Friday’s Letters

Dear Rachel Zoe Box of Style, I am so ready for the Hero Spoiler reveal on Monday.  Please be amazing.

Dear Pokemon Go, You make me glad I have an unlimited data plan.

Dear L, You crack me up.  Your school supply list calls for 12 #2 pencils, not “12 hashtag2 pencils”.  LOLOLOLOL!!

Dear This Summer, What happened to you? I feel like you are going by so fast! Slow down!

Dear Me, Go to bed earlier.

Dear Candy Crush, Stop being so addicting so that I want to go to bed earlier.

Dear W, I love that you had your first Field Trip yesterday!  And you got to ride the school bus there?  OMG, such a big day!

Dear Bad Moms, I can’t wait to see you!!!

Friday’s Letters 5

Dear This Week, I am so glad you are over. So glad.

Dear Facebook Quizzes, Why do I feel the need to take every single one of you?

Dear Rio, I am ready for you to start!  Bring on the swimming and gymnastics!

Dear The Pressure Cooker, You were a little scary last night. I was pretty nervous (okay super nervous) when the pressure was being released. But all turned out well.

Dear Dave & Busters, Thanks for being one place everyone on the family can always agree on.

Dear Nordstrom, Only you and your #nsale can make me think buying kid’s boots in 100-degree weather is totally normal.

Dear The New Facebook Pages, It’s going to take me a minute to get you figured out, but I am sure I will end up liking you just fine.

Dear Baxter, I miss you. So does Buddy.  SO much. 

Friday’s Letters 1

Dear The Doctors and Nurses at the Hospital, Thanks for fixing B all up and making him better!

Dear Pokemon Go, I don’t know that I “get” you, but L thinks you are amazing. Plus, he doesn’t complain anymore about running errands with me because he can play while we are out and about. So basically I love you.

Dear Target Clearance, As usual, thanks for the great deals.

Dear Reddit Match, I hope you like the gift I sent. I tried. I really did!

Dear My Cousin, Eeek!  This is the big weekend!  You’re getting MARRIED! Congrats!

Dear Camp, Thank you for being so much fun for my boys. They love going so much!

Dear Costco, I don’t know why you had winter jackets out for sale in July, but I’ll admit, I bought some for the boys.  Because when I need jackets for them in November, you’ll only have swimsuits.

Dear L and W, I LOVE that you have been having sleepovers in L’s room.  I have been hoping this would happen ever since L got bunkbeds and it’s finally here.  So so so sweet!

Friday’s Letters 9

Dear Instagram, Hmm, I didn’t realize you had that incoming message request feature. Sorry to whomever I haven’t replied to in 22 weeks.

Dear The Secret Life of Pets, I hope you are as good as I am expecting you to be!

Dear The New Radio Station in Town, You are everything. It’s all anyone can talk about and I don’t blame them one bit. Way better than the sports talk that used to be on.

Dear My 4th of July Decorations, You are now Olympic decorations.

Dear Paw Patrol, How about you bring that summer tour to my town?  My kids (even L would be down) wouldn’t mind seeing that Paw Patroller roll into town.

Dear My Thumb, I have noticed that, if I don’t move you, you don’t hurt. Sounds good to me. #textinginjury

Dear Instagram, I must say, I am not down with your changes. I hope soon you will give people the option to switch back to old view where it sorted by time and not by popularity or whatever the new way is!

Friday’s Letters 5

Dear The Tigers, Amazing win last night! I was not expecting that at all.

Dear The Cider Mill, You are more fun in the summer than in the fall. And less crowded. And bee free!

Dear B, We can’t wait to see you.

Dear Rain, Please come visit us. PLEASE!

Dear The Olympic Trials: I love you.

Dear The Starbucks Barista, Thank you for giving me a Venti Iced Coffee when I only ordered (and paid for) a Tall because you liked my “party” nails.

Dear Advocare, When are you announcing the next new Spark flavor? I am ready!

Dear July Subscription Box Spoilers, Where are you all?  I am ready!

Friday’s Letters 12

Dear The Boys, I am so glad you both loved camp this week!

Dear Advocare, That Pineapple Coconut Spark can’t get here fast enough today. Happy Birthday to Me!

Dear Costco / Sams Club, Thanks for keeping me stocked up on bulk drinks for the neighborhood kids this summer. They play hard!

Dear Big Brother, I love that you are on so many times per week. Love it.

Dear Periscope, You are the best distraction tool ever.

Dear Starbucks, Thanks for the free drink yesterday.  Note to self – a venti iced coffee at 7pm is not the best idea ever.

Dear My Mom, Thanks for helping the boys with whatever my birthday surprise is (they haven’t let me see yet)!

Dear B, We miss you!  See you soon!

Friday’s Letters

Dear L, Congrats on an amazing year of school! 3rd grade here you come!

Dear Crafting Videos, I don’t like you as much as I like the food making videos, but you are still quite entertaining.

Dear Meijer, My mom was right, you are a hot mess right now. Hopefully the remodel is over soon and you end up fabulous.

Dear Laundry, I am oddly excited to tackle you today.

Dear The NBA Finals, You are really turning into quite a series!  I am very much looking forward to Sunday.

Dear Taylor Swift, I bet being in your squad is a good time!

Dear Target, Back to School stuff in the dollar spot already?  I feel like we just got out of school?  Oh wait, we did!

Dear My Neighbors, Can I just tell you all again how much I enjoy living near you all?  It’s so nice to be surrounded by such good people!

Friday’s Letters 3

Dear Teen Mom, I’ll miss you.

Dear W, Congrats on a great first year of school!  Enjoy your last day!

Dear L, I hope you have a great field day today! I can’t wait to hear all about it after school.

Dear Yearbooks, I love you.  I love everything about you and think I look through my kid’s yearbooks more than they do (and yes, W’s preschool had a yearbook this year).

Dear Instagram and Periscope, Don’t tell all the other social media platforms, but I love you two the most.

Dear Birchbox, Are you doing that on the road Pop-Up shop thing again this summer? If so, can you come to Detroit?  Thanks!

Dear B, It’s been fun having you home the last couple of weeks.  The fun will be ending next week because you will be off traveling again.

Dear My Cousins, Have a great vacation!  I can’t wait to hear all about it and see your pictures!


Friday’s Letters 1

Dear Wifi, I don’t know why you keep going in and out, but it’s driving me nuts.

Dear Sams Club, I think I love you.

Dear Swimming, Thank you for making a daytime swim team session this summer. So awesome!

Dear Eco Flower, I’m ready for another Mystery Box event!

Dear Sephora, I have been checking non-stop for this years Sun Safety Kit to go online, but so far, nothing. I could go to the store since you are only 10 minutes for me, but I feel like as soon as I go get it, it’s going to appear online. And since the GWP’s are better online I’ll wait it out.

Dear My New Mailman, I’m sorry.  I know you think I am nuts.  I’d explain why I get so many packages, but I think you’d think I was even crazier.

Dear Volunteer Breakfast, You were fabulous and made moving all those tables for the M2M Sale worth it!  Plus, it’s so fun to see all the other parents when we aren’t all busy, well, volunteering!

Dear The Tigers, I swear every time I watch a game you lose.  I am sorry.  I will stop watching.

Friday’s Letters 5

Dear L, I am blown away by how nice your cursive writing is! Your teacher was right. Sometimes bad printing = good cursive. Nice work!

Dear Clean Sheets, You really are the best.

Dear S’Mores M&M’s, You taste like smores, but I am not sure I like it?

Dear Buddy, I do not get why you bark every time you go out the door? Are you trying to tell me something? What is it boy? If only I knew.

Dear Spelling Bee Winners, I am always so impressed with you guys.  Like blown away. How do you do it?

Dear Up-North, Please give us nice weather. No snow like last time ;).

Dear WalMart, You do still have the best sparkling water.  All those fancy brands I tried thinking they’d be amazing and it was you the whole time.

Dear Memorial Day + Subscription Boxes, So many amazing coupon codes.  I will do a full round-up soon!