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Disclosure: This post contains affiliate / referral links.


~Good morning!  Ahh, let’s see, what’s happening here?  L has a half day today so we are planning on going to see Santa this afternoon.  L is super excited about this, but W?  Yeah, not so much.  He’ll do it if he has to, but I am pretty sure he’d prefer to just have L write his his list for him and be done with it ;).

Last Year.  This Year.

Last Year. This Year.

~It’s been a slow start to the month for subscription boxes, but I really don’t mind.  I have a ton that I am behind on and I know things will pick up later in the week.  I should still be getting my Bespoke Post Black Friday Box, My Pretend Place, Mommy Mailbox, Macy’s Spotlight Box (OMG I cannot wait), the latest Target Beauty Boxes and an assortment of other items that I can’t figure out from the USPS system.  I am seeing my POPSUGAR Holiday for Her box in the FedEx system (it weighs 7.3lbs), but it’s not moving yet.  Hopefully soon!

~KEEP Collective Key Fobs are (finally) here!  They make super cute little stocking stuffers or teacher gifts.  I think I am going to get the gold one for myself and ones for L’s teachers (he has a student teacher this year too).  I guess whatever I am feeling like that day?

KEEP Collective Key Fobs

KEEP Collective Key Fobs

~If you have little ones, what are you getting them for Christmas?  I am at a loss for the boys this year.  Santa usually brings something big, but this year I don’t know.  He might have to do a weekend at a waterpark or Niagara Falls or something instead of a “thing”.  L has asked for Minecraft clothes (he for real wrote that on his list) and some sneakers (do you say sneakers or tennis shoes where you live?) that his friend at school has.  W wants a Hot Wheels ramp.  And “surprises”.  LOL!  Any ideas??

~I somehow missed The Challenge: Bloodlines (on MTV) last night, but I am certain I will be able to watch a rerun of it soon.  If you saw it was it good?  Will it be a good season?

~That’s it for now!  Have a good day!


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10 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  • brandy

    we are having the same gift issue here. the kids are getting the target minecraft figurine case to share. E is getting lego “the mine” from santa. A is getting a sewing machine, and i will show her how to piece so she can make pixellated minecraft stuff. she’s getting the complete mc handbook. tom took them to target to pick out gifts for each other. they got each other mc figures, and selected mc figures from the baby to them. E is getting the stampy book (minecraft youtuber). my best friend already bought them mc clothes. they have nothing on their lists – they just want to play more MC.

  • Sara

    My niece is all over “Little Live Pets” – that’s small electronic “pets” and there are turtles, butterflies, birds and I think they also have puppies and kittens? They come in bright colors, make noises, move a little, some of them even record your voice and “talk back”….and she’s obsessed with Santa bringing her one of those birds! At first, I thought my sister was talking about a Tamagochi or a Furby – those were so hot when I was younger – but, no, it’s a Little Live Pet.
    Also, anything from her favorite TV show – MLP – is a good guess, as well as anything Frozen or Minions.

  • Britney

    A trampoline! My mom bought that for us one year when we didn’t know what we wanted.
    Also, we say tennis shoes… but it is said more like tinny shoes or tinna shoes. I work with a lady from Michigan and she always cracks me up when she says her grandkids have been naughty, we just say they’ve been bad! She calls cabinets cupboards, etc… we always joke back and forth, she’s a hoot!

  • HeatherP

    My goodness how much kids change over the course of a year. Wow!
    And gahhhhhh!!! Slow down kids. I keep telling mine to stop growing i want life to slow down and more time to enjoy it. My oldest is only 5 years from driving!!! Noooooooooooooo
    And my only thought for Thursday is where in the willie nilly is that Box of Style??????? I neeeeeeeed at very least a spoiler now!! NOOOOOOW. i am just dying waiting. All the drama And anticipation!

  • Jenny

    We are having the same gift issue here. The boys said they wanted a basketball goal and Disney Infinity 3.0 and told my mom so she got those. I keep asking what they are going to ask Santa for and N finally told me Madden 16 so I guess we’ll get that and I have no idea for C yet. I have little stuff but nothing Santa worthy yet.