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Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate / referral links. Read the full disclosure.
Disclosure: This post contains affiliate / referral links.

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It’s time for another Thursday Thoughts! If you want to participate, but have no idea what a link-up is, you can check out my explanation of it here.

~Well we are totally back in the swing of things around here. L started school on Tuesday and this is B’s second week of classes. So between that and school activities and swimming and L wants to start basketball, it’s going to be a busy fall. But I am loving his teacher and his new school and he’s totally happy so that’s awesome.

1st Day!

1st Day!

~I’ve still got lots of boxes coming this week including JulepPopSugar Must Have Fall StyleHazel Lane, The Pantry Gourmet Bite Box, Wantable, Dottiebox and Blue Velveteen.  My PopSugar is now saying it will be delivered on the 9th, but I am still hoping it’s sooner. Like as in tomorrow or Saturday sooner.

~The September Birchbox Book Club selection is “Big Little Lies” by Liane Moriarty. Someone recommended it when I asked for suggestions as well, so I am going to read it next.  It sounds pretty good and I will be sure to report back.

September Birchbox Book Club Book

September Birchbox Book Club Book

~There is so much going on around town this weekend that I am not even sure where we are going to start.  There is a local church festival (its got beer and dancing and gambling and turns into quite a party at night), a big Air Show, some NFL activities because Monday Night Football is in Detroit this week, the Tigers are in town (we never made it to a game this summer), just so much to do!  And we want to make / hide our geocache.  It’s going to be a fun weekend!

~Did anyone else see this story about how people are already waiting in line for the new iPhone (which hasn’t even been officially announced yet)?  What?  That’s a LONG wait for a new iPhone. A really long wait.

~Thank you so much to everyone who posted about lunch ideas!  I picked up a thermos for L for soups, mac & cheese and leftovers and plan to do some make your own pizzas, tacos, cheese and crackers, etc. too. I have to pack him two snacks everyday as well so there is going to have to be a lot of creative thinking going on or he’s going to be so bored.  I spent way too much time last night browsing Pinterest.  So many creative moms out there!  Oh, and do you all do notes in lunch boxes?

That’s it from here! What are your weekend plans??

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38 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  • Kristin

    |Wow crazy iPhone people – I wait until I need a new phone and that will be a will
    I’m recovering from a migraine and heading to the chiropractor in hopes that it will stay away. Hockey game tonight – preseason hockey but it’s hockey the only sport I like.

    I bought a stainless steel mason jar with a lid and it’s my new favorite cup! My daughter brought me wine in it last week.

    I agreed to work 7yam-12pm for someone of Saturday and he’s working my last night shift from 2am – 7am – I think it’s a win win for me! The rest of the weekend I need to clean and purge my house – yuck

  • Jenny

    So much going on this weekend and I’m skipping most of it to go scrapping with friends. LOL I’m sending M and the boys to the Home Depot build Sat morning and then he and N are going to football while C stays home with my MIL. I’m hoping to head out around lunchtime.
    I need to find out when they announce the Iphone. I don’t want it but N thinks its so funny that people are camped outside out Apple store. Its outside and I swear it is always raining on release day so they all look like drowned rats. LOL You know its the little things 😉

    • Jennifer Post author

      I am actually eligible for an upgrade on my phone so I am hoping to be able to upgrade and it not cost me a fortune. We’ll see.

  • Rachel D

    Care to share what brand T-shirt L is wearing in his 1st day pic? My son wants a pink shirt so bad.

    Also, I do lunchbox notes, sometimes. Not every day. Sometimes I write a note on their napkin, most of the time I use pre-made notes and scribble a little something on it to make it personal.

    • Jennifer Post author

      It’s Gap! It’s actually got a wave or something on the front and says something about New York? It was on clearance a week or so ago??

  • Debbie

    I did lunch notes on post-its every once in awhile, like when they had a bad night or the day before at schools was not so good. I would draw this really silly face and say I love you or something alone those lines.

  • PA Anna

    L is at a great age for lunchbox notes. Tomorrow I should be receiving my Escape Monthly Anniversary box and the Popsugar LE box tomorrow. My Popsugar LE box was originally scheduled for the 9th so maybe yours is coming tomorrow. Big Little Lies sounds interesting.

  • Lori

    I ordered the neatest thing on amazon yesterday for lunches. they are these silicone tubes that you put stuff in…like yogurt or even try little snacks. I think you need them. I will prolly talk about them on my blog after I try them out. But I will go see if I can find a pic and put it on your fb wall. I am sure these would make L’s lunches amazing…’er

  • Ashley C.

    I am already nervous about what to send for school lunches — and my little won’t be in kindy until next year! The schools around here are all nut-free, and homegirl doesn’t really like sandwiches anyways! I’m probably going to have to do the thermos route, too!

  • Hilda

    That’s a great picture of L on his first day! I’m hoping to spend time this weekend organizing my closet but I’m sure I’ll find better things to do with my day instead!

    My PopSugar LE is scheduled for delivery tomorrow. Originally it was the 9th, so hopefully yours will come soon as well.

    P.S. if you want to be spoiled for the September BoxyCharm head over to You Tube and check out the video by eleventhgorgeous.

  • Sara

    Hey there! Just two quick comments.
    1- They released a FFF Fall spoiler. Looks like we’re all getting aprons, and they’re soooo cute.
    2- Just saw that Walmart’s releasing a fall beauty box. It’s only $5, I got it so I can see what its all about. Hard to think it won’t be worth it for so cheap.

  • Beth Rang

    I make little goofy cards for my son since I’m into rubberstamping. I only include them once in a while, so they can be a fun surprise. For the first day of school though I sent a cute card from etsy with a cartoonish zombie, and on the inside is: I love you to pieces.

  • Nikki

    Yes, send notes! Makes mine’s day. Now that she can read better (2nd grade) I searched on pinterest for jokes to print and send. Then personalize the back with a message. She comes home and tells me about how everyone guesses and laughs at the jokes. Kinda makes my day too!!! I would guess if you searched, you could find some first grade appropriate ones too.