    I got 29 on the BuzzFeed and am more than a decade older. Maybe my inner child is 29 🙂 There had been a few bad storms and rain off and on this week. I’m waiting on a Sample Society mystery box, Escape Monthly, and Loot Crate. Did your Loot Crate arrive and have a Transformer T-shirt in it? It’s the only reason why I ordered it because my teen wants the shirt. Love the magic bands. Last month I remember walking pass Juicy Couture and seeing signs that the whole store was on sale. I want turkish hand towels! Right now I am using the towel from the PopSugar June Box as a car seat cover for my 5 year old. He also uses it as a blanket if he’s cold from the air. He loves being warm.

  • Crstina

    We received our Citrus Lane box on Tuesday and am expecting the Blumm box next week and my first Birchbox. I liked our Citrus Lane box, my son especially liked his straw cup.
    Also, is having a sale on Crocs, which I am currently looking at. Some are as low as $12.99. Worth checking out 🙂 Sale ends in 3 days.

  • Elizabeth

    I also got 29! I love those cutlery trays for jewelry holders. I think I’m going to have to try something like that on the sides of my closet.

    Have you seen Honest Co. products at your Target yet? I just started seeing them this past weekend.

  • Laura

    I took the BuzzFeed quiz. I thought for sure they’d say I’m 81 since I’m a fan of napping AND Werther’s, but I got 18. No idea where that came from, lol. I’m 28.

    When you redo your closet, you should post pictures! We’re finally getting closer to closing on our house and the master closet is huge but I have so much junk that I need super ideas.

  • Amy

    I think I’m a little insulted….it shows my age as 62! I’m 43…my husband laughed at me so I made him take it as well (he’s 47) and his came up as 54, but I think he cheated because he was watching me fill out the answers and I think he changed his so he wouldn’t be as old! grrr.

    I wish the weather would make up it’s mind on whether or not to be sunny or rainy. We are supposed to have a play off baseball game tonight but a lot of my son’s games keep getting rained out.

    I need to figure out another monthly box to get for myself lol. I get Popsugar and the Beauty box 5 for my daughter but the only other packages I’m getting are from Paula’s choice ha ha.

  • Lori

    When we went to France the apartment we stayed at had all blankets that were Turkish like. They were hard, crunchy, very heavy but very warm. I wondered if this was a European thing or if the owner just had a crunchy blanket thing. I had never seen blankets like that before. The next hotel and apartment seemed to have blankets that were very similar to ours here in the US.

  • Jenny

    Love your Magic Bands. I can’t wait to hear all about your trip. You guys are going to have so much fun.
    N is still in school through next week and I already can’t remember what day it is. LOL I really need to get my planner out for all the activities we are doing while he’s home. We wouldn’t want to miss out on a movie day.
    That is great on the wall such a good idea. We have a huge walk-in to but it has shelving on all 4 walls. We took out the wire stuff and M built it out in a nice wood with a cherry stain. I can however modify some of it as needed as its just shelving that I had for shoes 😉 Since I’m not working now I don’t have nearly as many so maybe I should change some and place some hooks or hangers for jewelry. I just don’t wear it enough but if I saw it maybe I would.

    • Jenny

      oh and I had no idea about Juicy. So is it all going away or are they just going to be at Kohls now? I was a little confused but the article. I’ve never worn it but I always look at it. LOL

    • Jennifer Post author

      They dry faster and aren’t as thick (obviously). I don’t know that I would switch for the winter, but I am really liking using them for my hair in the summer!

  • Mrs. L

    Okay that weather photo just really scares the crap out of me. Shudder. Nope. I’d be in the basement the entire season!

    Love that idea for storing jewelry. I have all these “statement” necklaces and just no where to put them for easy access. This, behind our bedroom door on the wall, may just work!

  • Cheryl

    Wow I didn’t know that about Juicy! I had an outfit in every color and don’t even get me started on the strapless terry dresses/coverups lol. End of an era for sure!

  • Kiley

    Buzzfeed thinks I’m 42. I’m 28. That should give you an indication of what my social life is like.

    And how exciting and high tech are those Disney bracelets? How long until your trip? I’m actually going on a business trip to Disney World at the end of July (but it’s going to be a giant tease, because even though I’ll be staying at Coronado Springs, I’ll be at a foster care conference aaaaaallll day, so I won’t see the parks at all.)

    • Jennifer Post author

      Ahh, hopefully you can somehow sneak over there!!! I have stayed at Coronado Springs! They have such a big conference center!

  • Tabitha

    Took the Buzzfeed quiz, they believe I’m 18. Decided to take it again because I was on the fence with some answers….still 18. I’m a good 10+ years older than that but if that means I’m still young at heart, I’ll take it. 🙂

  • Hannah

    I got 29 & I’m 23…womp womp. 😉
    You’ll probably be getting Hazel Lane this week too. At least, I’m hoping we’ll be getting them this week. I think they shipped on Monday

  • Tammy

    Stupid, stupid quiz said I am 12 years older than I am !!! And I thought I was skewing a few of the questions to a younger age, so I am probably really even older! Stupid, stupid quiz!

  • Annie

    duuuuuude. I am 30. The quiz said 62. I almost fell off my chair. And since my Life Alert hasn’t come in yet that would have been terrible. (my husband is 31 and it said he was 34)

  • Sara Cee

    I am 29! Even though, I’m 27…but it’s close and if I can still be 29 in ten years, I won’t complain^^
    Those wristbands look amazing. I haven’t been to Disney in, like, forever…it’s been more than 10 years, at least. Waaaaaaay toooooo loooooong!
    Also, if you’re looking for ideas you might wanna pinterest, check out and There are some fabulous storage hacks!