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Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate / referral links. Read the full disclosure.
Disclosure: This post contains affiliate / referral links.

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It’s time for another Thursday Thoughts! If you want to participate, but have no idea what a link-up is, you can check out my explanation of it here.

~I can’t believe it’s already Thursday!  I am super excited because not only is L home from up-north (he got home yesterday), B will be home in a few days as well!  And the USA – Germany World Cup game is today too which I am so excited to watch. We have a few errands to run today and want to hit up the library, but I think we’ll still be able to watch the game.  Or at least most of it.  GO USA!

He's Back!

He’s Back!

~I picked up a new sheet set and duvet at Target this week and wow, it’s much brighter in my bedroom than it was at Target.  But I like it and I need to get some fun throw pillows today to go with it all.  Hopefully I can find some that I like.  And hopefully they are cheap!  Also, what do you think I should put in my lamps?  The clear glass part is “fillable” and I’ve done fake flowers, Christmas ornaments, etc. but I always have a hard time coming up with ideas.  Thoughts?

New Bedding

New Bedding

~In a beyond nice surprise, Miss Crispery (that’s what everyone calls the woman behind Crispy Cakes) saw that I had given away a sampler box in my 5,000 Likes Giveaway and sent me some of my own as a thank you.  Ahhh, I love it!  I discovered these back in the October (?) PopSugar Box and have been addicted since.  I was planning on ordering some more on my own anyway, but I couldn’t decide what flavors to try next so it hasn’t happen.  Well problem solved.  We tried the M&M one first and it’s delicious!!!  If you haven’t tried them she gave me a coupon code to share too.  It’s “Jennifer15” and will save you 15% off your order.



~I am still expecting a few boxes to round out this month. I know that Hazel Lane, Hammock Pack and Blush Box are all on their way to me and other than that I am not quite sure. I am really hoping to get shipping notifications for FabFitFun and the Nina Garcia Quarterly Box soon!

~Did anyone watch Big Brother last night?  It looks like it’s going to be a great season.  Although I think that every single season.  But seriously I am ready for the second set of 8 to enter the house.  Bring it!

~I finished “The Vacationeers” yesterday and liked it much more than I was expecting.  The story drew me in much more than I expected when I read the description of it and I am excited to see what the next Birchbox Book Club pick is!  I am going to start “Tempting Fate” by Jane Green next I think.  I really like her stuff and think it’s going to be an easy read (all the books I read are easy reads though).

image credit: Amazon

image credit: Amazon

That’s about it from here.  What’s going on for you today?  Are you watching the game today?  If you need a note to give your boss, here you go.
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41 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  • Jenny

    oh my BB looks like a hot mess already. The guy from NC wow could they have found anyone more country. LOL I’m ready for the second 8 tonight and to see how that all falls out.

  • Bethany

    Also a Big Brother fan here. I’ve been busy with class and work, so I haven’t had a chance to watch yet. Going to catch it online this evening hopefully. They are usually good about posting each episode the day after it airs.

      • Bethany

        I did get the live feeds one summer, but I decided they weren’t worth it. I don’t have the time to watch all day, though I wish I could. And the good stuff would always happen when I wasn’t looking. Now I read the post on instead. They watch the live feeds and post all the good stuff as it happens. 🙂 They also have former house guests blog about what’s going on and the guys/gals who run it make predictions about what they think will happen. I have to warn you though, the predictions are fairly accurate, so don’t read them unless you don’t mind spoilers!

  • Lily

    I like getting throw pillows at discount stores like TJ Maxx. Not sure if there is one near you, but they usually have quite a selection and a good mix between muted and bright colors/designs. I personally like down-filled and they usually have a good number on hand.

  • Kelley

    I’m waiting for my Nina Garcia shipping notice too! According to the MUT boards, the ship date is supposed to be 28 June, so hopefully we’ll get something today or tomorrow.

  • Karen

    You should fill your lamps with pebbles…they sell them at Michael’s, or any other craft store I would imagine. It would look awesome with the color of your bedding.

    • Jennifer Post author

      Yes! We have one sort of near us. I think it’s like TJ Maxx though in that you have to go often because they switch it up a lot!

  • Alicia Altman

    In your lamps – maybe some river rocks on the bottom and green moss covered rocks or something like that on top of them!

  • Kathy

    I like putting seashells in clear containers like your lamps. They look so summery. I also like to fill some with buttons. I have a lot that I’ve saved, but you can also buy them by the pound. Also, those cakes look so yummy! Not in my budget or diet, but still…

  • Ace

    You’re post on the sheets gave me quite the laugh. I don’t think you realized but after the throw pillow sentence you wrote, ” hopefully I can find someone I like. And hopefully someone cheap!” I thought this was a joke about B.

  • Andrea

    I’m so excited for this season of Big Brother! I’m curious how the girl alliance is going to turn out. I don’t know if you watched Big Brother Canada at all but the girls tried the same thing. Lasted about a day I think? These new twists are also going to be interesting, like the alliance with America. They made Canada HOH one week and that completely changed the game!

      • Andrea

        They’ve only had two seasons before but I really enjoyed it. I find it interesting as well to see the difference between the Canadian and American one. There seems to be less of the drama on Canada. It definitely still has it’s fair share of fighting and crazy people but not as extreme, it seems to be a lot more chill. Easily summed up by saying it is very Canadian lol. Especially with the beer/drinking that they have!

  • PA Anna

    Happy for you that everyone is returning home soon. Have a wonderful weekend with your loved ones and a late birthday celebration. When I see the color of the duvet I think seashells and the beach. I received an order confirmation for Nina Garcia today. Does that mean it is shipping soon? This is my first quarterly box. I hope FabFitFun ships soon. I’m a little uncertain about the box after reading over at MUT. I might be too old for their demographic. I do like the spoilers and feel that will be worth it for me. The rest of the box can go to my sister or a trade if need be. I like the books that you have been posting. What is Birchbox Book Club? Guess I should go and google it 🙂

    • Jennifer Post author

      I got billed today too! I think it’ll be shipping very very soon!

      Birchbox just started it. They picked a book, announced it and then did a q&A with her and a twitter party. I hope they keep it up.

  • Claire

    I just heard about the crispycakes on this post this morning, and when I went out shopping this afternoon and at a small boutique they were selling them. After reading about them on your blog I just had to try one, and you are so right, they are delicious!!

  • Elizabeth A

    The book with the turquoise cover on your side table is a GREAT accent to your beautiful new bedding. I would fill the lamps with blue/green/aqua/white beach glass (sold in bags at Michaels/Hobby Lobby) and put in a few sea shells and starfish for white accents like your pillows.