May KLUTCHclub (KLUTCHmen) Review

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Edited to Add: KLUTCHclub has merged with Bestowed and no longer offers a separate subscription service.

May KLUTCHclub KLUTCHmen Box
May KLUTCHclub KLUTCHmen Box

My (well B’s) May KLUTCHclub KLUTCHmen box arrived yesterday and he was very excited to see it.  He spied it on the counter and was like OMGISTHISFORME and insisted we open it right away.  I still don’t get why I get the May box in June, but whatever.

The Box

KLUTCHclub ships via FedEx Smart Post and arrived quickly this month. I am hoping something has changed with Smart Post and it’s a trend that will continue. We’ll see I suppose. My June PopSugar box seems to be moving along very nicely as well, which also makes me happy!

First Look

While KLUTCHclub previews their boxes on their site each month and I always look, I can never remember what is in them, so it’s always a surprise.  I did like what I saw from the first look though!

The Information Booklet

The May KLUTCHclub KLUTCHmen theme was all about kicking it into high gear before the summer months hit with healthy snacks and workouts.  Here’s what it included:

~The Clymb $20 Gift Card ($20): The Clymb is a flash sale site for outdoor and active lifestyle brands. I have heard of them and browsed there before, but never bought anything. However, this does have B written all over it, so I will totally use it. As a side note, does anyone have a listing of all the flash sale sites out there? I’m talking Zulily, HauteLook, Groupon, Plum District. All those. Because that would be a fabulous list to have.

~Mr. Pink Ginseng Drink($2.15): I have never heard of Mr. Pink or his Ginseng Drink before, but ginseng is suppose to be pretty amazing for you and this has a TON, so I am guessing it’s fairly effective? I would totally drink this right now (or at least taste it), but I fear that B would be mad since he’s not home to try it too.

Mr. Pink Ginseng Drink

~Kind Bar Madagasgar Vanilla Almond($1.99): Kind Bars aren’t my favorite of all the bars out there, but B totally loves them. In fact, this was gone about 2 seconds after I took this picture.

Kind Bar Madagasgar Vanilla Almond

~Happy Family Happy Squeeze(Orange Mango Coconut Milk) ($1.79): I vaguely recall knowing that they sold these for adults, but I have never seen them in the stores or anything.  This flavor doesn’t do much for me, but I am dying to try the “treat caramel apple”!!   And so is L.  These pouches totally aren’t just for babies!

Happy Family Happy Squeeze

~Drink Chia Omega 3 Superfood Drink ($3.14):  Normally I’d take a picture of the front of the bottle, but I feel like you need to see this.  It’s got seeds in it.  And it’s thick to boot.  I am scared of this, but want to try to ASAP, however I read that it should be chilled first.  It’s the fridge now.  I’ll update after.

Drink Chia Omega 3 Superfood Drink

~Cocoavia Daily Cocoa Extract Supplement ($13.32):I like to eat my chocolate (for it’s health benefits of course), not drink it, but I suppose I can give this a try ;). It’s suggested use is in almond milk or coffee drinks or smoothies and does sound good.  It supports cardiovascular health and circulation, which are quite important. I’m going to have B try this first though, just in case it tastes funky.

Cocoavia Daily Cocoa Extract Supplement

~Goldbaums Pop Potato Chips ($1):  These are delicious.  It’s as easy as that. So yummy and I would totally buy more.  I’m a huge fan of pop chips and these are just as good.

Goldbaums Pop Potato Chips

 ~Agrolabs Coconut Water Shot ($2.17):  I don’t really care how amazing coconut water is for you, I am not drinking it!  This shot is suppose to help hydration on those warm summer days, after the gym, you know the deal.  But coconut water just isn’t for me.  B *might* try it, but he’s not huge into coconut water either, so we’ll see.

Agrolabs Coconut Water Shot

~Aubrey Organics Men’s After Shave Balm ($2.88): This isn’t my favorite scent out there, but it’s certainly not my least favorite either. I do know that B will totally use it and will have it in his gym bag asap!

Aubrey Organics Men’s After Shave Balm

All totaled, the May KLUTCHclub KLUTCHmen box had a value of about $49.  KLUTCHclub is $18/month (less if you buy an annual subscription and /or use a coupon), so I’d say I got a pretty good deal!  And what’s better is that you can use code “DAD2013″ to save 20% off your entire subscription for KLUTCHmen or”LASHGIRL” to save 20% on KLUTCHmom.

June Boxes

Do you subscribe to KLUTCHclub?  What’d you think about the box this (well last) month?  And what do you think about the June boxes above?  I think I am going to use the code and go for a KLUTCHmom box this month!  If you are interested in subscribing or just want to learn more, click here.

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  1. Mikkii

    I LOVE drinks with Chia seeds in them. I buy large bottles of chia seeds at walgreens and add them to my morning drinks. They are a wonderful source of protein, omega 3, and iron 🙂 They do take some getting used to though.

  2. Jordan

    I want KLUTCHclub so bad! I went and subscribed only to find out they don’t ship to Alaska 🙁

  3. Suzanne

    Love your new disclosures!! Too cute!

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