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I’m linking up again with this kind of love for What I’m Loving Wednesday:

I’m Loving…..

image credit: Revlon

Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy.  I stumbled upon these nail polishes at Target the other day and instantly fell in love.  For $7.99 you get the polish and the sparkle.  And they come in a million fun colors.  After I GTS’ed for pictures, I realized these have been out for awhile and there were also “Break-up” (aka crackle), Neon and “frenchmix” versions of this.  Hello??  Why didn’t anyone tell me this.

I’m Loving…..

Image Credit: EJ Photography

The WB.  Good gosh isn’t he cute?  I know I sound like a broken record, but I swear he just gets cuter by the day.  Other than his eating issues, he’s a totally fabulous baby.  Super happy.  Super talkative. And he doesn’t need me to find him a pacifier every two seconds.  He always has his thumb right there (I will regret this when he’s 4 and still sucks on it).

I’m Loving…..

image credit: iTunes

Song Pop!  I am cracking up as a type this.  I suck at SongPop.  Suck at it.  Yet I love it.  B and I were playing against each other last night while in separate rooms (he was in the bedroom and I was out in the sitting area in the hall).  He had just downloaded the APP and could not stop playing.  As a sidenote to the people I play against, I will be better when I can unlock more catagories, so watch out!

I’m Loving…..

image credit: Coach

Coach Legacy Leather Duffle.  At $348 this bag isn’t joining the family anytime soon (unless Coach asks me to review on here – hahahaha), but I sure do love it.  I love that it comes in a bunch of fun colors (the red caught my eye first), but I have to say, I am not really into the color kits.  I feel like a lot of the options make the bag look cheap.  Just my opinion.  Clearly it’s too wild more me to have a bag that is two colors anyways.  Way too out there ;).

I’m Loving…..
The furries.  
I cannot stress enough how lucky we are that they are so good with the kids.  If I were them, I would have bitten L’s face off by now.  Although, he is super generous with the treats so maybe that’s why they tolerate it?  WB has also taken an interest in them in the past few weeks and has begun (began?) to “pet” (i.e. grab handfuls of hair) them.  It’s got to be a bit crazy to have furry friends that are the same size as you.

I’m Loving…..

image credit: Panera

 Panera.  While I was out running around yesterday, I ran thru the Panera drive-thru (yep, some of our Panera’s have drive-thrus) and got a Chopped Chicken Cobb with Avocado.  I think you all know about my avocado love by now.  But when I got home I realized the avocado was missing.  The horror.  Sure I could have driven back to the restaurant and they would have replaced it, but really, that wasn’t happening.  So I wrote about it on their facebook wall.  And you know what?  They responded. Within minutes.  And asked me to e-mail them to let them know which store, etc.  Maybe nothing will happen.  Maybe they’ll send me an avocado in the mail.  Who knows.  But at least it appears they care about their customers!

I’m Loving…..

image credit: EJ Photography

L. Sure he gets into his fair share of trouble (he is a 4 year-old boy after all), but at the end of the day he really is a good kid.  A super good kid.  Plus, he lets me pick out what he wears to school, which I love.

I’m Loving…..

Just tilt your head and the picture will look straight.

Fall decorations.  WB and I started decorating for fall the other day when L was at school.  I am pleased that the wreath I made years ago has held up so well.  I will take more pictures when I get everything all done.  WB isn’t that great of a helper since he can’t carry.  I need to enlist L’s help to finish up!

I’m Loving…..

B and his boys

B.  He works and goes to school.  And doesn’t complain.  At all.  Seriously.  I don’t know how he does it.  

Thats’s it from here! What are you loving this week?

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