So What Wednesday!

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It’s So What Wednesday over at Life After I Dew and I’m linking up! This week I am saying SO WHAT if..

  • I had to buy an extra bag to bring home all the goodies I bought on our trip.
  • I still have an Easter Egg shaped candy bowl on the island in my kitchen.
  • I want to get free Tupperware stuff, but don’t want to actually have the party.  As a matter of fact, so what if I hate those kinds of parties.  Except when there is wine.
  • I think Baxter and Buddy look totally stupid after they get haircuts.
  • I can’t name all of the Disney princesses.
  • B and I have completely different tastes in television, movies and music. Somehow it works.
  • I cannot stand oranges.  I am looking at one right now.  They smell so good but are such a hot mess to peel and eat.  And the texture is gross.
  • I think people who say money can’t buy happiness already have money and are unhappy.  Give me a giant pile of cash and I will show you just how happy it would make me!!
  • I am super crabby right now and would snap your head off in real life!!

What are you saying SO WHAT to this week??

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  1. Mom

    So what if I was disappointed in Oprah’s last show?

    1. Jennifer

      So what if I do not want to listen to Oprah talk about HERSELF for an hour and haven’t even watched it yet!!

  2. Shannon Dew

    J & I can never agree on anything to watch, ever. It’s like the only thing we argue about!

    1. Jennifer

      So funny! B has bad taste in movies, but he thinks I do!

  3. Amanda

    I still have Easter candy sitting in a bowl on the table. I can’t have chocolate and the kids don’t eat much candy, so I’m not really sure what the hell to do with it.

    As for money, it may not buy happiness, but it sure doesn’t hurt.

    1. Jennifer

      Why can’t you have chocolate?? That seems like cruel and unusual punishment.

      1. Amanda

        Sigh….it is. I figured out it gives me migraines. Even just a little bit, within ten minutes leaves me curled up in a corner.

        It’s especially hard to see those Cadbury eggs, just sitting there, mocking me.

  4. Cindy

    So what if I was afraid to leave a comment earlier…’cause I didn’t want to get my head snapped off (since I live in driving distance)! Yikes! 😉

    1. Jennifer

      LOL!!!! I went to yoga tonight, so I am very calm now!

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