Thursday Thoughts

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Thursday Thoughts

~So yesterday was L’s preschool graduation. It was adorable of course and L did SO good remembering the songs they sang and looked so stinkin cute in his little cap. When he got his diploma and his teacher asked what he wanted to be was he grew up, I was a tad scared because I didn’t know what he’d say. You never know what kids are going to come up with you know? He said scientist, which would be a fine profession, so I was proud. This little girl in his class however declared she wanted to be a witch when she grew up. I was DYING. A witch. Her mom thought it was hysterical too and had no idea she was going to say that. I loved it. And I know I already posted this on instagram, but it’s so cute I am posting it again here. Can you believe how much he changed since the beginning of the year? Where did my baby go??

~I should be getting the rest of the Advocare Spark samples out tomorrow, so if you have one coming be on the lookout!  Make sure to let me know how much you like it okay?  I don’t be offended or anything if it’s not your thing!  And if you didn’t get a sample, but want one, I’ll probably do it again in a month or two, so watch Facebook.


~Every night before I go to bed I turn the fan off in our bedroom. I cannot stand that thing being on when I sleep.  Is that weird?  Because I feel like it might be?  B has it like a hurricane in there though.  So so so windy.  It’s just too much.  Do you like to sleep with the ceiling fan on?

Not our exact fan but I doubt you really care what our ceiling fans look like.

~Let’s see, I am expecting Stork Stack, LipFactory and the Little Book Club to come this week.  And the Honest Co., which I never review (no clue why), but do still get every 6 weeks. B gets Dollar Shave Club every month and I don’t review that one either.  There is only so much I can tell you about razors. We like them.  They are cheap and good.  Pawalla and PopSugar have shipped, but I don’t expect those until next week.  I am totally anxious to see if the June PopSugar box is as good as the May’s one was.   Ohh, and no, I didn’t get a tracking e-mail yet for June’s PopSugar Must Have Box.  Here’s the trick.  Take your subscription / order # and go to FedEx and track by reference.  You’ll be able to see if your box shipped and where it’s at.  Mine usually ships from CA, but this month is coming from NY, so fingers crossed it arrives more quickly.  I still have reviews coming for KlutchClub and Carefree Crafts too!

~If you haven’t already, go check out the “Pimp Your Blog” post from a few days ago. There are a ton of great blogs in there to add to your readers!! I am hoping to get a chance very soon (like tonight or tomorrow) to go visit everyone’s blogs. I saw a lot of new faces in there and thought that was great! If you haven’t dropped your link in there yet, there’s still time. Oh and I changed it from three columns to two columns so it’s much easier to read now. It was a mess before. I am still planning on doing the “What Do You Sell” link-up either today or tomorrow (does anyone have a preference?). That’s going to be for your etsy shops, your direct selling links (Thirty-One, Avon, whatever), Facebook shop, things along those lines. I am always looking for new etsy shops and I love to buy all that stuff without attending in-home parties, so I can’t wait to see what this brings!

~What’s everyone doing this weekend?  Any big plans?  L is going up-north with my parents, so that leaves just WB here with us this weekend.  B actually has two races this weekend (a 5K foam run on Saturday and a 10K on Sunday) but other than that, we have no plans.  We were thinking about the zoo, but that’s no fun without L.  Everything is boring without L.  WB isn’t going to be happy he’s gone!!  But I am seriously going to try and do something about the basement storage room over the weekend.  I NEED to put things aside for our garage sale or we’ll never actually do it.

That’s it from here.  What’s on your mind today?  Don’t forget to link-up below!

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  1. Jessica

    You did order the JLH Fancy box, correct? Any word on when that will ship? I’m dying to see whats inside!!

  2. SARA

    Yeah it just donned on me that my fianc? was getting a subscription services way before me with dollar shave club. Of course then I made him sign up for bzzagent and the first campaign he ends up getting is a razor LOL

  3. Jenny

    I hate ceiling fans. I can’t stand feeling the wind on me. M loves them and will turn them on but I always turn it off. If it were up to me I wouldn’t have any in the house but everyone down here thinks I’m bonkers when I say that. We have AC I don’t need a fan kwim

  4. Clarisse

    Congrats to L!!!! he’s so cute and he looks so much older in his grad pic 🙂
    I want to try your advocare spark, I didn’t see your post about it before let me know when you can send me a sample !! My bf and I will be heading to NYC for big apple bbq you get to try out all these famous pit masters from all over the country finest ribs, pulled pork and so on , we went last year and loved it. Also need to keep up with my C25K – Have a great weekend

  5. Glenna

    I can’t decide if L looks more excited for his first day of school, or his last day of school! Such a happy little boy you have 1 🙂

  6. Jen

    Aww he is so cute!!! 🙂

  7. mary m

    Wow he has changed a lot in 9 months! So cute!

    This weekend is crazy busy, but that’s every weekend really. Birthday party/slumber party that we’re hosting, a baseball game, the final 2 basketball games, and I work a 12 hour shift on Sunday. Yay. Thank God the baby has been sleeping through the night 9 out of 10 nights (knock on wood).

  8. brandy

    thoughts – i am still dying
    – i really want to eat carbs
    – really want to eat, well, anything.
    – whipped cream would be good

    i would say that i am a pathetic patient but apparently i am actually close to death. but the steroids seem to have started kicking in.

    i love ceiling fan, hubby hates it. he complains about his sinuses. i like to be cold. and it doesn’t matter skinny/fat, i like to be COLD. i have always been like this.

    i’m supposed to be at my cousin’s wedding. right now i am praying that i haven’t gotten everyone sick. because my daughter came down with it last night. i already threw a teary tantrum that i ruined her wedding. she was being nice and said no i didn’t but yeah, when everyone has strep on saturday that will be a different story.

    i ramble a LOT when sick


  9. Erica G.

    I can’t stand sleeping without the fan on anymore. I like the noise and (to me) it makes it feel like I’m not suffocating because the air is moving around. I always need my oceanwaves app going on my phone too. Maybe I’m the weird one?

  10. Mrs. L

    I got my Spark but alas won’t even be able to think about it for at least a week. Thank you!

    We don’t have a ceiling fan but we do run a fan in our bedroom every night. A, it’s white noise which is more for me than my husband and B, because our bedroom is on the 3rd floor. If we turn up the air, the downstairs becomes an icebox so the fan keeps us a bit cool.

    Garage sale on Saturday (at a friends so it means lugging stuff) and Sunday is farmers market/groceries/cook for the week day not to mention having to clean out areas so they can get the new mattress we ordered up to the 3rd floor on Tuesday. I’ll be glad when this weekend is over!

  11. Katy

    That’s funny about the fan because I have to keep mine ON while I’m sleeping. It’s too quiet if I don’t, and I feel suffocated if the air is not circulating around.

  12. Alexia561

    L looks so grown up now! And so happy in both pictures! I tend to get hot if the ceiling fan isn’t on when I’m sleeping, but have it on the lowest setting instead of hurricane-force winds. Maybe try it at a lower setting? This weekend is set aside for rearranging my office, as I still have stacks of books everywhere from unpacking. Need to get organized as we have company coming in a few weeks. Yikes!

  13. Maggie

    Got my e-mail for the Julep Destination Mystery Box!!!! I *know* you’ll be getting one or all 3!!! I can’t decide if I need this box! Was going to get the Hampton’s box if I were to cave!

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