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I’m linking up again with this kind of love for What I’m Loving Wednesday.

I’m Loving…..

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Teen Mom:  I don’t know what it is about Teen Mom, but I can’t get enough.  These girls!  Umm, Leah, usually when you are pregnant with your fiance’s baby and then have a miscarriage, you don’t get upset about how your ex-husband wasn’t as concerned about you as you would have liked.  News flash – he’s not the daddy and you got a divorce.  And I just read that Jenelle is in rebab.  For heroin.  Seriously?  Heroin. Oh my.  She was much better off when she was just smoking pot and worrying about going to see her idol.  Kesha.

I’m Loving…..

Tupperware Kids

Tupperware Kids: I bought these dishes before I even started selling the stuff because I liked the idea of them.  They come with lids and a little handle to make them super easy to hold.   I’d given L meals in them, but he can feed himself, so I have never used the handles.  Until this week.  I used one with WB and OMG they are honestly perfect.  And the mini pitcher and mini cup is also a Tupperware item.  L loves having this own little pitcher of milk at meals and always thinks it’s such a special treat when I get it out.

I’m Loving…..

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Polka Dot Cake: OMG, how flippin cool is this cake?  The next baking project we do is going to be this.  I think this is even cooler than the rainbow cake!  And I actually have a cake pop maker, so it’s going to be even easier than the instructions.  Love this!

I’m Loving…..

bluehost: If you follow me on Facebook you may have read that I had a little problem with my blog last night.  Okay, a HUGE one.  I’ll explain later, but all of a sudden my blog was blank.  All white screens (known as the WordPress White Screen of Death according to google).  On every page.  I couldn’t login.  I couldn’t do anything.  I was scared it was all gone.  But bluehost and their automatic backup saved me.  Stay tuned for a blogpost on this later.  If I didn’t like L so much, I might just send them my first born as a thank you.

I’m Loving…..

L and Buddy

 L and Buddy.  Yesterday when it was raining / sleeting (before the snow started), L and I went out to get the mail together.  And being out there in the nasty rain for 2 minutes made him want to stay out there longer.  I almost told him no way and then I said screw it, he’s a little boy and he wants to play.  So I suited him up and let him go to own.  And of course Buddy went with them.  They came back in filthy (this is a *Before* picture).  And smiling.

I’m Loving…..

 Funnies. Ha!  This cracked me up.  I often wonder if some people’s lives are as bad as they seem on Facebook.  I certainly hope not!  I have a few FB friends that all I read about is how this sucks and that blows and how this is unfair and how they are getting screwed.  And it goes on and on.  So this ecard made me giggle.

I’m Loving…..

The WB

The WB: Last night, after feeding the WB, I was sitting with him and thinking about these past 10 months and what a struggle it’s been to get him to eat bottles.  And then he snuggled right up with me and he fit so perfect and I just wanted to rewind the past 10 months and do it all over again.  Even though it’s been A LOT of work, I know I am going to miss all that time I spent alone with him watching him laugh and smile while I tried to get him to take a bottle.  Oh and that dog food in the background is WB’s doing.  Buddy probably was just out of the picture working to clean it up.  He’s good like that ;).

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