Saturday Morning Thoughts

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~B went to the eye doctor this morning. For the past few months (yes, I said months), he’s felt like there was something in his eye and it hurt to wear contacts. So he’s been wearing his glasses all the time. Umm, guess what was in his eye. A piece of metal. Ouch. No wonder it bothered him (not enough to go to the doctor sooner though). He’s got some antibiotics to make sure it doesn’t get infected. I’m personally think he’s lucky he still can see.

~Today is our House Party Keurig Vue party! We are so excited and are loving our Vue. If you are seriously considering buying a Vue, e-mail me ( because I have some 50% off codes to give out. They are suppose to be for party guests, but I am 100% sure not everyone at my party wants to buy one.

~The week of amazing presents in the mail is not over yet. I still have not gotten my Wonder Box, BarkBox, Kiwi Crate, Honest Company bundle or an order I place from Birchbox. Plus, my Pop Sugar MustHave bag, BabbaBox, and Bluum box, and Goodies Co. box haven’t shipped yet.  Wow, that seems overly excessive.  I will tell you that I try not to pay full price for any of my subscriptions.  There are ALWAYS coupon codes out there.  Like right now, you can use SSFAN50 to save 50% off on your September Must Have bag!  $17.50/month is much more reasonable than $35/month right?  So don’t forget to GTS.  And Plum District, Groupon, Living Social, etc. have been having a lot of deals for monthly subscription boxes lately.  It’s a great way to try them on the cheap!  Ohh, and don’t forget to use your referral links!  You know I would never forget to use mine.

~Oh, wait, I ordered an iPhone 5 too.  That should arrive next week sometime.  My current iPhone is an older model and umm, I cannot hear a thing on it.  I have to use speaker phone or talk through my Sync system in my car or I cannot hear the person on the other end.  Sounds like no big deal until you consider that my house and car are rarely ever quiet.  I am pretty sure whoever I am calling doesn’t want to hear my loud kids in the background.  Although I haven’t been able to hear for months, I am so happy I waited to use my upgrade!

~I am super excited for the Michigan State game today.  Hopefully it goes WAY better than the Notre Dame game went last week.  Because that, that was just nasty.  I don’t think we’ll be watching the game on the patio tonight (it’s way chilly here today) ;(.  We’ve kinda made our party a Keurig + football party.  Plus beer.

~I am already thinking about gift bags for Halloween for the kids in L’s class at school.  I want to make pumpkin shaped crayons (I already have the mold), but I need to know if there is a place I can buy just orange crayons?  Anyone know?  I am thinking about Halloween books, pumpkin shaped crayons and Matchbox cars for their bags.  Plus whatever else I bought last year on clearance but can’t recall?  Has anyone seen any cute printables for Halloween bags?

~And thank to you everyone for the suggestions on making baby food!  You rock!  I am going to start just as soon as I get some ice cube trays.  I have none.  Is that weird?  WB has tried a few different foods so far and still nothing can beat the taste of his hands.  Those must be so yummy!

~I think I have rambled enough for today.  What are your plans for the weekend?

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  1. michelle

    A piece of metal in B’s eye??? OMG!!!! SO glad there wasn’t any damage. How scary. Good luck at your party!!

  2. Brian h

    My plans for today…..organizing my life in plastic containers. What else?

    1. Jennifer

      Aren’t you going to Target too?

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