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Disclosure: This post contains affiliate / referral links.

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It’s time for another Thursday Thoughts! If you want to participate, but have no idea what a link-up is, you can check out my explanation of it here.

~Ahh, all good things must come to an end and it appears that our summer is just about over!  School starts next week and the Open House we had this week made it all the more real.  What happened to summer?  I feel like school just ended?  We had a great summer though and I am sure getting back into a routine won’t be a bad thing!

At his desk!

At his desk!

~Goodness, I still have quite a few subscription boxes still coming this month! I should be getting my ipsy Mystery Bag, Escape Monthly, Homegrown CollectiveNewBeauty TestTubeHazel Lane and GLOSSYBOX. And the PopSugar Must Have Fall Style has shipped (or at least it’s showing up in FedEx and weighs in at 2.8lbs) (*), but that probably won’t come till next week.

~I was super excited to get the e-mail yesterday about the new 8.5 x 11 Erin Condren Notebooks!  I need to do a lot of writing in the next few weeks so I can use up my other ones and order one of these.  And just in case B’s reading this, I swear, I am using my planner.  I am!  Washi tape and all. I am on a roll this month.  So organized!

Erin Condren Notebook

Erin Condren Notebook

~B and I watched The Great Gatsby last night and it took a bit to get into, but I ended up really really liking it.  I was actually surprised by how much I liked it.  I think B would have said the same.  I wanted to watch “The Other Woman” but B vetoed that.  Next time!

~L is up-north for the weekend already and I think the rest of us are headed up in a few days.  B’s got work and school so WB and I are going to wait for him and go up then.  Plus, we’ve got a million errands to run and chores and stuff to do.  We are going to sneak in a trip to Target and TJ Maxx and hopefully Dollar Tree (I am on the hunt for these certain planner stickers), you know, for back to school stuff.

Eating with WB

Eating with WB

~So, I am thinking about signing up for a class of some sort this fall.  Yoga, sewing, something!  Just a once a week kind of thing.  Anyway, I am curious, what does everyone do weekly?  Do you take any classes?

That’s it from here! What are your weekend plans??

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43 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  • Chrissy

    My husband and I go to Zumba twice a week. He is the least dance-y person ever but he loves it, lol. It’s an hour and we are both drenched by the end and it just melts away the week’s stress.

      • Chrissy

        I keep raving about how wonderful it is and there are other men in the class so he decided to see what all the fuss was about. He is by far the youngest man in the class (at 39) and everyone thinks its so great that he comes with me – he enjoys the attention, lol.

  • HeatherP

    I was very surprised as well about enjoying the great Gatsby ( the new one), I’m very picky about my Gatsby movies. I was just just thinking of adding it to my queue again. My kids and I have enjoyed this summer so much. I am sad and excited about school starting. I plan to take advantage of good weather and skate outdoors. Do some photography. Paint (watercolors). And repair my house from a trifold disaster (my kids) that hit this summer. Oh and I also look forward to a proper routine again, my fitness suffered. Maybe my fridge will be properly stocked again :/

    • Jennifer Post author

      I wonder if my fridge will ever be restocked fully again! As soon as I put something in there the boys zone in on it and it’s gone!

  • Alison

    I love group exercise classes. But something different I did last fall was a Chinese cooking class I took with my sister. It was 3 classes and we got to eat all the food we made each class – and it was soooo good. I want to say I took away some knowledge, but I have only made a couple of the recipes only a few times since… but it was really fun and delicious. I am looking forward to reading other people’s comments for ideas for myself.

  • Jenny

    L has desks? N has tables until he gets up in years. Not sure why really but it seems to be the thing to do down here.
    Oh a class sounds good. I have a sewing machine my MIL bought me years ago that I keep saying I either need to learn how to use or sell. I would sell but then I think what if I need to sew something and I need it but then I don’t know how to sew so its a random cycle. LOL
    I use my notebook all the time but not so much my planner. I do want to though so I need to get on that plus you know I need to order one for next year 😉

    • Jennifer Post author

      He had tables in kindergarten, but they have desks this year. It’s cute because he’s got his own pencil case in there and will be in charge of keeping it clean and all that!

      You should move here so we can learn to sew together!

  • Stacie

    I can’t believe summer is over already. I’m currently sipping on a pumpkin coffee and it’s delicious, yet so depressing… I’m not ready for winter!
    Funny you mentioned Gatsby, I randomly decided while driving yesterday that I need to watch it. I wonder if they’ve been doing some subliminal advertising somewhere?
    I keep saying that one of these winters I’m going to take a pottery class. I took one in college and loved it, but have yet to commit to it since then. Maybe this will be the year!

  • Laura K

    I received my first EC notebook a few weeks ago, and I have two more on the way. Love them to bits!

    Could you post a pick of your covers (minus identifying info of course)? My fav is viva espana, and I have a tray in candy lace. New ones will be candy lace and zig zag with photos.

  • Crystal

    Seeing Glossybox mentioned just burns me up. I cancelled on June 30th. I made a huge fuss not realizing that I didn’t cancel in time so I was charged in July & sent a box for July. Okay, that’s fine because I didn’t follow the rules…right? WRONG. I was charged again for August and my box was just shipped. I am so fed up. I have pages of Facebook messages, emails, etc. from them confirming my account is cancelled. I have no idea how this business continues to run.

      • Crystal

        Credit Card. Last month I kept emailing & emailing & finally got a response on Facebook. I was led to believe that my emails were probably too nice which is why I didn’t receive a response. I even told them, I didn’t even care that I was being sent a box bc I actually liked GB, I just wanted my account to show that it was active & it wasn’t. This time I threatened with the BBB & to cancel my credit card & they responded immediately. I am really not a mean person (and I am no stranger to subs) but I hate that I had to become mean to get help! Long story short, my account is cancelled….we will see next month. Lol.

  • Sher

    I took voice lessons for several months, it was a lot of fun and I learned a lot about my voice as a tool as well as self confidence. I’m busy until after Xmas, and will start again at that time. I recommend it highly!

  • PA Anna

    I’ve taking art classes in the past including a pottery class which was relaxing :). I went to a creative art festival this past weekend and had the opportunity to try out a bunch of sew machines. I want a sewing machine and lessons. I always wanted a sewing machine, but using the new ones and making stuff makes me really want one. I need to take some type of class. I feel restless.

    Received my Escape mini box and waiting on the regular size box. I’m also waiting on KreationKrate, Splendies, and at some point PopSugar Luxury edition. Maybe the Best of box from Escape if it shipped. I didn’t check my email yet today.

  • Stacey

    I HATED the new Great Gatsby. I’m not a movie snob at all, but this was terrible to me. The acting was great, but the music completely ruined it. I realize that is just that director’s style or whatever, but it was terrible. 😛

  • Shawna

    Yoga has been life changing for me! It all started a couple of years ago when my knee started hurting – having all kinds of tests done, steroid shots, etc. Finally got to a specialist who realized it was a tight ligament in my hip that was causing the knee issues. He suggested yoga.

    I am a very anxious person, and I didn’t realize how healing yoga could be – not just for my hip, but for my mind. The first few times I left crying because of the emotional release you get if you have a good instructor and get to that “zen” place. It’s incredible. The fact that it helped my pain and makes my body stronger (and better looking!) is just a bonus – I go for inner peace more than anything.

    • Jennifer Post author

      I took Yoga before I got pregnant with WB and quite enjoyed it. It was such a nice quiet time. And a lot more challenging than you’d think if you hadn’t tried it.

  • Elizabeth

    I teach Zumba, Zumba toning and Zumba step so that takes up three nights for me. I also attend a sports conditioning class. I’d love to take a sewing class or cooking class too but since I’m already away from the kiddos so much (I work full time out of the house) that’ll have to wait until they are bigger.

  • Swati

    And also Brangelina finally got married!! WB looks so cute in that picture!! Does he miss L a lot when he’s away? Enjoy your last trip before school begins.

    We have done nothing all this summer and I feel remorse now. My planning has certainly taken a hit after my daughter was born. But on a brighter note we will be going to Maui end of September for a family vacay and to celebrate my 30th birthday so I’m so looking forward to that 🙂

    • Jennifer Post author

      Hmm, I don’t really know if he misses him too much? I don’t really think he has any concept of time, so he doesn’t know L has been gone a few days. Sometimes they FaceTime which is hysterical.

  • Victoria

    I don’t take any classes, I teach them. I teach Taekwondo twice a week, I love it! I do enough projects at home to keep me busy though, plus I have a 3 year old. I’d pay for an empty day LOL.

  • Kelly M

    I need a recommendation! My best friend just got engaged and I want to send her an Erin Condren planner as an engagement present. Should I get the wedding planner or the life planner? I love my life planner and was wondering if that’s better then the wedding planner because she won’t have to carry 2 things? What so you think would be better??

  • Marney

    I have been quilting with some ladies who are in their 80’s and it is so much fun. We meet once a week at a church for a quilting club in which their moms were members. They talk about everything and have me rolling! I love my quilting ladies and I’ve made a quilt for each of my boys which I would have never thought I’d do but they both love them! 🙂

  • carolyn

    right now i am taking an online class on herbs and natural healing . and this weekend they are having the Route 54 yardsale weekend . where they encourage everyone along this road to have a yardsale and you just get on route 54 and hit all the sales . not sure how far we will go but we are going to start out early saturday morning and see where we end up should be fun