24-Day Challenge – The Prep 20

Advocare 24-Day Challenge

The Supplies

B and I got our act together and went to the grocery store and picked up our supplies for the Advocare 24-Day Challenge, so we are starting TOMORROW! Hopefully this helps with anyone following along and is confused about what to eat, what to take, etc.  I’m going to have a post that I update at the end of every night which has our meals for the deal, Advocare products used, exercise completed and how we felt that day.

All ready!

I totally believe that the most important part of the Challenge is the prep. If you aren’t committed and prepared to start, it’s probably not going to work out! It’s better to start a day or two late in order to give yourself time to shop and prep some items than it is to start on time and not be ready!  I really think that not having good foods at my finger tips is what gets me.  I should shop like this every time I go grocery shopping.  Every time.

All ready!

I try to store all of my fruits and veggies in my Tupperware Fridgesmart Containers.  These are the old ones, but they work just as good as the new ones, so my new ones are still in the packages.  Anyway, these make your fruits and vegetables last longer.  The LAST thing you want to happen is to have your stuff go bad ;(.  I’ll take out what we need for the day and put those in their own containers so I can grab them when I need them and let the rest stay in these!  I know some people use (and swear by) green bags too.

Advocare 24-Day Challenge

Fruit Bowl

A well stocked fruit bowl is another must.  If you have a pile of fruit RIGHT THERE, it’s going to make it easier not to go off plan.

More Must Haves

Tuna pouches might be the best invention since sliced bread.  Seriously.   Instead of chips or pretzel m&m’s (my crack), I will have these with me in case I NEED something and I need it now.

Advocare 24-Day Challenge


We bought a few big bags of chicken and B trimmed them all, weighed them and vacuum sealed them up to be frozen.  Every night we’ll grab a pack and cook up the next day’s lunch or it’ll be all ready to grab and cook for dinner.

Advocare 24-Day Challenge

All ready for morning!

And finally, we are all ready for tomorrow mornings Spark (first) and Fiber Drink (drink FAST).  I’m so not a morning person, so laying it all out helps me remember what I am supposed to be doing / taking and doesn’t give me a chance to forget or do it wrong.

If you are starting the Challenge with us, what are you doing to prepare? Have you been shopping yet?  Planned any meals?  And if you’ve already done the Challenge, any last minute words of advice?  I’m super excited about watching B chug down that fiber drink in the morning.  He’s out having one last pre-challenge hurrah, so I’m sure that’ll go down real nice tomorrow ;).

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