Thursday Thoughts

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Thursday Thoughts

~B and I are still doing well on the Challenge. No cheating has gone down and while I wouldn’t say we LOVE eating clean (yet), we are adjusting. I’m not going to lie and tell you I don’t want a frappe, because I do. But I can see the scale moving (B and I are both down 5lbs so far), so that makes me not have one. If you are still considering doing a Challenge, but don’t want to do it alone, there are a few people in the Advo FB group starting after the 4th!

~OMG, last night I decided I’d take some time and update the box list.  It took way longer than expected because there are tons of new boxes!  Here’s what I added yesterday: A Kitchen Box (cooks/food lovers), Bounty New York (items from local farms and artisians), Escape Monthly (vacation in a box), Hello Makana (Hawai’i products), Love, Play, Nurture (Kids with autism/special needs), My Bella Box (Girls), Rad and Hungry (office products), SecretSexBox (adult), ShaveMOB (razors), Supplet (mom’s to be), Taste Trunk (food), Vegan Cuts Beauty (animal friendly beauty products), Your Bijoux Box (jewelry).  Phew.  Did I miss any recent new ones??

~Did you all watch Big Brother last night?  I am so excited to see what happens!  So far I like Aaryn.  No real reason other than that I thought she had a cute outfit on.  And L is routing for Spencer because he’s a train conductor (he watched the intros with me while he had a popsicle).  There aren’t many times I wish I had DVR, but this is totally one.  I know I will end up missing shows so I am hoping I can find a place to watch them somewhere.  I haven’t looked, but I’m guessing it’s out there!

Big Brother

~I have not decorated my house for the 4th of July yet and I feel so ashamed!  I actually don’t even know if I am going to bother at this point.  At least I don’t still have my Easter stuff up right?

~OMG, I caught up on The Real World – Portland last night and Nia is all kinds of crazy. I haven’t seen the finale or the reunion yet, but I will be stalking Hulu until they appear.  Does anyone else watch this??  Please tell me I am not the only one.

image credit: the frisky

~I am totally loving all of your Summer Bucket List items and you all have inspired me to make a formal list. I doubt we’ll complete them all, but it will be fun to sit down with L and see what he wants to do this summer.  Lately we’ve been doing a lot of bike riding and puddle splashing.  Today we are going to the mall and I swear, I am packing him a bathing suit so he can play in the fountains.

~I stated back on C25K on Sunday (?) and it’s going okay.  It had been so long that I didn’t even know where I left off (and the fact that I opened up the C25K app instead of the Ease into 5K one that I had been using didn’t help).  I randomly decided I was at Week 4 and the running stretches are now up to 5 minutes at a time.  I know that doesn’t seem like a long time, but it’s long time if you don’t run ever!


~So I ordered some straw cups from SkipHop last weekend when they had a 20% off coupon code.  I looked EVERYWHERE here for the cups and yeah, I don’t believe we have them.  So I paid with paypal and that was that.  And then I get an e-mail on Monday saying that my paypal funds had been refunded because SkipHop couldn’t accept the funds?  Something like that.  I instagrammed them and they said that they were having issues of some sort and all was fixed.  I was like well, okay, I’ll just try again.  Only I didn’t  get around to it.  Then on Tuesday I got a shipping notification from them.  You’d think since they wouldn’t take my money they wouldn’t give me any cups, but you’d be wrong.  I need to call them and get it sorted out, but I am so excited to get these cups today!

The cups

~I mentioned it on Facebook, but I got crazy on my birthday and decided to mop the kitchen floor.  That happens less frequently in a year than my birthday does (B usually does it).  But I think it sucks so bad to do it because our mop SUCKS.  Any suggestions?  Hopefully one that works very well and it sold at like Target so I can get it asap??

That’s it from here.  What’s on your mind today?  Don’t forget to link-up below!

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  1. brandy

    secret sex box? really?

    i let my kids clean the floor. they loooove it. they are excellent mops. i don’t have one!

  2. Jackie

    I keep telling myself I am going to start C25k. But then I don’t. Because I am worried about running in front of people and it’s too hot now to run outside! :/

  3. Nicole

    You can watch big brother online for free I believe. I will be checking later today since I missed last night and Ill get back to you. I think i have 2 more episodes of real world to watch, but the previews I have seen for the finale look intense!!. I really hope they put nia on a challenge in combination with Wes because that would be so high drama.

  4. wendi

    I have harwood floors and a lot of them. I HATE cleaning them. I bought the Hoover Floor mate for hard floor surfaces and I LOVE it. No mop for this girl. And….I bought it at Target! Good Luck!

  5. Danielle

    I love those ups. In fact we have four for Stefanos and with all our little mommy club friends I gifted every kid a lunchie and matching cup for their first birthday. Everyone loved them and it was an awesome way to keep the gifts all around $15 since we got 13 first birthday invites!!!
    The cups do leak though which sucks. When I let him have water while he’s playing we go with the mOmma round cup or the Philips Avent swivel top cup…those things are so well put together its unreal. But skip hop is way cuter and I totally have a skip hop problem! Oh we’ll! Enjoy your cups.
    And….how do you Instagram someone? I didn’t know you can send messages on there??

  6. Shauna

    I’m going to be stalking your comments on this because we need a new mop also, and I can’t find one I really like. I mean, I know mops aren’t super exciting, but shouldn’t there be something on the market that works well and isn’t a steam mop? I’ve been trying to avoid doing it, but I think I’m going to have to break down and buy a Shark. Everything else I’ve tried has sucked.

  7. Linda

    Get a steamer for your floors. It’s quicker and easier and I’m like you, hate to wash floors, Mark always does it. But with the steamer, I’m a lot more willing!

  8. Jennifer

    I crocheted covers for my swiffer that are washable. I hate washing floors too. I do a quick job every week or two, and get down on my hands and knees a few times per year.

  9. Kaitlin V.

    You can watch Big Brother on the CBS website. Enjoy it – CBS shows on and the actual CBS website are difficult to come by from my experience! I use my Swiffer with the wet pads. That way I don’t have to worry about cleaning a mop or keeping it sanitary. Not very “green” of me but it gets the job done. Not sure who you are buying the cups for, but i saw lollapop cups on Shark Tank awhile ago. They are BPA free and look fun but look smaller than the cups you are after. PS I may have ordered A Kitchen Box, sight unseen. Oops?

  10. Glenna

    We have a libman freedom mop. It is like a swiffer wetjet only you can wash the pad and use whatever cleaning solution you want. It is great for little messes or the whole floor! And I am pretty sure we bought it at Target!

  11. Jenny

    Oh Big Brother. I did get a chance to watch a little of the After Dark on TVGN last night. They bleeped out the bad words which is super annoying. They also didn’t do it very well so you miss conversation right after it. No faves yet. So hard to tell from the first episode. I can’t wait to see who the first MVP is and I love that they don’t have to tell anyone. That makes it even better.

  12. Alison

    My early favorite is Rachel?s sister, Elissa!

  13. My entire house is wood floors, boo! I vacuum them and then use a swiffer mop and it works fine, or at least I think it does. Once the baby is born I think we will invest in a steam cleaner…

    I love love love SkipHop! I bought the owl lunch box for myself a while ago and then have slowly picked up little pieces here and there! Now I’m going to buy the owl water bottle, lol!

    I haven’t watched the Real World since it was based here in Denver… Its kind of lost its appeal to me… now those challenge shows, that is right up my ally, lol, I believe a new season has started or its about to start, I’m so excited!!!!

  14. Cathy@Five Boys

    Love my Shark steamer mop for my hardwood and tile floors. I also broke down and got the Bona spray mop for inbetween times with the hardwood kitchen floor. I would love one of those little robot vacuums; I heard they have one out that mops too now $$$$$.

  15. Cristina

    I just bought a mop (at Target) and I love it. It’s by Rubbermaid. It has a little container where you put whatever cleaner you want and it sprays it like a swifter would. The cover is washable. It is awesome!! I don’t know what its called but its red. And around $20.

  16. Elizabeth

    Libman Freedom mop and Libman Wonder mop. One is like a regular rag mop (but the top is machine washable so you get lots of use out of it!) and the other is like a Swiffer (but also washable). I love their products and only use their brand for mops!

  17. Christy

    I LOVE my Shark. I just have one of the older basic steamer ones and it is great.

  18. Kelley

    We have those SkipHop cups and LOVE them! My daughter got the owl as a add on in her Citrus Lane box and I then ordered the boys the monkey and bumblebee…the dog on amazon said 2-5 months til it would ship! Ugh no way!

  19. Elizabeth

    You can buy both the mops I mentioned at a Target or Walmart! 🙂

  20. Susan

    As far as new boxes, I live in KY and found one with products from the state. Here is the link if you are interested.

    I so want to try those skip hop cups. My 16 mo old just started drinking from a straw and those would be perfect. We use the swiffer wet jet. It does the job & it’s easy to clean by just tossing the pads.

  21. Kara

    I’m loving how everyone thinks McCrae is some kind of super genius. I think it’s hilarious! This seems like a good group and the MVP twist could certainly shake things up. Can’t wait for Sunday’s episode!

  22. Val

    I bought the Reveal spray mop at target after our “good” steam mop broke. You can fill the bottle with your preferred dilutted cleaner (or just water and/or vinegar water) and the mop head are machine washable. I like it so far, but have only used it a few times.


    I live by my shark steam mop I got one last year now I give them as gifts I def recommend its easy to use

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