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Disclosure: This post contains affiliate / referral links.

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It’s time for another Thursday Thoughts! If you want to participate, but have no idea what a link-up is, you can check out my explanation of it here.

~Not much to report on here this week.  It’s pretty much just been school and chores.  Boring!  WB’s got a bit of a cold and isn’t overly thrilled by that.  Hopefully no one else catches that.  This weekend should be a little more fun.  B’s got the Tough Mudder on Saturday and I am hoping to hit up my first Mom-2-Mom sale!  Any M2M tips?  Do I want to get there for the early bird sale?

~We did make it to IKEA on Monday which was fun.  The new paper section is really cute! It looked like they were still setting it up, but it still had a ton of stuff.  I picked up some tissue paper and gift bags and some kid stuff (easel paper and a cash register). It was a good trip.

IKEA Paper Goods

IKEA Paper Goods

~I still have a few boxes coming this week including the Birchbox Limited Edition Fall Fete box, Citrus Lane, Googaro, NerdBlock Jr, and PetBox.  I have been writing down (or trying to anyway) the boxes I get everyday and will try and post a calendar at the end of every month showing how the month shakes down box wise.  I swear there are days I get 5 or 10 boxes and then I go days without getting any.  It’s so interesting how they all seem to arrive in groups for me.

~Has anyone been to Las Vegas lately?  Our trip is coming up and I am wondering what’s been added since we were last there a year ago?  We for sure want to check out The High Roller which looks SO cool. Anything else?  It’s a family trip (there’s a bunch of us going), so no clubbing or anything.

Seriously how neat is this thing?

Seriously how neat is this thing?

~I haven’t watched last night’s Teen Mom yet (it’s happening at nap time), but I did hear that Adam (Chelsea’s Adam) is back in jail.  ADAM!  And I read that there is going to be a Season 6!  YES!  Teen Mom just never gets old.

~I updated my iPhone to the new operating system last night (and stayed up way too late waiting for it to load).  I have no idea what the updates are all about, but I do know that my Candy Crush is FINALLY synching to Facebook again.  And now I can continue wasting my time crushing those candies!   Oh and also realized that I had not deleted any of my texts in the last, umm, two years.  What?  No wonder I have no space on my phone for pictures.

That’s it from here! What are your weekend plans?

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44 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  • Linda

    My co-worker went to the Ojibwa m to m last weekend and scored. She had just bought a crib bumper and quilt from Pottery Barn for like $170. First table she went to, the lady had the SAME set, but all 4 pieces (bumper, quilt, sheet & skirt) for $70, BRAND NEW! Needless to say, she snatched that up asap! Best score ever!

  • Julie

    i only subscribe to 3 boxes atm (birchbox, ipsy, and popsugar) and this month they ALL arrived on the same day (yesterday). the shipping info originally had them as ipsy, then birchbox a day or 2 later, then popsugar on the 22nd so i’m glad the popsugar sped up somewhere along the route.

  • Chandra

    My best friend and I went to Vegas a months ago to see Britney Spears and we went on the High roller. It was nice and had ac. It a nice 30 min ride around and there were flat screen TVs with a guy narrating. The views were amazing. The cupcake atm is in that area and it was really cute and the cupcake was yummy. We also went to Madame Tussesios (spelling??) We had so much fun in there and we were in the for at least 2 hours.

    • Jennifer Post author

      The cupcake ATM! Yes yes yes! My kids will get the biggest kick out of that! Thank you for the tip! And I have never been to the wax place. That might be something to check out!

  • Melissa T.

    The whole area by the High Roller is new with shopping and dining. I think you can get some sort of family pass or discount for the High Roller, might want to look at the website, or look for a Groupon. They are doing all kinds of promotions since I don’t think they are getting as many riders are they hoped. The SLS is a new casino/hotel (the refurbished Sahara) that just opened and the Cromwell is a new one also (it is the refurbished Bill’s/Barbary Coast). Downtown just off Fremont the Downtown Grand casino/hotel is pretty new (that was the shuttered Lady Luck casino). Have you ever been to the North Premium Outlets, between the strip and downtown? I think they are adding on to that one, but not sure if it is done yet. It’s a great outlet mall, if you can find the time to go. Sorry don’t know of any kid friendly things other than the High Roller.

    • Jennifer Post author

      I have never been to the outlets, but I would love to go. Do they have some good stores.

      I will check out their website. There are more than 10 of us going so we might even be able to get a group deal?

      I haven’t been down that far on the strip in years and years. I should make a point to go down there and check out those new places!

      • Melissa T.

        Yes, that outlet mall has some good stores, and lots of handbags stores: Coach, Burberry, Kate Spade, Michael Kors, might be forgetting some but they are all in one area too! Maybe you have all those in MI though?

        The SLS looks pretty interesting, have not been yet. Look for monkeys all over. SLS is sort of near Circus Circus. Guess you could take the kids there, they have the Adventuredome with rides, though the clientele at CC seems really trashy to me and the casino is sorta gross and super smoky.

  • Stacey

    Oh my god that high roller thing looks so scary. haha I hate heights :/

    I’m totally with you on the not deleting texts thing! I have started that process and I have ones in there from 2011. Yikes….
    Does anyone use the dropbox app for photos? I have way too many and really don’t want to delete them, but I know nothing about that app.

  • Chelsey

    The Hersey store is open, my son loved it! And they have some fun new stores over by the newyork, the m&m is still under construction so that stinks but there is a lot of NEW in Vegas we were surprised and we go often we went in June and went last week and it was still different for us.

  • Aly


    My husband and I are taking my sister to Vegas for her 21st birthday to see Britney Spears and we will be there for a weekend in November. We’re not big clubbers or anything either-so maybe I can pick your brain as to where you’re going/what you’ve done there? Right now we are seeing Britney and also made a reservation at Serendipity3 so we can get their famous ice cream sundaes 🙂 What other places would you recommend? 🙂

    • Jennifer Post author

      I REALLY like the buffet at the Cosmopolitan. That hotel is awesome. If you’ve never been to Vegas before the top of the Eiffel Tower is fun. Stay up there are watch the fountains at the Bellagio too. That is one of my favorite Vegas things and it’s free. We’ve done the aquarium at Mandalay and the Tigers at the Mirage. I wouldn’t classify those are must-do’s though.

      Where are you staying? Will the pool be open? You might get lucky and end up with some pool weather in November! Are you going to any spas? That’s Vegas thing I love. SO many great spas! Ceasars spa is hands down my favorite.

      • Aly

        We are staying at the MGM Signature-we booked a suite through actually! We love using airbnb! I haven’t looked into any spa’s but I’ll look into it now! thanks!

    • Jessica G

      Check Groupon for Serendipity discounts… there have been quite a few of them lately.

      While the outside tables are fantastic, be prepared for a lot of street noise (if you want to be outside… November is usually a good time for it). The patio is maybe 20 feet from the street & a really busy intersection.

  • Jessica G

    I live here in LV & not a lot has changed in the past year — though of course the High Roller is the obvious exception.

    Like Melissa says, the whole area around the High Roller is full of shops and restaurants. There’s a “food truck court” where local food trucks have permanent stands in a mall-type food court (it’s indoors). I like that most things in that area are independent, rather than large chains. There is the obligatory Starbucks, but everything else is small business.

    A few places have done some remodeling. The area around the MGM has a more “mall” feel than it used to (though granted, I don’t spend a lot of time on the strip, so I don’t know exactly when they did that). There’s a movie theatre (which has been there forever), and a lot of retail stores (Marshalls, Adidas). I think some of it is getting a facelift for the (hopefully) new arena that’s going in between NYNY and Monte Carlo.

    The Premium Outlets (Charleston and I-15) are nice, with a friendly vibe. They are next to the Smith Center (music and theatre events) and the Discovery Kids Museum – which you may want to check out. I’m not sure when you’re going to be here, but there are some major events happening downtown in October. If your trip overlaps with those, I’d avoid the area altogether.

  • Jenny

    Pretty sure I was going to write you this morning but am just now getting to it. LOL That is pretty much how my day is going. Just so busy today.
    I’m going to need to go to IKEA just to look at all the pretties. I’m sure I NEED some things from the new line. LOL
    I’ll be curious to see your calendar since I don’t get many boxes and I swear they all come on the same days too.

  • Rona Berry-Morin

    I live in Las Vegas, so here’s the latest. SLS Vegas opened. Consider taking the family to Griddle Cafe for an amazing brunch. Giada, Food Network chef, opened The Restaurant, at The Cromwell. Check out Container Park, lots to see..restaurants, shopping, plenty of people watching.
    You pick a good time to head to Vegas. The temps are more tolerable. Also recommend, checking out Traveling Mom website.

    • Jennifer Post author

      What is Container Park?? Where is this?

      I like going in September. Pools are still open, but it’s not TOO TOO hot. Plus there aren’t as many people.

      • Jessica G

        Oh! I forgot about Container park! It’s downtown on East Fremont. (Fremont and 6th, I think). It is made of shipping containers. There are pop up restaurants, a play area, some little shops. Lots of murals and art in the area.

        It is a great place, unless there’s a festival of any sort going on downtown… then it isn’t someplace I’d want to take the kiddos.

  • Mrs. L

    We are headed to Vegas in October for my FIL’s 80th birthday. Lots of food. Maybe a show or two. Did I mention lots of food!? Will have to check out the High Roller as it’s new to us too.

  • Theresa Henry

    I had no idea Ikea had a paper collection!!! I need to get over there. I always want to buy everything from Ikea, so now there’s just another thing for me to buy…lol.

  • PA Anna

    I would say pay and do the pre-sale. It is the only way to get the best deals by me. .What happens is that the people who volunteer shop first, then cosigners, and then finally the public. At least this is true for those type of sales by me.

    Maybe Nerd Block. Can I hope for Quarterly MSA and Arianna Huffington??? BarkBox and Sample Society Mystery sale came today. Bare Bliss and Gourmet Body Treats arrived yesterday. Both were wonderful boxes.