August Bike Loot Review

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Edited to Add: Bike Loot is no longer in business.

August Bike Loot
August Bike Loot

Bike Loot is a sort of new monthly subscription service that offers you a box containing 5 to 7 top-quality, pro-level cycling product samples delivered straight to your door.  Now I realize I am not a cyclist, however, that doesn’t mean B and I don’t enjoy this box!

August Bike Loot
The Box

Bike Loot ships via USPS First Class and arrived in gosh, 3 days, all the way from New Mexico.  Not too shabby at all!

August Bike Loot
First Look
August Bike Loot
Second First Look

Ohh, the first look this month had me very excited.   I recognized a few things, but some were totally new.  B was there for the opening and was also excited to check it out!

I failed to take a picture of the information card, but Bike Look has a fabulous one.  It’s got product information, coupon codes and also notes on how the Loot Dudes use each of them.  Here’s what was included in the August Bike Loot:

~Picky Bars (The Need for Seed):  I have heard lots of good things about Picky Bars, but I haven’t tried them yet.   They don’t look like the most appetizing things on the planet once they are opened, but happily they do taste better than they look!  Way better than I expected that’s for sure.

August Bike Loot
Picky Bars

~PowerIce (Orange Blast): B was very excited about this and I believe is saving it for after his next long run.  I’ve never seen such a thing, but it seems like it’s pure genius.  An electrolyte popsicle if you will!

August Bike Loot

~Acli-Mate Colorado Cran-Raspberry: Michigan is flatter than flat, however, according to the information card, it can be used at any elevation.  Still, I will probably save thing for B, because the elevation does get him when he runs in other states.

August Bike Loot

~Click Expresso Protein Drink: Bike Loot recommends this for post ride-recovery because it has lots of protein, while also being delicious.  We’ve gotten samples of this a few times and I’m not sure what B does with it, but I know I it’s nowhere to be found at the house!

August Bike Loot

~ShowerPill Antibacterial Wipe: I know we’ve gotten similar products in the past, but I don’t recall every getting an antibacterial one?  It kills 99.99% of common germs on contact and of course, gets that grim off if you don’t have time to shower right away!

August Bike Loot

Like last month, I didn’t do a cost breakdown on Bike Loot, but I do think that if you are cyclist (or really just an athlete in general) looking to try new fuels and other items on your rides, this is for you.

What do you think of Bike Loot?  Interested in signing up?  Want to learn more?  Click here!  Oh and don’t forget to use the coupon code “RAMBLINGLOOT5″ to save $5 off a subscription.   You can opt from the monthly recurring subscription for $13.95/month or go for the 3-month subscription, which works out to be $11.95/month!


Disclosure: This complimentary box was received for review purposes. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received.
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