Thursday Thoughts

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Thursday Thoughts

~Let’s see, where to begin? Let’s start with those crazy Housewives. Gretchen singing? No. Stop it now. I am cringing just thinking about next week when she proposed to Slade. It was all very The Bachelorette like to me. And please tell me someone else laughed when Joe Gorga was explaining what the black sh*t was that everyone kept talking about after the huge fight. Hairspray to make his hair look thicker! Classic. And I love that he was all complaining about it to, even to his own wife. LOL.

image credit: Bravo (?)
image credit: Bravo (?)

~Ahh, the royal baby! I am a tad late discussing it, but whatever. I am still excited and like the name a lot! “George Alexander Louis” is a total King’s name and I think it’s a perfect fit. Will and Kate seem so normal and down to earth and I couldn’t be happier for them. And thank flippin goodness I didn’t a billion people staring at me the day after I had either of my kids. I am certain I didn’t look cute at all. Oh and is it normal to only stay in the hospital for a night in the UK after you have a baby? I only stayed a night with WB (I stayed way longer with L but that’s a whole other story), but around here it seems like two nights is more the norm. B and I figured we weren’t getting any sleep in hospital so we might as well go home and get no sleep there ;).

image credit: Splash News
image credit: Splash News

~This is so stupid, but I am having such a hard time finding a cute fruit bowl. We used to have one from Core Bamboo, but it’s taken a beating – I feel like maybe you aren’t supposed to put bamboo in the dishwasher and I did like a million times. I need a really big bowl that’s stylish (probably a wood or a metal) enough for the counter yet affordable. Any ideas??

~I’ve been slack on my clean eating, but plan to pick back up soon. Just as soon as I go to the grocery store to restock anyway. Dinners are easy because we got a Plated box this week, but lunches get me in trouble. I made L a muffin tin meal (which he ate at his new table in his swing set) and had some trouble finding 12 different and acceptable items for him! As for Plated, we had the tilapia fish tacos last night. OMG so good! If you haven’t entered to win my Plated giveaway yet, you’ve still got time!


~The Target Summer Clearance is coming to an end (it’s usually only 90% for a few days before they declare it “INF” in the system and may not sell it to you even if you do find it in the store) and I have loved seeing all of your hauls!  I am thrilled that a lot of you who had never clearance shopped before got out there and got yourselves some deals!  They mark down clearance like this for Halloween, Christmas, Valentines and Easter in addition to Summer, so we can do it all over again in a few months ;).  Oh, and I got a mention for my finds on Totally Target, which I found to be totally cool!

~L and B are going fishing tonight and L is so excited.  I am already scared thinking about what’s going to happen when he has to go back to school in the fall.  He’s going to be crushed that his up-north fun will only be able to happen in short doses now.  And WB is still crazy little WB.  He’s all about the hugs these days and will happily walk up to you and hug your legs.  And when he does it to L, OMG I about die.  Adorable.

Total cutness

~And finally, I looked in my thredUP account last night and the status has changed to “processing payment” so the payout amount shouldn’t be far away now! I cannot wait. Everyone has been getting these crazy low payouts lately, so I do not have high hops for my bag at all. We’ll see!

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  1. Kim

    Hi! I haven’t commented in awhile 🙂 I sent two bags to Thred up on the same day, one processed really quickly and I am still waiting for the other. But the one that did process I made about 6.50! They hardly took anything and gave me less than a dollar for everything except one dress. I sent in my clothes and some of my 4 yr old daughters.
    Are you still hunting around priceline? I Love priceline, the name your price. My mom is a pro at it and got me started. We always use the name your price when we go somewhere and you can choose the area and if you want 2, 3, or 4 stars. Maybe 5 stars too depending on the area. They always give us good hotels and we have never been disappointed and I love how little we sometimes pay for rooms! I would definitely recommend using them!
    I am expecting a Hello Fresh delivery today and I’m excited to see if the meals will fill up my husband and still have some left for me 🙂 I would like to try the Plated too. I hate trying to think up meals and grocery shopping (and cooking too)!
    Your boys are adorable, we just found out we are expecting a boy and I’m nervous about a boy! Have a great Thursday!

  2. Nicole

    I saw that u got mentioned on totally target when I was on there last night. Lucky you for getting out in a day with WB. Most hospitals do a 48 hour check on the newborn hence the typical two day stay.

  3. Jenny

    So now I’m waiting on the back to school clearance. I’m printing out the 1st grade list so that I can grab some of those items this year at really cheap prices. 🙂 I still need to work on the muffin tin meal. I think C will love those while N is at school.

  4. Melissa

    My Thredup stuff finally came Monday, a MONTH after they had my bag. Sigh. And they gave me a whopping $14. They are dead to me.

  5. Jackie

    One night is short…sorta. If she had an uncomplicated, natural birth…she’s the queen-to-be, there is no reason a doctor wouldn’t be able to check on her in a day or two if need be.

  6. Mary Q.

    Not sure what style you want your fruit bowl to be, but I’ve got my eye on Chopstick Art ones, which have a fun shape and are upcycled! I’m all about repurposing and their use of chopsticks is pretty cool.

  7. Jen

    I love the name of the royal baby as well!!!! It’s very regal. 🙂

  8. Jill

    I was DYING when Joe was explaining the black hairspray!!! After the fight I saw Melissa run and put Joe’s hat back on his head. I thought that was weird but after he explained the black sh*t I figured that was why.

  9. Jodi

    Up here, the norm for a hospital stay is 24 hours. If you have a midwife, it’s way less. My friend was home from the hospital with her second after 4 hours! I had a c section with my first, there were problems so we were there 7 days. With my second, another section, I had him Thursday morning and I was out Saturday morning!

  10. Ashley C.

    For a fruit bowl/basket, I use a Longaberger bowl/basket combo. I LOVE all of their stuff, and have been buying it longer than I can even remember. Its all American Made in Ohio, and holds up amazingly! Granted, some of their prices are a little steep for “just a basket” but totally worth it, in my opinion! I have the Spice Market Large Twisted Basket with the ceramic bowl insert [google image it!] — and will never do anything else! Its not available right now, but they have a lot of stuff that works the same!!

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