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Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate / referral links. Read the full disclosure.
Disclosure: This post contains affiliate / referral links.


~Good morning! Only a few more days until B is back from Korea. The boys are SO excited to see him and I am too! He’ll be home for just a few days though and then is off again for National Guard stuff for a week. That’s okay though because we’ve got a busy week next week. This week has been pretty busy as well. We’ve been to the library, playground McDonalds, Costco (listen that’s a good time), gotten haircuts, had friends over, gone for walks, etc. It’s been a fun week so far, but I know the boys are getting antsy to see B.

Playground McDonalds

Playground McDonalds

~I am on episode 4 of OITNB and I am loving it. I have been watching an episode each time I use on the treadmill so it kind of makes me motivated to use the treadmill! Kind of. Is anyone all finished with the season? Don’t spoil the ending, but was it good?

~I am not 100% sure what boxes are still coming this week?  bluum, Loot Crate, Spicy Subscriptions and that could be about it?  That’s good though because it will give me some time to get caught up.  And watch more OITNB.

~A few people asked about the secondhand / resale Lego shop I posted about yesterday and it’s called Bricks & Minifigs. They have franchise locations in a few states and they sell used legos, new legos and everything in between. They will even buy back your old legos. In complete sets or not.  We got 3 build your own mini figs, two Lego sets and a minifigs accessories pack (with an assortment of 50 different weapons, hats, hairs, and whatever else the minifigs hold) and maybe one more thing I can’t remember for like $45.  I didn’t think that was bad at all and we will for sure be back in there again.  L’s basically obsessed with it.

Bricks & Minifigs

Bricks & Minifigs

~My 2015 / 2016 Erin Condren planner arrived yesterday!  I went for the Horizontal lay-out in Rose Gold and it arrived in perfect condition.  I’ve been hearing stories about people receiving planners with missing months or whatever, but mine was just fine.  And I think I am going love this horizontal layout. It’s much less structured than the vertical and gives me more room to write.  Provided I use it anyway.  I always start off SO good and them things, well, turn into a mess.

New Planner

New Erin Condren Planner

Top: Horizontal Botton: Vertical credit:


~So I got the new “unflavored” Advocare Fiber in and decided to start a 10-Day Cleanse (or 24-Day Challenge) so I could give it a try. It’s night and day compared to the old stuff.  For real.  If you have done the Challenge in the past and used the Citrus Fiber Drink you will be blown away by this new stuff.  Just mixed with water it tastes a little chalky (I had to try it), but with Spark mixed in? It’s awesome.  It doesn’t get all thick and gross if you don’t chug it like the Citrus stuff does and it tastes basically like whatever you mix it with (you can do Spark or whatever non-fat beverage you want).  I am impressed. I need to update my 24-Day Challenge “The Details” post with this new info, but if you are thinking about starting the Challenge, FOR SURE get the unflavored.  For sure.

New Advocare Fiber Drink

New Advocare Fiber Drink

That’s all from here!  What are you doing this weekend?


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6 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts!

  • Mrs. L

    Okay this planner thing is getting out of hand (since I now have my KikkiK, my color crush is on back order, and I bought two simple spriral ones until the new inkwellpress comes out). And honestly I’m still using my decades old Franklin Covey because I’m just so used to that system!! Have you bought “extras” for your planner? Stickers and such? I’m torn on that part of all this.

    My husband thinks I’m crazy since I have an iWatch and an iPhone but I’m old school and would be lost without a paper planner.

    • lia

      I used a Franklin Covey for years and still miss it! My workplace let us do all these free training courses and one was all about Franklin Covey and you got a free planner, inserts & storage case! That got me hooked and I used one for almost a decade. Now I buy cheaper weekly ones, but I still consider FC every single year.

      To me, the whole sticker thing is weird. I have always used a little tiny sticker (a star or whatever I had) to indicate pay days and then I had some planner stickers with things like “Doctor appt” and “meeting” on them. I’ll use them if they are functional but I don’t get the “I’m going to washi everything and have giant cutesy stickers for laundry day” thing. I mean, if I’m spending more than 5 minutes filling out my weekly schedule I think something has gone wrong! It’s supposed to save me time, not be it’s own activity that drains my time, energy and bank account.

  • Ragan

    Maybe it is just me, but I don’t use a planner at all. (Perhaps easier when you don’t have kids with activities and such.) Places like the dentist send reminders. I know to make eye doctor appointments when I am running out of contacts. I know it is time for an Ulta appointment when my roots get to be a certain length. If there is something weird, like an electrician coming, I might write it down on my dry erase board. The one thing I have trouble remembering is when to file my student loan paperwork each year (for payment readjustments based on income) and I do set a calendar reminder either at work or through Google for that.

    (I also don’t have a smartphone or tablet.)

  • lia

    I did finish OITNB. I really meant not to binge it but couldn’t help myself. At least I spread it out over 5 days instead of a day and a half like the other two season? LOL I think this was the best season yet. They are really developing the characters more. The first season was just about Chapman. Then they started to branch out Season 2 showing us different people’s crimes. This season there was more just emotional/life flashbacks. I like that- not focusing so much on them as criminals but as women. I think some characters changed in really interesting ways too and I like that there’s not really a “villain”. I mean… there are people who do mostly really messed up stuff, but they generally think they are being good people, not like Vee just out for herself and obviously bad. They are much more complex now. I dig it.

    I never even considered the ECLP because of that vertical format. I can’t imagine trying to write things in those tiny boxes and the whole “morning/noon/night” set up doesn’t work for me. I know people change it with stickers and thing but to me it’s like what’s the point? If I have to change the main feature on every single page of a planner to fit my needs that’s way more trouble than it’s worth. The horizontal layout makes way more sense to me and it’s nice they are giving people more options.