Friday iPhone Dump

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1.  My dogs may be cute, but they are the messiest eaters ever.  They pick in their food bowl for the good hunks of meat and bypass the other stuff until that’s all thats left.  I have learned to just leave the food on the floor.  They actually do clean it up.
2. I’m pretty sure W likes the ceiling fan more than he likes me.  And I am pretty sure that Buddy likes W’s new Boppy lounger more than W likes it.  I put it on the floor and Buddy curled right up in it.  Nice.  I’m so giving that, and the regular Boppy, to the furries when W is done with them.
3. Not only was the waterbed thing fun when it had water in it, it was also fun when we took the water out.  L was having so much fun and laughing so hard.  And so were B and I.  If I wasn’t retired we never would have had this fun!
4. W and Bryan were having a hysterical conversation in the backyard the other night.  The faces W (well all babies) makes are so funny.  B was trying so hard to get him to smile, but nope. But two seconds under the ceiling fan or his owl mobile and he won’t stop smiling!
5. The furries hate the heat.  It tired them right out.  Baxter rolls around on the vents to get the cool air all over his body.  It’s weird I know.  The furries also like when B goes out of town (he was in New York for part of this week)  because I don’t have time to yell at them about sitting on the back of the couch.  Have at it boys.  I’m busy!
6. Cake Batter + Angel Food Cake Fro-Yo.  With rainbow sno-caps.  And other chocolate yummies.  Oh so good.
7. Ohhh, so if I drink this wine, I’ll be a skinny??  Say no more, I’m on it!
8. L and I were just laying on the “waterbed” chilling and talking about the clouds.  That one looked just like an “H”.
9.  We knocked two things off our Summer-To-Do List this week.  L rescued the the guys using first a squirt gun and a hammer.  And when he needed something a little more powerful, he moved on to the hose!  I’m pretty sure he loved it.  And so did B – he was helping L.  He won’t admit it, but he thinks I am pretty fun ;).

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  1. Shana

    You are seriously the funnest mom ever! L always looks like the happiest boy!

  2. Hilary

    Your blog always makes me want FroYo SO bad. I can’t tell you how happy I am that they’re opening a place a half mile from my house.

  3. Brian h

    I remember that mom would just give us ice to play with. No toys in it. Just ice. I think dad was mad because it was more expensive than water when you factor in the electricity it takes to freeze it.

    True story.

    1. Jennifer

      LOL!!!!!!! It was a good thing they saved all that money back then so that I can spend it now!!!!

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