Thursday Thoughts

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Thursday Thoughts

~It appears a lot of people are interested to see what the selling process is like at ThredUP (I did a review on shopping with them earlier in the week) and how much you actually get for the things you sell. Well I’m going to take one for the team and give it a go. I’ll post pictures of everything that I send them, how much I receive for the items and what they are selling them for on their site. I ordered a bag last night, so I got the ball rolling. I just need to figure out what to send before it gets here!

~Speaking of consignment, I mentioned yesterday that I dropped off a bunch of baby gear to a local consignment shop. And what do you know, our exersaucer already sold (and I made $24)! Woot woot! Clearly there is a high demand for 5 year old exersaucers ;). It took me maybe 10 minutes to drop everything off and that was IT. Why on earth haven’t I done this sooner?

~I caught up on my Real Housewives last night and of course and need to talk about it with someone. I’m sure what I think about Caroline getting all up in Joe & Teresa’s and Joe & Melissa’s business, but I don’t think her intentions are bad. It’s totally not her place, but I think she just wants to be the one that brings everyone back together so everyone can be all OMGYOUARETHEBEST. And, as for The OC ladies. OMG, I was cracking up when Vicki, Tamra and Lydia came back from their little night at the bar. They were SO drunk and the other girls were so pissed. Umm, maybe Gretchen and Heather should have said they wanted to go out in the first place you know?  And those strippers?  OMG, those strippers.  Remind me never to hire one in Mexico.  Ever.  So dirty.

~I am on the ball with my reviews lately and have Flicker Box and Dottiebox scheduled for later today.  And you can also expect to see reviews for ipsy, Love With Food, Conscious Box, For the Makers, and Kiwi Crate because I know those are on their way.  And in addition to my normal group of boxes I am expecting later in the month, I am trying BeerBoxer (once I redeem my Plum Distruct voucher anyway) and BeautyBox 5 this month.  And I want to try one more.  I am thinking  of trying Googaro, Lalaalu or Little Pnuts.  Any thoughts??

~Let’s see, what else?  B has arrived at Bonarroo safe and sound.  I believe the festival officially kicks off today at 1pm’ish?  He’s been slacking on his Instagramming, but I expect things to approve now that he has arrived.  My mom and I (and the boys) are headed to Costco (that 3-pack of Mason Straw Mugs will be MINE) and to the B&BW Semi-Annual sale! I can’t wait.

~Oh, and I often get questions about some abbreviations I use on here and what they mean. MUT = Makeup Talk.  PLL = Pretty Little Liars.  GTS = Google That Sh*t.  Those are my favorites, but if there are any more that you wonder about, let me know!

That’s it from here.  What’s on your mind today?  Don’t forget to link-up below!

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  1. Jenny

    I’m very curious with Thred Up. I have a couple larger baby things that just aren’t selling either. I may need to check out the consignment store. My mom shops at one near her that gives more if you take store credit. Hmm I think I can do that. 😉

  2. Shana Gallaspy

    I am also excited about the Bath and Body Works Semi Annual sale! I only shop there twice a year when they do these sales. And of course with my coupons! Can’t get there until tomorrow. Also excited about the Julep’s overstocked sale on Monday. Think I am going to get all the colors i want and then cancel my subscription. Wanting to try lip factory,ipsy, and popsugar this month. But, still on the wait list for ipsy. So, guess I will just do lip factory and popsugar. Last thing, excited about the weekend. Making a ” me” glam weekend. No kids stuff. Just doing for me!

  3. brandy

    I have done a ton of ThredUP bags. I post my payouts (5 so far, 2 being processed) but I don’t take pictures beforehand. I am too lazy for that. I generally recommend consignment for kids’ clothes (I make much more money) but I have a transportation issue so ThredUP works for me for clothes!

  4. Good morning! Have you tried Little Black Bag? That’s the first “subscription” thingy I’ve tried. It’s not really a subscription anymore, but it’s super duper fun. You browse their website to see what you like and add what you want to your bag (their items are highly discounted from original prices) and they will choose an addition one or two items to choose. You can’t see their picks until after you checkout. Once you pay and check out, their items they chose are revealed and then you have 7 days to trade items with other people who have open bags. It took me a while to get the hang of it, but it is seriously fun!

    If you have tried it before, did you like it?

  5. Jen

    How much are the mason jar mugs at Costco? Just curious.

  6. Sabrina Foust

    Pretty Little Liars is definately my guilty pleasure show behind Vampire Diaries. Those 2 are all I have since Gossip Girl is now gone. Its terrible, the books are definately written for a middle schooler but I dont care, that show is like crack. I keep thinking those girls just need to tell an adult or something. I am kind of excited for the spin off but am also nervous how it will work since it deals with the supernatural.

    The voice is the only reality type show I watch anymore, I did watch that show on TV Land where they had the older people and younger people living together, it was pretty funny.

  7. Tabitha

    Thanks for explaining the abbreviations. Ha! I figured GTS had something to do with Google. Also, a Pretty Little Liars fan myself. Can’t get enough. My husband hates it…believes that if it comes on ABC family then I shouldn’t be watching it. Boo. I’m excited to see what all you get in your BeautyBox5 subscription box. It sounds like a good one. I know nothing about any of the other boxes you are considering but I looked them up and I vote for Little Pnuts.

  8. Jamie

    I can’t wait to read about your selling experience with ThredUP because all I can find online are HORRIBLE reviews on them so I don’t trust them yet! But I know you will do an honest review and then I might try sending them a bag! 😉

  9. Jill

    I think Alexis will soon be cut from OC housewives. She isn’t relevant anymore since Tamra and Gretchen don’t like her. I wonder if the rumors about Vicki cheating on Donn are true…I really want Lauri to come back as a housewife.

    NJ housewives are by far my favorite. The previews for the season look so good.

  10. Mrs. L

    I knew about GTS (LOL) and PLL I figured out just by reading your blog. MUT I had no idea!

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