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~I think I have mentioned it before (or not?), but I want to start making my own food for WB. Where do I begin? I don’t want a fancy baby food maker. I have a food processor and a mini food processor, as well as, every other kitchen appliance known to man. Do I just throw veggies in the food processor and that’s that? Seems too easy? And what did you store them in? Ice cube trays or what? Something tells me I am making this harder than it is?

~If I see one more post about how amazing some store or some product or whatever if that is totally sponsored, but makes no mention of it, I am going to flip my lid.  In the comments on one popular blog (who did a shopping post of all the great “deals” that were out there), someone actually said “they should pay you for this”.  Umm, they you do moron.

~I have been putting together sort of a family binder (kinda like these pins) just in case we were to ever need it.  You just never know.  And while I have all my pictures saved and backed up and backed up again, I still get worried.  Living things aside, I think I could replace pretty much everything else I own except for pictures.  Do they still have safe deposit boxes at the bank?  I can’t see storing all of my pictures online somewhere, but throwing a hard drive with them all in on it in a safe place seems reasonable.

~Sort of on that note, has anyone ever taken pictures all of their kids artwork and turned it into a book?  Anyone?  Sort of like this, but I would probably do it myself since I am guessing it would be way cheaper.  I am running out of space to store 4 years of school projects and I know this is only the start. And don’t tell me to just save the “best” ones.  They are ALL the best ;).

~I got an e-mail to try Progressive Snapshot (#TrySnapshot) and I thought heck, why not?  A lot of the stuff I get asked to review is kind of meh, but this seemed fun.  Plus, it came with a bunch of hysterical Flo swag that I plan to make B model for me for a picture.  So anyways, we hooked it up to the car right away.  B drove it yesterday and said it beeps at all the time when he brakes (it beeps if you brake too hard / fast).  I was cracking up.  Pretty sure I already love it.  But from the sounds of it, it won’t be saving us any money.  BAHAHA.  Oh, and I get to give away some Flo swag to you all too.  So stay tuned for a giveaway.  Maybe that could be your Halloween costume??

~I was on Pinterest last night and came across a pin about Taylor Morris, a 23 year-old Navy EOD (Explosive Ordinance Disposal) Tech. I’ve met a few EOD guys and they are pretty bad a**.  He lost both arms and both legs while serving in Afghanistan earlier this year when he stepped on an IED. And now? He’s walking. And swimming. And cooking.  After only a few months. Amazing. He’s a true hero. TheChive (a website I knew nothing about before this) did a story on him back in May (a few weeks after it happened) and their readers raised $250,000 so that he can buy a house by the lake with his girlfriend (who basically hasn’t left his side).  I can only hope that donations continue to pour in for him.  If the lady on the school bus who cried because kids were making fun of her got over half a million in donations, then his guy should get trillions!

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I put him last for a reason.  What could possibly follow him??

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12 thoughts on “Help! And (more) random ramblings!

  • Kyra

    I haven’t tried it but my artwork pile is getting pretty big as well so I might be willing to give it a try eventually! I did save this on pinterest, i’m just not sure even then that i’d be willing to throw it away. I currently have most of it organized like a post from iheartorganizing’s blog except some of the bigger things don’t fit.

  • Kristin


    For baby food, go to Great site! You will want to make sure to but the dirty dozen fruits and veggies organic. You will steam most things then purée. You can do ice cube trays but make sure they are bpa free! ;). I can help ya if you need it. Oh and I was a sucker that bought a Beeba Babycook right when they came to the US & they made it BPA free. I have all the silicone trays too! Wanna buy it!? Lol.

    • Jennifer Post author

      I will check out that site! I too am attracted to special gadgets and think all those things look so cool, but I have finally realized that I don’t need them!

  • Karen

    I loved making my own baby food. All I used was a mini food processor and a hand held blender. I froze the purees in ice cube trays and stored the cubes in freezers bags. Go to for help and ideas.

  • Diane

    I made baby food for Max for a few months. I cooked, steamed, peeled..etc. I used the Magic Bullet and/or a regular blender. I froze it all in ice cube trays, then stored in ziploc bags labeled with a “made on date”. 2 cubes = one serving 🙂

    He loved it & I enjoyed it for the short time that I started to do it until he was chomping on his own 😉

  • Alysia George

    I made baby food and it was incredibly easy. Like everyone else has already said, steam your veggies and then put them in whatever you have…I used a Magic Bullet. I think sometimes I had to add a very little bit of water so that everything would get to a nice and smooth consistency. I actually used to just make enough for a day or two but I have heard lots of people say they freeze it in ice cube trays. I think once it freezes, you put the cubes into freezer bags.

  • Shannon Dew

    I made KP’s baby food for a hot minute and mini food processor works just fine! No fancy baby food maker needed, what a waste of money. I boiled the veggies in a little bit of water and then strained them and put them in the processor. Then I just poured into ice cube trays and when they were frozen I dumped them in ziploc bags w/what was inside written on it! Bam! Done! When it was time to eat I just heated them for like 20 seconds and we were in business!