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Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate / referral links. Read the full disclosure.
Disclosure: This post contains affiliate / referral links.


~Good morning! Nothing overly exciting has been happening around here this week. I have been busy with PTO stuff, appointments and just life in general.  B’s still in Korea so we’ve been trying to make sure we are home to FaceTime with him every afternoon (which is like 6am his time) too.

That's B telling me how much he likes his beard.

That’s B telling me how much he likes his beard and me, umm, not.

~It has been a super busy subscription box week.  I am not sure why, but I wasn’t expecting it to be so crazy!  I should still be getting Phone Case of the Month, Kiwi Crate (I am super behind on my Koala Crate / Kiwi Crate reviews), For the Faithful, FL2 and one or two more.

~I (finally) made my first appointment for Botox for next week!  I have been thinking about it for years and I decided that’s what this year’s birthday present is going to be.  B will be out of town for my actual birthday (basically he’s gone all summer) so we won’t be doing anything for it so this will be the perfect gift.  I will try and remember to take some before and after pictures too.

Pretty Much

Pretty Much

~If you have kids, when do (did) they get out of school for the year?  L still has a few more weeks to go, but we are getting pretty antsy for summer.  Like super antsy.  Between field trips and concerts and Memorial Weekend and the end of the year activities (like carnival) we are going to need some recovery time.

~Target’s next designer collaboration, which launches on July 12th, is going to be with designer Eddie Borgo (thanks to Chris for the heads up). The line will include “first-of-its-kind limited-edition collection of customizable jewelry, accessories and wall art”. I haven’t heard of Eddie Borgo, but I am curious to see the lookbook!

Target Designer Collaboration

Target Designer Collaboration


That’s about it from here! What are you doing for the Holiday Weekend?  Any big plans?


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13 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  • Jen H

    My hubby and I have the beard fight all the time – although ours is on the length and appearance – I like the nicely trimmed beards – off the neck and tight lines around the face – he thinks that too much work to keep up! Ongoing struggle in our house lol!

  • Jenny

    Cs preschool ended yesterday but N goes until the end of June and then starts right back up the beginning of July. eek he will be off in August though so we’ll plan something then hopefully.
    Heading to my mom’s house this weekend since he is out of school on Monday. I’m looking forward to a couple lazy days around the pool.

  • Megan

    I don’t get the appeal of botox. You’re beautiful the way you are. Why would you want to inject weird substances into your face?

  • mary m

    Kids get out on June 10th. The big kids are ready for it to be over (6th and 8th grade). The 3.5 yr old will be going to daycare all summer.

    No big plans this weekend. I’m working at my side job Sunday graveyard to make some $$$$ since it’s a holiday shift. that’s about it. Lots of BBQing and yardwork I’m assuming.

  • HeatherP

    Here in NJ our last day is june 22. And it kinda feels like thats almost tomorrow whith as fast this year seems to be speeding by. Not to mention all these huge plans to get “caught up” on certain things and still untouched. Where does the time go really???
    No shame in botox. I turned 39 this year and im trying as hard as i can not to look it. The first time you get it, it doesnt last very long. You need touch ups about two months later and then it builds up and lasts longer each time between trips.

  • Angela

    Today was the last day of school for everyone here.
    No special plans this weekend since I still have to work all weekend (off Wednesday & Thursday).

  • Samantha

    My son’s last day of preschool is tomorrow and I feel like it is so crazy soon. My daughter is don’t with kindergarten in a couple of weeks. I’m going insane trying to decide on extra summer camp. Who knew this stuff was so insanely expensive!!! No one told me that you had to pay a small fortune to involve your kids in anything before I had them. Anyway, I hope you let us know how the Botox goes. People can say “I never would do this…” And judge all you want but until you have kids, work and get a bit older while still feeling young you never know. To each her own! Do what you want and what makes you happy!