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Two bullet point posts in one day? Yep. I’m a slacker.

  • Last night while watching Teen Mom B asked me what I thought about Gary. Umm, I think he’s a sexy beast, what else would I think?
  • Also last night while B was on his run, I was putting some things away and saw the biggest bug on earth.  It was huge.  I tried to kill it, but it ran too fast.  So B and I tore the closet it ran into apart as soon as he got home.  We couldn’t find it (stupid bug), but I did learn that B “doesn’t like” bugs.  I also learned that he thinks I see things that aren’t really there.
  • I am still looking for the perfect growth chart for L.  I really need to get on that.
  • I can’t get enough of watching L play with his friends.  He had a friend over yesterday and it was so fun to watch them interact and really play together, instead of just playing next to each other.
  • I ordered some gorgeous pillow covers from China (via eBay) and they arrived a few days ago and are everything I hoped for.  Except I don’t have any pillows that they fit.  Looking back, taking some measurements before I ordered them would have been a good idea.
  • At the fair we went to on Sunday, there were two pigs together in a pen and they were named Snooki and Deena.  Everyone was cracking up.



  •  I am once again back to one Diet Pepsi a day.  Somehow I feel off the wagon and started drinking WAY too many again.  I know it’s better for me, but sometimes I like being off the wagon.
  • My soon-to-be new neighbor likes to drink wine.  Hello new backyard BFF.

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  1. Dani

    I love the pig names! I would have cracked up too. Can’t wait to see these China pillow cases.

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