Friday’s Letters

Friday’s Letters 1

Dear Prince, I regret never getting the chance to see you in concert, but thank you for all the amazing music.  You will be missed. RIP.

Dear W, You did awesome at swimming last night! I am so proud of you for actually staying in the pool the entire time.

Dear POPSUGAR, Where is my April box? It hasn’t even started moving yet. I need my POPSUGAR fix!

Dear L, You are the best helper.  You are always willing to help me take the trash out, let the dogs out, clean up the backyard, etc. THANK YOU! I love you so much!

Dear B, We can’t wait to see you tonight!

Dear Nifty Videos, I don’t like you as much as I like the Tasty ones (mainly because they aren’t super practical, but I still watch when one pops up in my feed.

Dear The Drop Off Line, You are running so smoothly this week.  Hopefully it lasts through the end of the year!

Dear Baxter and Buddy, I love when you make little barking noises when you sleep. I wish I knew what you were dreaming of!

Friday’s Letters 3

Dear Rain, I know I shouldn’t be wishing for you, but I would really love to see if that leak in my roof really is totally fixed.

Dear B, I think this might be the first ever you have been out of town for your own birthday! The little boys and I will miss you!

Dear ‘Promposals, When did you become a thing? Because you certainly weren’t “in” when I was in high school (which I admit was a LONG time ago).

Dear The New Starbucks Reward Program, I don’t know if I like you better or worse than the old one yet, but I do know I love seeing all.those.stars swirling around my cup on the app. 113 stars for sure looks better than 13 stars.

Dear Inky, I kind of love that you escaped from the aquarium!  Swim free Inky!!!

Dear Limited Edition Subscription Boxes, I am hoping no more are released for a while because I am on limited edition box overload!  They seem to be everywhere right now.

Dear Buddy and Baxter, I love your new haircuts!  You look like little puppies again.

Dear L, Thank you for always being so cooperative about doing your homework.  I know it’s not the most fun thing, but you don’t complain and just get it done.

Dear Periscope, I really need to turn your alerts off because I about jump out of my chair every time you go off.

Dear Chick-fil-A, Is it true?  Are you really coming to Michigan and opening a ton of stores?  I cannot wait! I hear you have amazing play areas and we want to try them out.

Friday’s Letters 2

Dear Spring Break, I can’t believe you are almost over!  I will miss you!

Dear TJ Maxx, You have the best sunglasses.  Not only are they cute, but they are also only like $10.

Dear POPSUGAR, I am ready for some April spoilers!!

Dear L, I do not know how you understand this new math.  I can get the answer super quickly, but you can also show your work which I absolutely cannot.  I am always so amazed by you!

Dear TMZ, Thank you for keeping me updated on basically everything.  What would I do without you?

Dear Fabletics, I love the free magazine subscriptions you offer with purchases.  Such a great benefit!

Dear W, I cannot believe you are almost 4.  4!!!  I know you say you are going to be such a big boy when you are 4 and do all sorts of big boy stuff that you can’t (aka don’t want to) do when you are 3, but it’s okay if everything stays the same ;).

Friday’s Letters 1

Dear Teen Mom, You never disappoint me. Ever. How four people can have so much drama I will never understand. But I love it.

Dear Baseball Season, So glad you are almost here!

Dear The Olympics, I wish it was almost time for you to start too. I absolutely cannot wait.

Dear Target, I am sorry I am skipping the Easter clearance this year. I will make up for it during another sale, I promise.

Dear Swap Sites, I will never stop being entertained by you either. So much drama going on the swap site pages too. Oh my.

Dear Swimming Class, You were a bright spot in my stressful week. Thank you!!

Dear March, You totally flew by!  What is happening to 2016?

Dear Laundry, When will I learn to do you more than once every week?  Probably never.

Dear B, This has been such a crazy travel year for you so far.  I have no idea how you do it!

Friday’s Letters 13

Dear (real) Easter Eggs, What does everyone do with you after the hunt is over? It seems like a huge waste to throw you away, but it also doesn’t seem like a good idea to eat you after you have been outside overnight?

Dear W, No, I don’t know why the Easter Bunny doesn’t wear pants.  Yes, I agree that it’s weird he wears a vest, but no pants.

Dear Adidas Avenue A, I cannot wait for you to get here!  The spoilers look amazing!

Dear The New Real World Cast, I actually think I am going to enjoy watching all of you.

Dear My Eyebrows, Have I overplucked so much over the years that you have just stopped growing in places?  Is that possible?

Dear My InBox, Will you ever be cleaned out?  I fear the answer is no.

Dear HomeGoods, I have no idea why you ask if I found everything I was looking for as I am checking out.  I’m not even sure myself what I am looking for when I go.

Dear L, Thanks for being such a good friend at school.  You are a really good kid ;).

Friday’s Letters 10

Dear Ellen, You are amazing. #thankyou

Dear Instagram, I seriously cannot get over how awesome this Multiple Account feature is. Why it took so long I don’t know, but I am so thankful it’s here now.

Dear L, I cannot wait for your Valentine’s Day party today!

Dear Justin Timberlake and Bell Biv DeVoe, Yes! A million times yes.

Dear Target, I am ready for the after Valentine’s Day sale. Please tell me you are going to have all those home decorations on sale again too. Please.

Dear Ryan Reynolds, I don’t really want to see Deadpool, but I like watching every single interview you are doing about it.

Dear The Kids, No, that picture of the tropical paradise we always see at the smoothie place does not look like up-north.  Nope.

Dear People Who Have Made Their Own Balloon Arch, This is totally doable right?  I feel like it is, but I also feel like I should confirm this with someone who has actually made one.


Friday’s Letters… 5

Dear Decor Steals, Why am I just now finding out about you? And I guess you offer mystery boxes every once in a while too? I am so in!

Dear Bed, Bath & Beyond, I hear you want to get rid of your 20% off coupons? I hope this is not true, but if it is, how about no?

Dear W, I never thought I would say this, but I miss watching Thomas the Train. Paw Patrol and your obsession with it is INSANE. I know so much about those dogs and their lives. It’s unreal.

Dear Mom2Mom Sale, Sometimes I am scared to check the inbox to see what crazy e-mails I have received now. M2M Sales are interesting to say the least…

Dear Baxter and Buddy, I love that you guys can jump on the bed at night by yourselves now! Way better than you running around the bed at night whimpering because you didn’t want to even try to jump (even though you could totally jump up there during the day on your own). Who needs a bedframe anyway?

Dear L, Umm, YES I want to watch Snow White with you tonight! You acted like I was crazy when I got the DVD, but I knew you’d come around. I cannot wait!

Dear My Computer, First the down arrow doesn’t work and now you constantly drop the internet connection. Not good. Looks like we need to go on a field trip to the Genius Bar where they will press two buttons and magically make everything better.

Dear Christmas Decorations, You are now totally, 100%, officially, down. I have no excuse for leaving that garland up so long other than that it looked pretty. Thankfully half the neighborhood still has stuff up, so I am in good company.


Friday’s Letters 9

Dear B, We are so happy to have you home. And thank you for going along with my weekend plans ;). Painting is going to be so fun!

Dear L, You did awesome at swimming last night! I know it was so different to swim the full length of the pool, but you worked so hard! Amazing job!

Dear, Thank you for existing. I may not always know how to describe what I need to be done, but you always know how to do it.

Dear Chalk Paint, You are the greatest invention ever.

Dear This Cold I Have, I don’t know where you came from, but I hope you go away just as fast as you appeared.

Dear The Mailman (or Mailmen?), I have no idea why you made three separate trips to my house yesterday, but I am not complaining!

Dear Billy Joel, I will never get tired of singing along to your songs. #pianoman

Dear The Election, I feel like you should be over by now.  But you aren’t.  Not even close.

Dear Crafty Friends, Thank you for all the amazing inspiration and tips.  I love it!


Friday’s Letters 21

Dear W, Watching you swim cracks me up. I don’t know if you will ever move up to the next level, but you sure are having fun.

Dear Gap, I will never understand how you do your shipments, but getting 6 packages for one order is kind of fun.

Dear My Car, How do you get so dirty? I swear I try and keep you clean, but it’s a losing battle.

Dear Coffee, Why aren’t you as good at home as you are at Starbucks or Bigby’s?

Dear L, You are lucky that your teacher doesn’t give you homework every night. Once a week isn’t bad kid, I swear.

Dear Teen Mom, Will I ever be able to quit you? Ever?

Dear Previously TV Forums, How did I just discover you? I don’t love you quite as much as I used to love TWOP, but at least I have found some other reality TV junkies.

Dear Giant Snowstorm, Come to Michigan! Our snow is all icky and gross and we need some fresh stuff. Plus, the kids would go crazy for 2 feet of snow!

Dear B, We miss you!  See you next week!

Dear Target Soulcycle Sweatpants, You are the most comfortable sweats ever.  Ever.  I am amazed at how soft you are.  I doubt you’ll ever go on clearance, but I will find you if you do.


Friday’s Letters 2

Dear Friday, I didn’t think I’d ever see you this week. Not sure why, but this week felt extra long.

Dear The Found Cottage, Why can’t you be on my side of the state?

Dear The Local Newspaper, I don’t subscribe to you, but for some reason you have been appearing on my driveway everyday this week? I am going to need to call someone about this before I get a bill.

Dear W, For a little person you sure do take up a lot of the bed. And you’d think you’d be tired from kicking all night long? But you aren’t. Ever.

Dear L, Sometimes (okay most of the time) when we talk about Minecraft I have no idea what we are talking about.  None. But I do like listening to you talk about it because you are SO into it.

Dear Paw Patrol, Can you please come out with some new DVD’s?  Or some new episodes on On Demand?  Or something?  Because, while you guys are cute and do good things, I am sick of seeing the SAME stories on my tv.

Dear The Powerball, I can’t believe you let me down like that!  I didn’t even win $2.

Dear Spark, Yeah, drinking you at 7pm is a BAD idea.  A BAD IDEA. I should know better by now. #upallnight

Dear My Neighbors, I say it all the time, but  Seriously.  All of you!  I couldn’t ask for a better squad!