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Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate / referral links. Read the full disclosure.
Disclosure: This post contains affiliate / referral links.

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It’s time for another Thursday Thoughts! If you want to participate, but have no idea what a link-up is, you can check out my explanation of it here.

~Yay! It snowed yesterday!  The boys were OMGSOEXCITED.  L must have told me a dozen times how much he loved it and how it’s his favorite time of year.  As soon as he got home from school he went outside and played.  And much to my surprise, WB wanted to go out too!  We seriously had to drag WB in.  He looked frozen but insisted he was fine.  Keep snowing because we love it!

~Does anyone watch Tori & Dean’s show?  I stopped watching for a bit and then picked it back up and uhh, that’s a complete train wreck right there.  I can only hope that they are just acting and it’s not a real reality show, but I don’t know.  I don’t either either of them are good enough actors for that.  What a mess.

True Tori

True Tori

~This had been, by far, the busiest subscription box week of the month.  I got a bunch of boxes yesterday and I am still expecting Austin LloydEscape Monthly, Loot CrateNerd Block Jr and OMG Nina Garcia’s Quarterly Box finally billed!  So many delays with that one, but now that everyone has been charged we should be seeing it in a week or two.  I so hope it’s amazing!

~The Allure Winter 2014 Beauty Box will go on sale on November 25th at 12pm EST.  It’s $44.95 plus $10 shipping and handling.  According to someone on MUT who did the calculations, the box has a value of $217.  The Allure website says it has a value of $250, but I would assume they used retail prices while MUT used actual online prices.  I am for real sitting this one out, but if you want to snag one, make sure to set an alarm.  I don’t think it will go as fast as some of the ones in the past have, but it will sell out (it always does).

Allure Winter 2014 Beauty Box

Allure Winter 2014 Beauty Box

~I got an e-mail yesterday from Birchbox saying that they noticed my November Birchbox had shipped late (it was “Born” on the 11th and started moving on the 12th) so they were adding 100 points to my account (which is equal to $10 to spend in the Birchbox shop) to make up for it.  I know it’s suppose to ship before the 10th, but whatever, I didn’t think it was a huge deal and was shocked (and impressed) that they did that.  They really do have awesome customer service.

~This is super random, but I was on the Food Network website last night looking for Tyler Florence’s Spiced Apple Brine we got in a box a while back (we want more) and I noticed that they sell candles.  Has anyone smelled these?  Where can I find them in person?  I feel like this might be like a Kohl’s thing or something?

Food Network Candles

Food Network Candles

~I don’t know about you, but I am so hoping that today is the day we get a spoiler for the PopSugar Must Have Holiday boxes!  Can we get some scoop on what’s in those things already???

That’s it from here! What are your weekend plans?

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48 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  • HeatherP

    Ugh. Nina garcia. I have been one of the most keyed up for this box. Waited very impatiently. They billed me and i forgot my card was updated and didnt change it on the site so it failed. And now the box sub is off my account. I emailed them half dozen yines. But it takes days for a reply. And facebooked them. Im mortified i may miss out. I was SOOOOOOOOOOO upset yesterday.

  • Alyssa

    The Food Network candles are at Kohl’s :). I didn’t get a chance to smell any of them though, but they had a good selection. Wax melts too.

  • heidi

    We buy the candles at Kohls all the time for the past year or so.they are usually by the checkout,or in home area,and most of the time 80% off. Come in a varity of sizes,our fave is the Sunday Morning Pancakes one.

  • Jenny

    Oh my Tori is a mess. I watch the show and then I keep hearing what is in the news. I think its just time she and Dean call it quits. I do give it to her for giving it a try but I think we can all say its over. Then if she wants another reality show it can be her trying to make it on her “own”. Even Mehran I think is over it and her girlfriends are too. They are all trying to be diplomatic on screen but they are just so done.

  • brandy

    I’m so bummed that I cannot get my stuff together to do Thursday Thoughts! But I can still join in the comments! i bought the womens ps le box but not the men’s one. i think we’re more likely to see a spoiler for that one.

    • Jennifer Post author

      I got that e-mail from them yesterday about the Men’s box and couldn’t open it fast enough. I thought there would be a spoiler in there. NOTHING. Whomp whomp.

  • Lori

    That was awesome of Birchbox! Any idea if they are releasing any more limited edition boxes for the holidays? I thought at one point they said they were.

    I did the same thing with that email from popsugar yesterday thinking it was a spoiler. Dang it! They must be selling ok if they haven’t released a spoiler right?

  • Heather

    I have seen those Food Network Candles at Kohl’s and the Red Velvet one I smelled was divine! I bet that their holiday scents are amazing. Birchbox customer service is wonderful, which is what keeps me subscribed. I actually signed my fiance’ up for BB man when they had that free $20 credit promo last week. It was supposed to come as a separate code that you could apply to your basket, but I guess it wasn’t working so they just credited 200 points to my account, which is 10x better in my opinion. Now I can stack a 20% off code with my points and get more bang for my buck.

  • Tiffany

    Random.. but i love your blog, i check it multiple times a day, but you should do a whats in your bag post!! I think those are so fun to read/see what bag everyone is carrying and what they carry about in their bag.. 🙂

  • Val

    I am shamefully addicted to True Tori! I hope it is fake because that will be awful for her children to watch when they are older – see the complete destruction of their family. I really doubt it is though, or else they are both much much MUCH better actors than I ever thought they were. I think they should call it quits too but I think Tori is trying to get as much money as she can before she does with all these shows and interviews.

    • Jennifer Post author

      I agree on the money thing! She’s trying to cash in while she can. And if they are acting, they should win an Oscar for that.

  • Rebekah

    My Birchbox just shipped as well. I hope I get 100 points for the delay. It’s hard to wait so long. My estimated delivery is now December 1st for the November box. 🙁 do you think I should email their customer service?

  • Margo S

    I really like Birchbox. I had an item backordered that they could not send. They refunded the item price and added 100 Birchbox points to my account for the trouble. I have been very happy with their customer service.

  • Jessica D

    Birchbox is amazing with customer service. I emailed them one night and they responded 2 mins later. That never happens with another business. Took me 2 1/2 weeks to hear back from Popsugar.

  • PA Anna

    It’s been spitting snow all week, but nothing is laying. It’s been a cold week. This has been a wonderful week for boxes. Not sure what the plans are for the weekend beyond making lots of cookies and driving my older son around. The Food Network candles sound nice; I can’t burn them fast enough.