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I’m linking up again with this kind of love for What I’m Loving Wednesday:

I’m Loving…..

You wouldn’t think it’d be good. But it is!

Salad Spritzers. I bought this a while ago and finally decided to try it out. While I am serious that I like salads with no dressing now, sometimes you just need a little something. 10 sprays = 15 calories. Not too bad at all.

I’m Loving…..

Fruit punch is the best.

I told you all about AdvoCare yesterday and briefly mentioned Spark. I seriously love this stuff and don’t know what I did without it. Wait, I do know. I drank Diet Pepsi (which for the record is better but not better for you). I’ve tried most all of the flavors and like Fruit Punch the best. But seriously if you aren’t into caffeine, don’t drink this!

I’m Loving…..

Because I need more mindless tv in my life.

I’m Loving…..

Ahh, Bachelor Pad. Loves it. Could I be any more in love with Ed? What a drunk idiot. I can only hope he wears more short shorts. And doesn’t hook up with Erica Rose because I hate her. And Lindzi, whoa girl. You gotta slow down with the make-up. B was watching this with me on Monday and insisted that most of the girls were lying about their ages.

I’m Loving…..

Who doesn’t love sparkles?

I love this nail polish. It makes any color look, well, better. I could do without the Kardashian name attached to it though. And the fact that they spelled “color” “kolor” makes me want to poke my eyes out. No wonder kids are so stupid these days. I am blaming it all on the Kardashians. Which likely isn’t too far from the case.

I’m Loving…..

So good.

Seriously. Why didn’t I know I liked avocados? In fact, I just recently learned that guacamole was made from avocado. Don’t even ask what I thought was in it, because I have NO CLUE. I never even bothered to think about it before I guess. I am going to go crazy this week and buy some avocados from the store. I hope they are as good on my salads as the ones at restaurants.

I’m Loving…..

Little W and his activity gym. I have to admit, I crack up when he gets all pissed off because he can’t grab the toy he wants. It’s almost like they taunt him. And he yells back at them. This could entertain me all day!

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  1. Kara

    I don’t get it. I don’t even get a BUZZ from Spark. I must have been drinking some seriously strong coffee before because I don’t feel the caffeine effects whatsoever. It tastes like vitamins to me for some reason. I am also DYING that you didn’t know guac was avacados LOL. Too funny.

  2. bryan

    Those girls seriuosly look horrible!!

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