July Bike Loot Review 2

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Edited to Add: Bike Loot is no longer in business.

July Bike Loot

July Bike Loot

Bike Loot is a new’ish monthly subscription service that offers you a box containing 5 to 7 top-quality, pro-level cycling product samples delivered straight to your door. Now I know that B and I are NOT cyclists, but B is tossing around the idea of doing a half ironman next year (no, he can’t just sit still), so who knows, maybe we’ll become one ;).

July Bike Loot

The Box

Bike Loot ships via USPS First Class and arrived nice and quickly.  Bike Loot ships in a box a tad bigger than Birchbox and a tad smaller than GLOSSYBOX.

July Bike Loot

First Look

I wasn’t totally sure what to expect from Bike Loot, but I was excited to see that the products looked interesting and were fairly nice sized.

July Bike Loot

The Information Card

Since I didn’t know what a lot of the items in the box were, I was

~Elete Electrolytes: This couldn’t be any easier.  You mix the little packet with anywhere between 8oz and 32oz of water (your call) for a dose of electrolytes.  Noting bulky to tote around which is key because cyclists don’t have baskets on the front of their bikes to carry a bunch of stuff around ;).

July Bike Loot

Elete Electrolytes

~Body Glove Surge: This is totally a B item and I can see it being consumed before his next long run.  His knee has been bothering him so he hasn’t been running a ton lately.  Hey, maybe he’ll actually use this before his next bike ride because that does not bother his knee.

July Bike Loot

Body Glove Surge

~EBoost: We have gotten EBoost in other boxes and are always happy to see it.  We never buy it, but use it when it comes in our boxes.  I don’t really know if it’s benefiting my health because I don’t take it daily like recommended, but I figure it can’t hurt either!

July Bike Loot


~Pro Gold Pro Towels: Sometimes you just get sweaty and stinky riding your bike, running or doing whatever.  And these are perfect to carry along with you in case you need to make a stop or run an errand before you can get cleaned up.

July Bike Loot

Pro Gold Pro Towels

~Wired Waffles: I saved my most favorite item for last.  WIRED WAFFLES!  They are waffles with caffeine. Plus, they were on Shark Tank and I love that show.  I couldn’t resist trying it right away and it’s not the waffle taste I expected but I did like it.  I’m not overly sure I’d keep them in the house though because I’d be afraid L would try and drag one as a snack and yeah, that wouldn’t be good!  He’d bounce of the walls with this much caffeine.

July Bike Loot

Wired Waffles

~Aeroshot Energy: This has 100mg of caffeine and no calories or liquids to slow you down on your ride.  Interesting right?  I know that B will be more than game to try this and I look forward to seeing what he thinks because, well, I think these are cute containers ;).

July Bike Loot

Aeroshot Energy

I didn’t do a cost breakdown on Bike Loot but I do think that if you are cyclist looking to try new fuels and other items on your rides, this is for you.  I probably could figure out a use for all these items myself and no of them would even be cycling related.

What do you think of Bike Loot?  Interested in signing up?  Want to learn more?  Click here!  Oh and don’t forget to use the coupon code “RAMBLINGLOOT5” to save $5 off a subscription.   You can opt from the monthly recurring subscription for $13.95/month or go for the 3-month subscription, which works out to be $11.95/month!

Disclosure: This box was received for review purposes. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received.

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2 thoughts on “July Bike Loot Review

  • Elizabeth

    B needs to think about doing Ragbrai here in Iowa. It happens once a summer….thousands of cyclists’ come from all over the US to ride all the way across the state of Iowa in a week. If I didn’t have kids and was more “sporty” I would totally do it!