Things That Annoy Me: The Blog Edition

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The more I read blogs, the more I get annoyed with certain things. And I am sure some people get annoyed with my certain parts of my blog. And that’s fine because you can’t please everyone now can you? But here’s what really annoys me.

~Word Verification: Ugh. I cannot stand word verification. I understand that people want to avoid spam comments, but there is nothing worse than word verification.  I am a sucky commenter as it is and when I see word verification I give it one try (maybe) and then just give up.  Those words are always so hard to read and just a pain in the butt.  And I bet all those bloggers wonder “why doesn’t anyone comment”???  Duh, I wonder.  So annoying.  Turn it off.  Just turn it off.  You can do the extra work by monitoring / deleting the spam posts.  Don’t make your readers do it.
~Affiliate Links: Listen, I am all about earning some extra cash / getting some freebies / etc.  But maybe you could mention that you are earning some cash and stop acting like you are doing us some HUGE favor by posting all these great deals that you find.  Most of the time they really aren’t great deals!!!  I try to always remember to post if I am earning anything from links on my blog.  The FCC says you have to.  Besides I want my readers to know that they are helping support my monthly subscription box habit.  Or adding to my wine fund.  If bloggers don’t disclose it, I won’t click through to it even if I want it!  I don’t like being tricked a-holes.
~Sponsored Posts:  I have a love / hate relationship with sponsored posts.  On one hand, I understand needing a little extra cash, but on the other hand, they are usually SO boring.  And there is nothing worse than having 10 bloggers in your feed with the same lame sponsored posts.  Make it stop already!!!
~Limited View in Google Reader: Not too bad blogs I read do this (probably because I have deleted the others by now), but I cannot stand when only the first few sentences of a blog post are visible in google reader.   I know why. More clicks = more money (for some bloggers anyways), but that doesn’t make it any less annoying.  If I want to click on your blog, I will.  But don’t make me click there before I have even decided if I liked your blog post.  If you do this, you annoy me and I likely have visited your blog less than a handful of times.

I feel better just getting that off my chest.  What annoys you most about blogs?  Spelling errors?  Stupid errors (I bet you hate me – I type too fast and never proofread)?  Grammatical errors (does anyone know the difference between they’re, their, there??)?  Tell me all about it.  I bet you’ll feel better!

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Jennifer is the author and founder of Subscription Box Ramblings. She first discovered subscription boxes in 2012 and has been addicted since. Current favorites include CAUSEBOX, Boxycharm and Beachly!

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  1. Mom

    Word Verification makes me crazy. I’m glad I’m not the only one who has trouble reading those word/letters. Spelling and grammatical errors make me want to pull my hair out! I guess being a secretary for 25 years did that to me.

    1. Jennifer

      And yet you still read my blog. LOL.

  2. Kimberly H

    Thanks for this post. Since we are so new to this blogging thing I went back to check our settings for posting and found out that we have a word verification on ours. UGH did not know that one. So I took it off. 🙂 I bet that is why no one is commenting on our blog. hehe

    I agree with the links and sponsored posts. I hate going to a blog and its so cluttered with ads on the sides. It makes me leave and not even stick around to read.

    Not sure about the limited view in Google Reader and how to check if we have that one. Do you know how to make sure this is not happening in Google? I will be doing some research on that.

    Thanks for all your posts I enjoy reading them…They are a great distraction since I am not doing the dishes or laundry that are piling up today. 🙂
    ~Kim from TeXas

  3. Kyra

    Ugh, the other day I was trying to ask a question on a coupon blog and after reloading the word verification 7 times I finally got it right…later I realized I should have just asked on FB instead! All of a sudden the thing I am finding I hate the most is bloggers with the little ads in video form on the right side that start ghost talking. I can’t even stop them until after the ad and the real “program” is starting!

  4. Hilary

    Yep, I can NEVER read the captchas. I just don’t get it… isn’t the point of those things to to stop robots? WHY do they need to make the images HARD to see – what does that do for anyone?!?!

  5. Leah

    Spelling/grammar dont’ bug me unless it’s ALL THE FREAKING TIME. Everyone is human and there are words that we sometimes just can’t spell.

    Totally agree on all the other points you made. It should be required reading for all bloggers.

  6. Cindy

    Totally the word verification — it’s like a punishment for commenting. Also blogs that take forever to finish loading because they have so many pop ups and advertising and then your iPad accidentally opens crap you didn’t mean to open (or is that just me? ha!). (I am a little nervous about your mom being on spelling/grammatical alert since I was also an “executive assistant” for over 20 years and I know better….but ramble so much that I do make mistakes…like right now…over and out!)

  7. Dani

    I just went to make sure I don’t have word verification on. I don’t do I? It says I don’t. Those sponsored posts are the worst!! For a while there, they were so rampant, I stopped reading some of my favorite bloggers.

    1. Jennifer

      No, you don’t. I would have let you know by now!!!!

  8. Makenzie

    AGREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! In reference to number 3. Silhouette cameo anyone?

  9. Alysia George

    I don’t even know what you mean by limited view in Google reader?? Please educate me so I can make sure I’m not accidentally annoying people!

    I do sponsored posts sometimes, and I try to make them as interesting as possible, but I realize they’re not my most riveting posts. And I try to put regular posts in between because I really do hate going on a blog and seeing nothing but sponsored-sponsored-sponsored, and then I wonder how did this blog get so popular if all they post is this boring crap??

    1. Jennifer

      LOL. You do not have limited view! It’s when you see only a few sentences and then have to click onto their actual blog to see the rest. Cupcakes and Cashmere has limited view!

      And I hear you about the sponsored posts. We all do them but when it’s all you see, enough is enough!!!

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