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January Citrus Lane Box (9 Month Old)

Luckily I was home today to receive my January Citrus Lane box(es) because my mail lady was planning on taking them back to the post office since their were “oranges” in the boxes and it was winter. I was cracking up ;).

First Look

I forgot to take a real first look picture, so this is the best you are getting. The box was packed full, which is always a good sign.

Information Card

Citrus Lane has done away with monthly themes, which I think is great because I never understood them anyways. They have also changed their information card from thick cardboard stock to a folded glossy paper. The new one is cute, but the old one photographed better. Also, the old one had prices. Now I have to go look them up myself. Total first world problems.

And here’s what was inside:
~Zoo Lunchies from Skip*Hop ($14): I want to say we have this lunchbox (the dog) already, but I may be mistaken? It’s possible we have the backpack? Either way I think it’s adorable and can’t wait to pack a picnic lunch it in for WB (or L). Skip*Hop makes great products, so was happy to get this!

Zoo Lunchies from Skip*Hop

~Soothing Creme + Playful Wash Packet from Episencial ($10.99): WB’s skin is on the drier side, so I cannot wait to try this out. I’ve tried a few different lotions on him and short of slathering him with The Honest Co. Healing Balm, I haven’t found a nice thick lotion we love. I’m using this after his bath tonight for sure!

Soothing Creme + Playful Wash Packet from Episencial

~Ella’s 1 Pouch from Ella’s Kitchen ($1.99): I know a lot of people get annoyed when Citrus Lane puts pouches in the boxes, but I do not mind at all. I know that WB will love it. And heck, even L likes pouch food and would have no problem eating this. And I love Ella’s Kitchen because their baby foods aren’t all runny like some brands and don’t make as big of a mess.

Ella’s 1 Pouch from Ella’s Kitchen

~To-Go Disinfectant Spray from CleanWell ($4): I believe we got this in a previous Citrus Lane box, but that’s okay because I really like this. It’s peak flu season so who can’t use this?

To-Go Disinfectant Spray from CleanWell

~Bear in a Square from Barefoot Books ($6.99): You know me, I love kids books and Citrus Lane always sends ones we don’t have which is amazing since we have a ton of books. I think L and I appreciate the books more than WB since he can sit still for a book while WB just wants to chew on it.

Bear in a Square from Barefoot Books

All totaled, the January Citrus Lane box had a value of $37.97, which is more than the $25 cost of the box. I am very pleased and will totally use every single item in the box! I think I mentioned it before, but I bought the Citrus Lane Groupon when they had it, so I get a box for a 15-month old boy (I aged up) as well (*). Here is a picture of that box:

January Citrus Lane Box – 15 Month-Old Boy

As you can see, the box is very similar to the box for a 9-month old boy. The pouch food was switched out for Nibbly Fingers (which WB happens to love). I had hoped the boxes wouldn’t be so similar, but what can you do? In comparison, the 15 month-old box has a value of $40.27.  A reader sent me a picture of the box her 12 month-old daughter got, so I thought I would share that too!  Thank you Shannon!

January Citrus Lane Box 12 month-old girl

Do you subscribe to Citrus Lane? What’d you think of this month’s box? If you got a lunchbox, which fun animal did you get? And if you want to subscribe or are interested in learning more, click here and you’ll get $10 off your oder! Not a bad deal right? Oh, and I should mention that Citrus Lane is now offering boxes for kids ages 5 and under. Previously it was 3 and under! L is going to be 5 soon, but I might get him one box, just for fun!

(*) I also get like a 35 month-old box, but that didn’t arrive today. It might be at my mom’s? This is the last month I will get 3 boxes, but it’s been fun! ETA: Here is a picture of that box:

January Citrus Lane Box ~ 35 Month-Old

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. 

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17 thoughts on “January Citrus Lane Review

  • Stephanie Bradshaw

    Oops…I called the lunchbox a backpack on your Instagram…Still super cute none the less…I bought one of the Itsy Ritsy Bento boxes via a Groupon back in July/Augustish…Then I saw Citrus Lane put them in their boxes a little while later! I love kids lunch boxes…they are so much more cuter than some of the adult lunch boxes!

  • Kira

    I had a 38-month old box…which is weird because my daughter just turned 36-months December 31. I got the cream and sanitizing spray, a book called “over the meadow” which came with a CD you can put in your computer, and a Skip Hop Plate/Bowl set. I really wanted the lunch bag…have been wanting to buy one for awhile!

  • Jenn

    I like those boxes better than ours (21 month old boy). Sounds like everybody liked their box this month so maybe I’m a huge whiner. Really bothered me we got a boring paperback book.

  • Jackie

    I love Citrus Lane, I get it for my 13 month old son. It’s definitely one of my favorite subscription boxes that I get! I didn’t know they were starting to cater to older kids too until I saw your post, so I used your link to sign up for a box for my 3 year old daughter, I’m curious to see what they’ll send for her and for $15 I couldn’t resist! So thank you!! 🙂

  • Shannon

    I think it’s weird, but I didn’t get an information card in my box. It’s fine with me, but I also didn’t get that 25% off skiphop, and I would have used that:)

  • Stephanie

    We got our first box today, but there wasn’t an information card or food product in it. The box wasn’t sealed shut with tape either. Does your box arrive sealed? I may have to call customer service if ours had been tampered with.

      • Stephanie

        Thanks for letting me know! I will definitely call them on Tuesday, since it sounds like someone picked through our box before we got it. We had a book, cream/lotion, and disinfectant spray. It was a neutral gender box for a 17-month old. I was really hoping to get the info card too, since there are discount codes on it!

  • tiffany

    I just subscribed last month. We got a bumble bee lunch bag, a food pouch, a shape sorter toy and a mommy remedies for upset tummies. my son is 27 months. I can’t wait for our next box.