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I’m linking up again with this kind of love for What I’m Loving Wednesday.

I’m Loving…..

Gucci Class Tall Leather Horsebit Boots

Gucci Class Tall Leather Horsebit Boots.  Come on, how great would these boots be picking up L from preschool?  Ha!  But seriously, I am loving tall black boots.  I haven’t pulled the trigger on any yet so I am totally looking for some suggestions.  Maybe something for 10% of the price?

I’m Loving…..

Target Debit Card

Target Red (Debit) Card.  I am ashamed to admit I have never had one before.  OMG, I know.  How could someone who loves Target so much not have one?  I have no explanation other than I never carry my checkbook with me and since you need a blank check to get one, well, it never happens.  But today was different, I came prepared and signed up for the card!  I am so excited.  Just think of all the money I will save now!

I’m Loving…..

Fox sweater

Cherokee Fox Sweater.  Today was brown day at L’s school today and umm, he did not have one thing brown in his closet.  So WB and I (L spent the night at his Nana’s house) headed out to Target in search of something brown (and to sign up for the debit card of course).  And we found this fox cute sweater for only $12.  And what’s better is that L loved it!!!

I’m Loving…..

The Elf on the Shelf

The Elf on the Shelf.  I don’t know of one mom that doesn’t love the Elf on the Shelf.  Our Elf should be arriving next Friday (after Thanksgiving) and we are already talking about him.  Even L is excited about it!

I’m Loving…..

Look at all that!

Overseas Friends. I did a little swap with an overseas friend of mine and look at all this deliciousness I got!  Crispy M&M’s?  Kinder Eggs?  OMG, I was so excited.  If you don’t know, Crispy M&M’s are not longer sold in the U.S., but you can get them in the U.K.  And   it is believed that Americans are too stupid to handle having candy in the middle of a chocolate egg so Kinder Eggs are banned in the U.S.  L about crapped his pants when he saw that there was a TOY in the middle of his egg!  So thank you Catilin!  Your package should be arriving soon!

That’s it from here! What are you loving this week?

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  1. Alysia

    What’s the deal with the Target debit card? I’ve seen signs at the store or whatever but I’m too lazy to look into it.

    1. Jennifer

      It’s linked directly to your checking account and you save 5% on every purchase!

  2. Kelsey N.

    Is there any sort of catch for the Target debit card?

  3. Jennifer

    The Target Debit Card is da BOMB! I love it!

  4. Dani

    That is weird. I swear I just saw M&M crispy’s at Kroger. Makes you wonder how old they are.

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