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I’m linking up again with this kind of love for What I’m Loving Wednesday:

I’m Loving…..

Garden veggies!

Vegetables from our garden. Not only are the vegetables yummy, but it is fun to watch L go out there every day and see what’s ready to be picked.  He is the official vegetable picker and gets excited when things are ready.

I’m Loving…..

Isn’t he cute?

 B’s back from his weekend and think the hangover has pretty much worn off.  As a little welcome home, I planned for him to have a water balloon fight with L and the neighbor kids.  I spent 45 minutes filling up water balloons.  They spent maybe 5 minutes throwing them at each other.  But they had an amazing time those 5 minutes so it was worth it.

I’m Loving…..
W’s (and L’s) doctor’s office.  They are doing everything in their power to help us get W’s super expensive formula covered.  Insurance companies have funny rules and without the help of amazing doctors and nurses, I’d be no where!  I am crossing my fingers it’s covered, but even if it’s not, it’s well worth the $300+ it’s going to cost a month.

I’m Loving…..

Cuteness overload

These two.  Sick of seeing my adorable kids?  Too flippin bad.  Even when they are at their worst, they are still oh so cute.  And let’s be honest, looks will get you somewhere. Like out of trouble. 

I’m Loving…..

Well, not as much as I love my lulu.

Target C9 by Champion capris.  I love these, but not in the same way I love my Lulu groove crops.  But these are only $19.99, which means they are so much more budget friendly. 

I’m Loving…..
My neighborhood. Our next door neighbors have an amazing pool and are always willing to let us (L) and the other neighbors go swimming in it.  And we are having a block party this weekend and I am actually looking forward to it.  We went on a walk around the block tonight which took us about an hour because we stopped to visit and tak with everyone we saw.

I’m Loving…..

How can you not be addicted?


The Games. Yep. I am still loving them. I just can’t see how you can’t get addicted. The stories. The struggles. The victories. Ugh. I could watch all day. Oh wait, I do. If I can talk L into it anyways. I’m already sad thinking about all this fun ending on Sunday. I need to start a countdown to Rio.

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