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~Once again, we had another busy weekend. B’s mom came to town and we had WB’s party!!!! It was a small party and as usual, I didn’t really do anything for it until the morning of! No matter. WB had a great time and L, well, L loves having guests over and was totally in his element! And I was able to pawn off my “F the Rain” Umbrella on my brother and SIL. Clearly they hate their neighbors.  Ohh, and L got to go to a birthday party at a cool trampoline place near us.  I kinda want to have my birthday party there!

~Unlike last week, I only expecting a few boxes this week – Citrus Lane,  Hello Fresh, Wantable and Goodies Co.   I am sure more will show up, but that’s what I am expecting.  Luckily (or more that’s not so lucky) I am behind on reviews, so you’ll have Bleu Box, Julibox (I’m still waiting on the mixers to arrive since they shipped separate), Bugsy’s Box and The Happy Trunk.  And hopefully a Fancy box of some sort comes this week.  I hope the P!nk and Cocoa Rocha Boxes being late isn’t a trend!

~A few people have asked about my Fitbit and if I like it and answer is YES!  It’s so fun to see how many steps you take a day, how many flights of stairs you take, etc.  I cover at least 20 flights a day and have also found out that I wake up 5x night.  Really?  That can’t be good.

~I’m going to do a Pros / Cons post to having no cable this week. I was trying to explain Hulu to my cousins and they were looking at me like I was crazy.  They were very concerned with how I watch Bravo ;).  I am guessing others are curious too, so it’s on my list this week!

~ This may be more of a Tuesday’s Troubles, but I agreed to run one 5K with B this year.  Any 5K he wants.  What was I thinking?  He always asks me if I want to run with him and I alway say no, so I figured it was time.  I know he is going to pick a mud run and that creeps me out.

No, I probably can’t handle it.


~B’s off today (love that) and I might just take advantage of that and go to the gym.  No, seriously.  I have a membership but never go because I didn’t want to leave WB in the childcare because yeah, I don’t like sick kids so much.  But today might just be the day.  I actually like the gym.  They have lots of tvs and such nice equipment!  Sort of related, sort of not, but does anyone do hot yoga?  Do you like it?

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  1. Shannon

    HA! Having no cable isn’t all THAT bad! I mean thanks to the internet, obviously. I’d die if I couldn’t watch my RH!

  2. Kayleigh

    I bought a Groupon for hot yoga and went a couple weeks ago. I was SO nervous and they ended up having the heat messed up a bit, so it was hard. And I HATE being sweaty. BUT at the end of it, I couldn’t wait to go back. I haven’t been since just because I’ve been getting stuck at work and such, but I’m planning on going tonight. Plus, it burns like 1,200 calories in the 90 minutes!!!

  3. Jackie

    I don’t run. BUT if I were a mud run or a color run would be my idea of fun. haha. Because the truth is, I want it to not seem like I am running. I’ll get bored otherwise

  4. Gretchen

    You can definitely do the Warrior Dash! I did it last year (against my better judgment), and it was fun (and I HATE being dirty!)! I’m doing it again this year, but this will probably be it. The novelty has warn off for me :).

  5. Kristin

    I have the old fitbit, and love it! It’s such a simple tool. And I usually forget I have it on me so don’t wash it, I’ve come very close!!!!

  6. nichole budnick

    Hit yoga is awesome!!!

  7. Danielle

    Good luck with the Warrior Dash, my sister does it but she’s just slighlty nuts…in my opinion, haha!
    Hot Yoga? I will stick with the regular kind thankyouverymuch. Being too hot is my absolute biggest hate and there’s no way I could do it. Is it just me or has anyone else heard that Bikram is dangerous unless you are in super shape already? I don’t think my body is in good enough shape to do that anyway.

  8. Jen

    You could do a mud run they are soooo fun!!

  9. Crystal D

    Will this be your first Bugsy?s Box? I cant find any of your previous reviews on this box.

  10. Whitney @

    I don’t have cable. I haven’t had cable for about 6 or 8 months. I have netflix and I download torrents to watch the shows that I like that comes on cable like Pretty Little Liars, Once Upon a Time, Revenge, The Vampire Diaries, Raising Hope and Game of Thrones. Usually the torrents come out right after the show airs so I can watch it that night but usually the next day. I’m all caught up on all my shows 😀

  11. Amanda

    My hubby really wants to get rid of
    Cable. I’d like to, as well. So I made a spreadsheet of all the shows I watch, what channel they r on and whether I could watch them on Hulu, or the station’s site. Unfortunately there were surprisingly a lot that I couldn’t find online. 🙁
    Yeah, I’m a dork who makes a spreadsheet of my shows. I also have a spreadsheet of all the books I read, so I don’t accidentally buy the same book again! (Learned from past mistakes lol)

  12. Carly

    We went to the trampoline place here (Sky Zone) and it was effing awesome. Not awesome was when I jumped into the big pit of foam like in your picture, because unlike kids, it’s not exactly easy to get out of there when you are adult-sized. It was like freaking quick sand.

  13. Suzanne

    Love that you found someone to take the umbrella. I liked it in a sick sort of way but I would have never had the nerve to use it!! Two of my friends just did the warrior dash & they loved it!

  14. Ashley C.

    a.] this fitbit thing … i guess i need to check it out. but how does it track your sleep? thats pretty neat.
    b.] i’m thinking of doing MARSOC’s mud run next April [too late to do this year’s] … i’m clearly going to need that whole time to train, so go you!! but hot yoga has always seemed like a ton of fun!!

  15. Dianne @ Skinny Seahorse

    A mud run? That sounds like torture. I’d rather be without cable. 😀

  16. sara

    We don’t have cable either and some people don’t understand hulu either. Netflix and Hulu + and when I asked Erin if he wanted cable again he said ‘nope, I don’t miss it.’

  17. Val

    I’m not a runner, but I’ve done the Warrior Dash. It happened to be when I had a torn ligament in my elbow, so I had to do all of the obstacles with one arm mostly. It was fun though – my husband stayed with me just to make sure I could get through everything like that, even though he would have much rather gone fast.
    Also, I love hot yoga – so much. It can feel overwhelming at first, but you get used to it (take lots of water and a towel).

  18. Nicole

    My m.i.l. and s.i.l. do hot yoga and like it. It’s not my thing. I am training for tough mudder though and have the opposite problem as your household, trying to get my husband to train with me! Two nights ago I was doing my floor routine (push ups, crunches, squats etc) that I do every night and asked him to join. He went to freezer for his custard and declined 😉

  19. Danielle

    I do hot yoga occasionally – i don’t LOVE it, but it’s definitely useful for stretching!

    If you’re going to do a 5k, a tough mudder/warrior dash would be the one to do!!

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