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I’ve mentioned it a few times on here and in the newsletter, but B and I are going to start the Advocare 24-Day Challenge this month. On June 24th to be exact. I have done it once before and loved it, but I totally sucked after it ended and stopped eating clean and didn’t didn’t continue like I should have. Totally my fault. So it’s time to give it a go again. B was originally just going to do it alone, but I realized that, umm, I need to 100x more than he does, so I’m in too! And I know that some of you were interested too, so I thought we could all do it together. And if you have NO idea what you are talking about, but *might* want in, I’ll go over a few questions.

What is the Advocare 24-Day Challenge?
The 24-Day Challenge™ is a comprehensive supplementation and nutrition program. It’s designed to give your body the jumpstart it needs to help you reach your goals. And it’s not just for weight loss because clearly B doesn’t need to lose any weight. Nope, it’s for weight management, energy, overall body composition or overall wellness. Basically, at the end of the 24-Day Challenge, you are going to feel and look good. And since it promotes clean eating, when you are done with the Challenge, you will be down the right road to keep doing what you’ve been doing. I believe studies show that it takes between 21-28 days to make something (like eating clean, cutting soda, etc) “stick”, so this is totally in line.

What do I need to buy? How much is it?

Advocare 24-Day Challenge

Advocare 24-Day Challenge – The Goods

The 24-Day Challenge comes in a bundle from Advocare and is $190.25. In the bundle you will receive the following:
~One box of Herbal Cleanse-Citrus ($31.50)
~One bottle of OmegaPlex® ($21.95)
~One box of AdvoCare Spark®-Mandarin Orange ($22.95)
~One box of AdvoCare Spark®-Fruit Punch ($22.95)
~Your choice of one box of Meal Replacement Shakes – Chocolate Mocha, Chocolate, Vanilla, Berry or Non-Dairy Dark Chocolate ($44.95)
~Your choice of one box of MNS® Max 3, C, or E ($45.95)

If purchased separately, it’s the exact same price, but you get a handy little booklet (which you can also print here) with the bundle and it’s all put together for you. However, if you want to do different Spark flavors or get the Peaches and Cream Fiber drink instead of the Citrus, you totally can purchase them separate and just print the booklet.  ETA: The Peaches and Cream drink is a dream compared to the Citrus.  Goes down much smoother.

Do I need to buy any special foods from Advocare?
Nope! You are going to eat normal foods you can buy at the grocery store.  Clean foods.  Nothing processed.  Nothing fried.  You’ll eat well-balanced diet of lean proteins, vegetables, complex carbohydrates and other snack items such as healthy fats, fruits, dairy.  You can substitute meal replacement shakes for breakfasts or lunch if you want, but you do NOT have to.  Sometimes I don’t want to drink a meal.  I want to eat it.  But they work great when you are in a pinch.

So what is the Challenge?  What exactly do I do?
Well the Challenge is broken down into two phases.  The Cleanse Phase (Days 1-10) and  the Max Phase (Days 11-24). Both combine clean eating with Advocare products.  You can exercise like normal and continue with your normal daily activities.

What is the Cleanse Phase?
The cleanse phase is designed exercise help to rid your body of toxins and prepare your body to better absorb nutrients. This isn’t the kind of cleanse where you drastically reduce calories or consume only liquids.  Nope.  You will eat real foods and be able to go about your daily life.  You DO NOT need to stay near a bathroom 24-7.  I know people worry about that and I was a bit concerned myself.  It’s not like that.  During the Cleanse Phase you will use the Herbal Cleanse Kit, Spark and Omegaplex.  NO alcohol, coffee or dairy are to be consumed during the 10-Day Cleanse.  That’s why we are starting on the 24th, so we can enjoy a drink (or two) on the 4th ;).  Average weight loss during the cleanse is 5-10 pounds.

What is this “Fiber Drink” you are referencing?

Advocare Fiber Drink

Down the Hatch

Umm, I’m not gonna lie.  The citrus fiber drink is quite nasty.  But oddly filling.  I hear the Peaches and Cream is better than the Citrus (ETA: it is), but I like to go old school and get the Citrus.  It doesn’t taste like Citrus though.  I don’t know even know how to describe it.  My top on the fiber drink is to drink it FAST!  Because the longer it sits, the thicker it gets.  No joke.  Chug that thing.

What is the Max Phase?
The Max Phase is about fueling your body in order to achieve maximum results.  You’ll use the MNS Kit, Spark and the Meal Replacement Shakes during the Max Phase.  You’ll eat clean meals + snacks, plus the guidelines loosen up a little.  MNS stands for Metabolic Nutrition System and you can select from the following packs when you buy your kit:
MNS E –  Geared towards keeping your energy up and revving your metabolism as you continue to lose weight.
MNS 3–   Geared towards overall wellness, energy, and appetite control. (B got this one)
MNS C–   Geared towards maximum appetite control. (I get this one)

How much total weight can I / will lose?
Average weight loss on the Advocare 24-Day Challenge is 12lbs and 10 inches.  I am pretty sure I will lose more (someone should have learned her lesson less summer and continued to eat clean) and B will lose less, but that’s why it’s an average.

Where can I go to learn more?
Advocare has a whole website on the 24-Day Challenge that has tons of information.   They have videos and other information.  Also, my girl Jen is a great resource.  And she has a Facebook group of people doing the Challenges, with tips, meal ideas, shopping lists, etc. has you can join if you want when you do your Challenge!

What about add-ons?  Do I need to get anything else?
I like catalyst and ThermoPlus and got them for B and I during the Challenge, but they are totally optional.  Read more about them and decide for yourself!

Where do I go to buy it?
You can go here to buy the full kit.  If you just want to do the 10 Day Cleanse part because you aren’t sure or think it’s too expensive, that’s cool too.  Pick up the Herbal Cleanse Kit and some Spark and join us for the 1st 10 Days!!!

What if I want to become an Advocare Distributor?  How much is it?  What do I get?
For $79 (plus taxes) you can sign up and become a distributor.  You’ll get 20% off all of your orders and $50 in Spark (10 packets) and Slam (12 bottles).  If you want to sell it to people and make a commission, cool.  You’ll get a website and the whole deal.  If you just want the discount for yourself (that’s why I signed up), that’s cool too.  There are NO selling / purchasing minimums.   And I won’t be all up your butt about it.  I pinky swear.   You do have to pay a $50/annual fee on the anniversary you signed up though if you wish to continue getting your discount.  I think I save more than $50 year in just my Spark purchases alone because I am a distributor!  If you and your husband both want to do the Challenge, that’d run $388.  If you are distributors, it’d cost $311.  There’s your $79 sign-up fee!  Plus, you’d get all that free Spark and Slam.

If you have any more questions, feel free to leave a comment.  If I don’t know the answer, I’ll get it for you!

**It should go without saying, but I will say it anyway.  I am no expert and am clearly not your doctor.  These are general answers and may not apply to your specific situation.  As always consult your doctor to see what’s best for you!**

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139 thoughts on “Advocare 24-Day Challenge ~ The Details

  • Haute Mommy

    So I did Advocare like YEARS ago. Twelve years I think, when I first started working. I drank Spark all.the.time. Now it tastes like total crap. Did they change their formula? It used to be soooo good (fruit punch flavor). I bought some recently and couldn’t down it.

    • Advocarerunner

      @Haute Mommy: I don’t think they have changed the formula that I am aware of. I go through phases where certain flavors taste better than others. For example, I went from loving Grape, to despising it and now I’m back to like it again, but not loving it. Try another flavor. Some people think Fruit Punch is too sweet. It’s hands down my fave!

  • Nicole

    I should do this…but naturally I don’t want to, but does anyone?? I’m down 35lbs and Im at the point I’m either going to have to start working out(we all know that’s not happening) or change up my diet. Ill think about.

    Can u post some good examples of clean meals?? That might help.

    • Rebekah

      Working out helps shed pounds quickly. The more muscle tone you have, the more calories your body burns naturally. It makes your BMR go up with the more muscle tone you have.

    • SARA

      It took mine TWO days to arrive at my house. I ordered it on a Thursday around 4pm, arrived Saturday by 11am from FedEx!! Shipping is around $8.

  • melissa

    Tell me more about Thermoplus, I am intrigued. I couldn’t live without dairy for more than a day so the cleanse is out but the Thermoplus…..

  • Jen

    I’d also like to know how long it takes to ship! I would love to do the cleanse before a wedding that I am in, but I’m cutting it kind of close! Haha

  • Meredith

    I’m about to place an order but Standard shipping is $12 something and second day air says $9 something. This seems strange. Since it all estimated it makes me nervous that it will be something crazy on the final bill. Any insight? I’m in Texas. Can’t wait to do this and follow along with you.

  • Alex

    Just broke down and ordered it! I’m pretty excited. I ordered the whole kit, but wanted different spark flavors so I did it individually. Thank you for your write up though that’s exactly what I needed to take the plunge

  • Sally Hammond

    Just finished the cleanse phase. Didn’t lose as muh weight as I thought I would. Lost inches so I am encouraged. I am diabetic and sure has helped my blood sugar. On to the max phase.

  • advocare omegaplex

    hi! , I like your publishing hence lots! promote most of us be in contact more info on your site on America online? I require an experienced about this space in order to uncover my problem. May very well be which is anyone! Having a look to see you.

  • see more

    It could be a nice and useful piece of details. My business is grateful for you to discussed this handy data along with us. Make sure you stay us knowledgeable like this. Thank you for giving.

  • Marla

    I am on day 3 of the cleanse. I am eating totally organic and clean and following the schedule of snacks and regular meals as close as my full time job and mommyhood will allow. What I want to know is what day of the cleanse can I hope to start seeing a difference in how my pants fit??????? #jeansaretootight

  • Jennifer

    I’m on day 9 of the cleanse and I feel amazing. I am starting to feel it in my clothes and when I wrap a towel around me when I get out of the shower. The first couple of days are rough, but, please stick with it. My husband, friend, and I are doing the challenge together and it really helps to have someone there with you to stay focused. I can’t wait to start the next phase and see the results on day 24. This is a great program….very easy.

  • Jan Wallace

    I am on day 6 and have lost 5 pounds. I agree first few days are rough with gurgling stomach but a breeze after that. I could not get all the Citrus fiber drink down but half or more so don’t kill yourself forcing. Chug quickly as much as you can. Clothes are fitting better already. Belly fat is shrinking. I am 58 so all you young ones need to get off your butt and get started.

    • Jo Ann

      I actually doubled the water so my fiber drink didn’t turn into apple sauce consistency. The flavor wasn’t that terrible, honestly. But again, I drank it with a straw. And then I discovered that mixing the Spark in the same glass actually made it taste GOOD.

  • Megan

    I just finished day 10 and am feeling great. I thought I would share a tip I found helpful for anyone that tries the citrus. Instead of 8 oz of water I used 4 oz of water and 4 oz of Tropicana 50 and I didn’t have any problem with the taste.

  • Amber Nichols

    I looked up some information about the fiber drink cause I hated it and even have the peach and cream. Their is a receipt that you can make muffins with it… And also i put little extra water and mango spark in mine and was way better. Just make sure you use cold water and stir it in between drinks! It helps I promise.. I am on day 11 and I’m loving it just totally different life style for me but feel healthier 🙂

  • Jessica

    Is advocate safe while breastfeeding? I know they say not to diet when your breastfeeding, but this fatis just hanging around and I don’t plan to stop completely for more than a year..

  • Chelsea

    I need help!!!!! I just started the cleanse today and I am trying to drink the fiber drink but it won’t stay down I tried everything and I keep throwing up….. I don’t want to waste my money and I do still want to see the results but I just don’t know how to keep it down….please help!!!!!! 🙁

    • Stephanie

      Plug your nose while you drink the fiber. I also mixed it with the spark. Day 2 I was able to get it down. Got sick day 1. But now I’m on day 8 and down 6 pounds.

  • Sue

    I am on my last day of the cleanse, I have lost 5lbs and 3.5 inches 🙂 What really helped me is mixing my fiber drink with fruit punch spark in 8oz of cold water, I actually let it sit a little bit to get the consistency of applesauce, this actually tasted like I was eating flavored applesauce. I would sip it out of a straw on the drive to work. By the 6th day of doing this method, I was a pro and drank them down with no problem plus I already had my morning spark. Find a method that works for you!

  • Matt Converse

    For those that are having trouble with the Herbal Cleanse mix a packet of orange spark with it, makes it much easier to drink, at least it did for me.

  • Brittany

    I just purchased the 24 day challenge today and I am so excited! In the max phase is there caffeine pills ? If so has anyone felt jittery? I’m nervous about that!

    • Jennifer Post author

      There is a little caffeine in there, but I am not sensitive to it, so I don’t really have any issues. The Spark might be something you want to be careful with the first few times though!

  • Georgia R. Neame

    I am ready to start the 24 day challenge tomorrow and after reading all of these comments about the fiber drink I am little afraid I’ve wasted my money. I know I won’t drink it if it is as nasty as everyone says it is.

    I do have a question, however, I’ve read everything that came with the 24 day Challenge kit, but am unsure of the amount of complex carbs/veggies one can each at each meal. According to the booklet that came with the kit, it is 1/2 cup per meal – that isn’t even two pieces of broccoli. Most diets give you unlimited veg and salad.

    • Jennifer Post author

      I stick pretty close to the guidelines in the book when I do it. I am extra careful with my carbs. I don’t worry too much about veggies though. If I need more, I’ll have them.

      As for the drink, it’s not that bad I swear. Just drink it quickly! Good luck!

  • Monica

    I started on January 2nd. If you incorporate your fruit with the fiber drink. Aka put your frozen no sugar added (pineapple) it is actually easy to down. It’s like a fruit smoothie.

  • Beka

    I’m on day 4 of the cleanse and I’ve had a small serving of dairy- mainly cheese, every day. I didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to eat any! Oops! I’ll make sure I don’t make that mistake the rest of the time. I want to do this right. I feel great so far. And I’m happy that I get a couple day break from the fiber drink:-) I’m doing the full 24 days and I’m anxious to see how I feel/how much weight/inches I lose when I’m done. Happy to have found your blog!!

  • Asell

    Really thinking of doing the 24 day challenge! Two questions though… I’m living in Canada… Can this product be shipped here or is it US only? Also, is it safe for nursing mothers? Just had a little one 3 months ago and still have 20lbs to go.

    Thanks for the help!

    • Jennifer Post author

      HI Asell!

      There is a modified Advocare 24-Day Challenge for nursing moms! I can get you the details if you are interested (Of course, ask your doctor though).

      But, no, they don’t ship to Canada ;(. I suppose my first answer doesn’t matter too much does it?

  • Kristi

    I have a question about what nursing moms should do during the cleanse phase…should I be doing the fiber drink 10 days straight or only days 1-3 and 7-10? I’m getting conflicting info and can’t find anything on the Advocare site about this. I’m due to start day 4 tomorrow. Thanks!

  • Shaye

    To help with the fiber dink mix it with low calorie, low-sugar, no pulp orange juice and its like you are drinking OJ with pulp. This really helped me.

  • Brooke

    I’m on day 1 of the challenge & just finished lunch…I’m ready to take a nap now. I’ve had 2 spark drinks AND a slam. Hope it gets better…I’m ready for some energy

  • Ana Hernandez

    Today is my third day and I was not aware that I couldnt drink coffee maybe thats why I am getting really bad headaches. For sure I am not having any coffee for the rest of the 24 days but is there anything a I can do now 🙁

    • Jennifer Post author

      Did your package come with the 24-Day Challenge Guide? It should be in there?

      But either way, don’t beat yourself up! I actually get headaches around days 2-3 as well. I think, for me, it’s from the change in eating and all the “ick” working it’s way out of my system.

        • Jennifer Post author

          If you ordered your Challenge separate (and I don’t think you ordered from me so I’m not sure if this was the case), I don’t believe it would have include a guide. I’d wish they’d include one though because I think it makes it SO much easier to follow!!

          And I suspect those headaches will stop in the next few days. Report back okay?

  • Mommy101

    I don’t need to lose weight, but am very interested in doing the 24 day challenge with my husband. Is it possible to do the challange and not lose weight? I’m more interested in the nutrition/wellness side of this. Any suggestions?

  • Jules

    I’m on day 9 of my challenge, I lost 4-5 pounds in the first 6 days… but then I went up 2 in the last two days. I am following the food and product guide very strictly. I was not exercising prior to the challenge, I just went full force everything on day one.
    I have been getting in a 3 mile jog (with breathers) five days a week so far, my goal is to do 6-7 days now on week two. I also add in pushups, crunches, lunges, squats, and planks (3-4 days a week).

    My initial goal for the challenge was 14 lbs, but that is not likely if my weight loss remains consistent at 2 pounds per week. I am slightly discouraged because I know so many others that have drastic results in just the first ten days, and I have hardly any. Overall, I feel better, but I’d really like to see better progress.

    My diet prior to this was very poor, I ate whatever and whenever. And I was not exercising. I feel like I should certainly be seeing some results, if not extreme results. I have not went of the diet even once yet.

    Does anyone know what is going on? Have I completely thrown my body into shock? It’s really not cooperating with me lol. If anyone has any insight or suggestions I would appreciate it.

    I’m not going to slow down or quit the challenge. I am still going to attempt to achieve the most out of the 24 product and challenge.

    • Kristin

      I have had a very similar response. I am on Day 8 and I have followed the diet dry strictly, with the exception of about 2tsp. Feta cheese on Day 1. I have exercised only 4 out of the 8 days though, and was down 3 pounds on day 5, but today I was up 1 pound. A friend suggested I wait until the end to weigh again and measure, but seeing a loss is motivating to me. I am drinking a lot of water and not eating any carbs at dinner, saving them for lunch, but not always eating them even then. Feeling great though. Any menu/eating suggestions?

        • Lisa M

          I am also having a very similar response I am on day 8 and have lost 2lbs I am getting discouraged because my husband is also doing this with me and has lost 9lbs I know they say not to weigh yourself but I am neurotic and can’t help but do it to see my progress! I work out 6 days a week doing T25 a lot like (insanity) idk please help I was hoping and praying to lose more than 12lbs I also am following the food guidelines religiously! Can I have your Facebook name?

          • Jennifer Post author

            I won’t even tell you not to weigh yourself too much because uoi already know! Does the person you bought it from have a group forbes did questions, etc?

  • Cara

    The Daily Guide gives portions for protein and vegetables, but I am unsure of the amount on complex carbs per meal? Also, Is it ok to leave out the complex carbs if the protein and vegetable have you full?
    Thank you!

    • Jennifer Post author

      You should do the carbs with the meals for balance. I’d do like 1/2 cup or rice, 1/2 a sweet potato, etc. Just to give you an idea!

  • Jessica

    Is advocate safe while breastfeeding? I know they say not to diet when your breastfeeding, but this fat is just hanging around and I don’t plan to stop breastfeeding completely for awhile yet. I ordered the 24 day challenge kit that included MNS Max 3, Herbal Cleanse, Omega Plex, Spark (Fruit Punch/Mandarin Orange), & Meal Replacement Shake. Is it okay to go ahead and complete the 24 day challenge or should I wait?

  • Kristen

    I am on day 10 of the challenge and even though I have only lost 3 pounds, I am amazed at how much better I feel – even with no coffee or soda. After reading posts about people getting discouraged with little or no weight loss, I would encourage them to finish the challenge and pay attention to inches lost and how their clothes fit.

  • Darnelle

    Ran across your blog while searching for reviews on the challenge, I am on day 2 of the cleanse, I feel great! Personally, I was hoping for more ‘movement’ since I liked to use activia to keep me regular…no big movements to speak of, just alot of #1. I don’t drink milk anyway so my biggest concern was quitting coffee, I was leaving the house with a mug and stopping at Starbucks about 3 times a week. I had great results with trimspa back in 07, lost 47 lbs in 3 and half months….needless to say I have that back and then some.. Bringing it back to the point here, I ground the last of my beloved Kona beans last friday, blew out my Starbucks card that day, put away my coffee maker, coffee, filters and grinder and have not looked back. My new best friend is fruit punch Spark and fresh everything. My athletic bean pole daughter is hooked on the breakfast ‘muffins’… I will be placing an order from my distributor for the Thermo and another box of shakes, as I ordered the tub of Spark with my kit. thank you for the great blog, I’ll def be back to check in!

  • Dan Snider

    I just started two days ago. Yes the fiber drink is nasty but today I blended a banana in with it. It tasted since much better plus gave me some fruit. Highly recommend mixing a banana in with your fiber drink!

        • Jennifer Post author

          Like the Catalyst and ThermoPlus? They are totally optional. You either take them or your don’t. They don’t replace anything. They are additional items. Some people love them and love the results they get with them during the challenge and some people opt not to use them.

  • Kristy

    I am on day one of my cleanse and I cannot drink the fiber drink. It makes me nauseous. Can I take Metamucil or take fiber supplement pills instead?

  • julie

    Have you read the ingredients in some of these products? Spark and the meal replacement shakes are made with sucralose(splenda) which is chlorinated artificial sugar that deposits in your liver and your body is unable to detoxify not to mention all the side effects like reducing the good bacteria in your intestines by 50%, increases the pH level in your intestines by 50%, and many more things. Why cleanse your body just to put that stuff back into it? Corn and soy are GMO’s. Not to mention the artificial flavors and milk based… Are these normal antibiotic hormone filled cows? You can’t expect to get healthy from eating diseased animals. I’m not downing advocare i purchesed my challenge and read the ingredients and they bought back my shakes and spark. It is great to get you started on a routine however instead of spark you could make an apple cider vinegar drink (boil 1 cup water let cool for 3 minutes put 1tbs of organic apple cider vinegar with the mother 1tbs raw organic honey and cinnamon or Dr. Oz’s) not only does it give you energy it cleanses your liver and alkalines your bodies pH. There are many benefits to apple cider vinegar. Speaking of cleansing the liver… The peaches and cream cleanse cleans the liver and kidneys and the citrus is the intestines. Also a really great protein powder is Jay Robb its pricy for protein powder but actually cheaper then advocares with none of the crap. It’s also an isolate …pure protein and less calories! Always read the labels & eat as much organic as possible 🙂

  • Jaclyn

    I have a hard time swallowing pills. During the max phase is it ok if I break the pills in half to take them? Will they still be effective?

  • Kaitlin

    I’m getting very frustrated because I’m on day three and I feel like a fat cow. I only weigh 123 and I want to drop 10 pounds. Is that possible on this type of cleanse? I don’t know if it’s meant for people my size or not. Can someone please help me because I’m not getting help otherwise and I’m beginning to think this was a waste of money….

    • Jennifer Post author

      Where did you order from? Whoever you bought it from should be there to offer support or answer questions. The average person loses about that on the Challenge, however, since you are smaller I would guess that it would be harder. I do recommend sticking with it because you will lose inches! However, if you give it a chance and aren’t happy you can return to your distributor for your money back.

  • Kristin

    I really want to order advocare and try it but I’m a little confused by the guide. Maybe things will make more sense once i get it but for instance on day 4 it says to use “probiotic restore ultra” and it doesn’t look like this is one of the things listed in the 24 day package. Also during the max phase it says, “MNS color packs” and “MNS” white packs do both of those come in what every MNS pack I choose or would I need to buy different packs?

    • Jennifer Post author

      The Probiotic Restore Ultra is included in the 10-Day Cleanse Kit. It comes in little packets labeled as such. The “MNS color packs” and white packs both come in every MNS pack. They are also in individual sleeves and are labeled “color pack” or white pack. Hope that helps!

  • Carly

    I just finished the 24 Day Challenge. I lost 17 pounds. I was just curious.. can I do the advocare again? I loved it because it really kept me discipline and I felt so much better everyday. I want to lose 30 more pounds. What do you suggest doing?

  • Kaylea

    I just now saw where you aren’t supposed to take thermoplus during the cleanse. I am on Day 6 and have taken one thermoplus everyday but one day so far, will this mess up my cleanse weight loss?

  • Tracie

    I am on Day 5 of the cleanse and no weight loss or change in anything really! The only thing I’ve noticed is that I’m starving all the time! Am I doing something wrong? I follow the booklet to a T! Please help!

  • tiffany

    Question!! I am getting ready to purchase this 24 day challange. I am skeptic. Could you really lose that many inches by just this plan? Do you have to exercise in order to get results? I have a 9 hour a day desk job and I have a hard time getting to the gym. So I was wondering could I really lose 1-3 inches in just 24 days without exercise?

  • Juli

    I absolutely love the way you broke this down. I recently became a distributor & have had a hard time explaining it or what it is as silly as that sounds. I feel like the product speaks for itself but for someone who has no idea what it is I was stuck. Thank you !

  • Erin

    I have done 2 days of the cleanse now , I was told it was fine for breastfeeding moms. Now I am reading that there is a modified version…. I’m freaking out! Will everything be fine?

  • Tori

    I will be starting the challenge this upcoming Monday, September 8th. I do have a few concerns/questions I wanted to ask before I start… Is any type of bread okay? Also, the weekend of the 13th of September (It will be day 7 of my challenge), I am going out of town to celebrate my friend’s 21st birthday. This has been planned just here recently, so I wasn’t prepared to be around any alcohol during the challenge. What are you suggestions I do???

    • Jennifer Post author

      I do a 100% whole wheat bread in moderation. And I would probably delay the challenge to start when you get back if you think it will be a problem!

  • april

    I’m ready to do the challenge. Should I purchase just 1 bottle of catalyst (90 tabs)? will this be enough? And will the 2 boxes of spark be enough or should I order more?

    • Jennifer Post author

      One catalyst should be fine! As for the spark if you are thinking one per day will be okay then the two boxes will work. I personally need 2 sparks a day. How much caffeine (If any) do you consume now?

  • Sarah

    Do you know what the ingredients are in advocare? I had a stroke a few months ago due to my birth control pills and I’m curious if any of this would interact with my daily aspirin regimen..

  • Marc Price


    Well, just started the 24 day challenge a few days ago. My two nieces and sister are distributors and talked me into it (mainly because they have each lost 30 lbs or more! Seeing is believing). My niece Carrie warned me ahead of time about the fiber drink, so I got the Peaches and Cream instead of the Citrus one. Peaches and Cream is awesome! No need to chug that one! My only issue to selling it is the initial cost. It’s a hard sell to the average person on a budget.
    – Marc Price

  • Linda

    Today is day 11 for me. I was down 8 lbs this morning. Lost 3″ off my waist and 2 in my hips during the first 10 day . I love advocare product . I used the peaches abs cream fiber drink. It SAS very good I feel so much better eating clean!!!!!!!

  • Christina

    First of all, thank you for, the site and info.
    We are doing the challenge, starting today, and I’m using the iPad app for the challenge as my guide.
    However, the first phase is listed differently on the app compared to the website info from the daily guide. For example, on the aop, the first phas is listed as a cleansing phas, however, the app guidelines listed do not follow as the website guide; ie the fiber cleanse products do not start right away even though it’s listed as the cleanse phase. Which should we follow, that on the guide on the website or the app?
    Thank you.

  • Kelly Slusher

    On day 9 of my cleanse phase and am getting discouraged. I have stuck to the rules and have seen no change on the scale. NONE. I am starting to think it is useless for me. Ever heard of this happening before?

    • Jennifer Post author

      Don’t get discouraged! “They” say not to weigh yourself until after the Challenge, but I can never wait either. My biggest recommendation would be to drink more water. What are you eating? Is it possible you aren’t eating enough?

      • Kelly Slusher

        Normal food for a day:
        Shake for breakfast
        Apples with all natural pb for snack
        Salad for lunch (no cheese), maybe a sweet potato
        After in snack is normally hummus
        Dinner may be a piece of chicken with a veggie or if didn’t have sweet pot for lunch may add at dinner

  • The Ref

    Definitely don’t weigh yourself during the cleanse and you have to be consistent with the time of day and what you are wearing. Right before bed or right after you get up are your best options.

    Better to eat normally in the first 10 days. I did two eggs lightly scrambled with tomatoes in a Ziploc container nuked for two minutes and a fruit. I ate almonds and fruit as my snacks.

    Chicken breast or fish for the lunch and dinner proteins. Quinoa as my complex carb.

  • danielle


    I just have a quick question- ive done the 24 day challenge before and was thinking of doing it again.
    do you need the spark for best results? I didn’t really like how it made me feel and was going to substitute for thermoplus this time around for the same price.



  • Summer

    I’m thinking about trying the 24-day challenge because I’m 21 & I weigh 240 I’m so down about my weight that it’s time to do something about it. I’ve been lifting weights & walking for about a week & a half now but I just need something better. I know nothing about healthy foods to eat & this and that. After the 24 day challenge is up, is there anything I could be taking from advocare to still help me lose weight? I have a ton of questions if you’d like to email me! Thanks!

  • David

    Question: My doctor just recently put me on blood pressure medicine and I was wondering is the 24 day challenge safe along with my mess…..because I really wanna do it and I need to get this weight off to get this pressure down

  • David

    Question: My doctor just recently put me on blood pressure medicine and I was wondering is the 24 day challenge safe along with my meds …..because I really wanna do it and I need to get this weight off to get this pressure down

  • Katie

    I am on day 4 and do not see any results except sleeping better…drinking 85iz water per day no soda taking everything when I should and very clean eating…,what am I doing wrong? Or does it take a few more days to see anything different…want to stay motivated


    Ma’am Jen,

    I have sent a message thru your FB Messenger, I do hope that I can hear from you. I know that your advocacy is to share the strategy on how to become fit and healthy. Thank you very much.