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Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate / referral links. Read the full disclosure.
Disclosure: This post contains affiliate / referral links.

~Good morning! It’s been quite a crazy subscription box week so far hasn’t it? There have been all those Limited Edition Mother’s Day boxes, including the Birchbox “Lovely Day” box which was released last night and then POPSUGAR CFDA Box craziness!  Can you believe that sold out SO quick?  My goodness.  I knew it would be quick, but it was gone in maybe an hour?  Insanity.  I’ll do a round-up of all the available Mother’s Day boxes later today, so you’ll be able to check and make sure you didn’t miss any announcements.

~So you know I love TODAY with Kathie Lee and Hoda and last week they did a best of “Bobbie’s Buzz” (I love Bobbie Thomas too).  Anyway, they talked about Baby Foot which I have on it’s way, but a few other items also caught my eye. 1) Rita Hazan Root Concealer Spray.  I had this on my mental To-Try list and totally forgot about it.  I need this in my life.  My roots are a train wreck. 2) Fun Bun.  I am not ashamed.  I kind of want a Fun Bun.  It’s like extensions in the form of a scrunchie.  Has anyone tried one of these?  Is it as cool in person as I think it is? 3. Blooms by Heinau.  I don’t really get the science happening here, but these floral arrangements don’t fade and are meant to last up to 6-months.  No seriously.  They are real flowers and are totally maintenance free.  I’m totally fascinated.

Bobbie's Buzz Finds

Bobbie’s Buzz Finds

~Did anyone else watch the season premier of Deadliest Catch the other night?  This is Season 11 and is like the 3rd season or something without Captain Phil and I still miss him ;(.  But this season looks really good.  There’s a giant storm (of course), tons of drama and it looks like Jake Anderson is having a baby.  I really want to see more of their living quarters.  Just how tiny of a space do they sleep in?

~I’ve still got a bunch of subscription boxes coming this week including bluum, BOXYCHARM, ipsy, the latest Julep Mystery box, Citrus Lane, Loot Crate, Something Snacks, BarkBox, MessyBox (I think) and a few more.

~L and I went to Target yesterday (of course we did) so he could pick out a birthday present for WB.  He’s so excited about WB’s birthday which is so cute.  He picked out such a random assortment of things (a Paw Patrol “office supplies” kit, a light up ball, bathtub paint and a plastic eagle), but WB will love it.  After we shipped for WB we ran into this gorgeous summer candle display.  We sniffed all the scents and both agreed that “Juicy Gossip” (the orange / coral) was the best one.  I have always been a Target fan, but these past few months they have just nailed it.  The $14.99 gold turtle, the $5.99 hot pink pineapple notebook, these $12.99 neon candles, it’s all amazing.

Target Candles

Target Candles

~Gwyneth’s SNAP Challenge has been all over the news lately so I am guessing you’ve already seen it, but I’m so curious what her meals were from this. So curious.  I can see tacos and egg dishes, but what other meals can you make here?  Did she post any of them?  Why so many limes?  I don’t think I have ever bought more than, uhh, two limes at once (for drinks mainly) and that’s even rare.

credit: Gwyneth Paltrow Instagram

credit: Gwyneth Paltrow Instagram

That’s all for now!  Any big plans for the weekend?

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24 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

    • Jennifer Post author

      Well, right now he lives in my office and just kind of stands guard in there. The shell comes off so you could store your treasures in there?

  • Chrissy

    Weird question but you always know these things so: Do you know what time the Lily Pulitzer collection goes on sale on the 19th? I need those pineapple sandals but I have a baby shower that day so I’m trying to figure out when I can be online! 🙂

    • HeatherP

      I am also wondering about how these target releases go. I guess its 12-2 am central because it takes that long to post each item? There are a few items I want so bad, and I’m wondering if I get a couple of things should I just pay right away and shop and place separate orders just to make sure i get most of what i want. I have no clue how crazy these things get. Id def consider getting up in the middle of the night to shop haha

      • Jennifer Post author

        I think things are going to get pretty crazy with this one! I am going to stay up because I don’t really feel like dealing with hunting down the stuff in the stores because not everything will make it to the stores. Hopefully they got a TON of stock!

  • ashley

    i know alot of people are ragging on GP for the photo and what not. but i think in the end its shedding light on a real issue. some people only have the $29 to live on for a week. i wonder if its more if you have kids? i dont know. the limes tho, some places so get quite a few for a dollar so maybe why not then? i always buy lemon and limes at the store, i put them in club soda for a soda alternative. the also bring alot of flavor to cheap meals, the tacos / rice beans eggs.

    • laura r

      The amount of food stamps you receive is dependent on a lot of things. When my sister received them, she got over $600 a month plus WIC coupons for her family of 4 (single mother, 3 kids). She used a large percentage of her allotment on foodstuff with little to no nutritional value, like candy and soda. I thought that was a bit overkill. I’ve used Medicaid when un or under employed, but only “pre-qualified” for food stamps once, and it would have been I think $20 a month for me (unmarried, childless adult) but I ended up not even qualfying for that either because I was a student at the time.

      SNAP should be a bit more balanced (childless individuals get shafted, and I believe this even includes the elderly population), and include ways to create a budget that works for each individual/family as well as how to plan meals according to said budget.

  • WendyinCA

    I was thinking the same thing about those limes! (3 for a dollar?) Maybe she’s got some hidden Cuervo to take her mind off her hunger pangs.
    After a week of deadlines (hello taxes) I get to go to Target and TJMaxx today! 😀 I want to find that candle display!

  • laura r

    Gwyneth’s obviously planned for a ton of yum burritos. Lime juice makes rice taste so much better. Jalapeno, avocado, lime, cilantro, onion, garlic, tomato = guacamole. Looks like a good spread for a fiesta, though the sweet potato/yam is throwing me off.

  • Mary

    I also thought Gwenyth’s choices in food odd… so many limes! Anyway, she talks about it today on goop. She shows the recipes, which look awesome, and admits that she cheated.

    On another note, For a few extra weeks between colorings, I often use the colored dry shampoo on the part line. Works.

    • Jennifer Post author

      I just went and checked it out, her 3 meals look really good. And she still had $5 left to spend! What?? She could have gotten some more items with that!

  • Melissa

    Most inner city people don’t have access to nice foods like Gwyneth has there. Fresh corn??? Green onions?? An entire bunch of cilantro??? She has obviously never been to the places where inner city people have to go to buy food. There aren’t grocery stores in walking distance. People often depend on the dollar store or the corner store for their food. Available fresh food usually is stuff like: some onions, bananas and an apple.

    She also has obviously never tried to actually subsist $29 a week. Back when I was crazy poor I would never dream of buying a bunch of cilantro. What a luxury to spend $2.50 on a condiment when you could spend the same amount and get an entire box of unbranded cereal!!!! Limes are also a luxury, a condiment. What you need is food to keep you going, not pricey extras. Sometimes, though, for a present my dad would send me a small box of limes from California and it made me feel like a queen!! I still feel like the richest person in the world today when I buy them and, now that I can afford it, I sometimes make margaritas entirely from fresh lemons and limes. It reminds me how far I’ve come.

    • Jennifer Post author

      There aren’t too many grocery stores in inner-city Detroit. Actually there aren’t many in the city of Detroit period. They did JUST build a Whole Foods down there though. Our big grocery chains here are Kroger and Meijer. In the suburbs we have one like every block. Uhh, there’s ONE Meijer in the entire city of Detroit and no Kroger at all. Like you said, it’s a lot of corner stores and you are kind of stuck getting whatever they have.

  • Jae

    Hi Jen! Random question.. Will you be reviewing Rosario’s Quarterly box this month? I heard they fonally shipped but have yet to see any real spoilers.

  • Jenny

    I’ve been all about the top bun lately and I think the scrunchy could be awesome if it didn’t look just too wacky fake. LOL Of course since I can’t do a good bun to save my life I’m all about the messy bun. Guess its good I wasn’t a ballerina.

  • Kimm Jones Furlotte

    Have watched “Deadliest Catch” since season it!! I have a Capt Phil memorial shirt that I now wear for every season premiere. So bummed they no longer do Catch Con in Seattle, they canceled it the year I was finally ready to go! 🙁 Capt Phil will always be my favorite. I worry about Jake & Josh like they are members of my family. I could do without Eliot and the Saga…I do like his dad though. Hoping that Junior is still doing well after his back surgery. Wondering if the camera crew gave Edgar the heads up to go check on Sig when he was sleeping?…lol Happy for Jake we have seen him go through so much…his dad’s death, his sister, time on the other boat..etc Love the Time Bandit too and the Hillstrands!.. I understand the fight with Scotty and Andy but hoped they would have worked it out by now. Keith allowing a female greenhorn?! Can’t wait to see how that turns out!

    • Jennifer Post author

      They MUST have given him a heads up. Like, uhh, go check on him so we don’t all die! And Eliot. OMG he is an idiot.