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~This weekend was filled with all sorts of fun including tons and tons of playing outside, a trip to the fair and FRO-YO! I know I say how excited I am for fall, but man, I am going to miss summer. Actually I might just miss this weekend’s weather, which was nothing sort of perfect. And OMG we are now the proud parents of 4 goldfish. Yes, 4. We wanted to win playing the carnie game to get one and ended up with 4. So far they have survived the weekend and fingers crossed we got some sturdy ones (ha) and they will last!

~I finally got a chance to watch the Real Housewives of the OC reunion (Part 1) last night and OMG, that’s so much crazy in one place. First of all, I want to know if they coordinate their outfits? And second, whatever is happening, I am on Team Lydia.  And third, I think everyone is cheating on everyone.  It’s just so hard to follow, but I do love the mess!

image credit: bravo
image credit: bravo

~I’ve got lots of boxes coming this week, including Citrus Lane, the Martha Stewart GLOSSYBOXGoodiesLove With FoodbluumThe Bride BoxHonest Co. Diaper Bundle, Barkboxwatanut and ipsy.  Everything seems to be taking forever this month.  I don’t know what the deal is, but I don’t like it.  I ordered some toner from The Balm sale on Haute Look and it says that the package is “Undeliverable as Addressed” and there is “No Such Number”.  Umm, okay?  And ipsy?  I’ve gotten packages from foreign countries faster than this month’s bag!

~This is SO random, but I have been meaning to mention it for ages.  Does anyone remember that soap from the PopSugar Luxury Box back in December?  I know some of you got it.  Anyway, we are STILL using ours, however, it leaks and drives me totally bananas.  If it wasn’t so expensive I would have just thrown it away.  But instead I just clean my counter non-stop.  Has anyone else had this issue?  For a $24 bottle of soap, I expected better.

The Soap
The Soap

That’s it from here!  How was your weekend?  What do you have going on this week?  Any boxes coming??

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  1. Kayleigh

    Ugh, I can’t stand Lydia. I think she’s all “I just want everyone to get along, I don’t like drama” and then she just stirs stuff up. At least the other ones admit they are crazy! Haha. I can’t wait to watch Part 2, I think there’s a Part 3 too!

  2. Michelle R

    I’ve rotated my BR soap out to something different right now, but when I was using the one from the Popsugar Luxury box I didn’t have a problem with leakage – my problem was that if I pressed too hard the soap would shoot out about 3 feet across the bathroom and get everywhere! So annoying.

  3. Chrissy

    I got my Ipsy in the mail last Friday. I was so excited to see the bright pink package in my mail box, however when I went to grab it, it felt unsually light. I opened it and there was nothing in it! *cue mini panic attack* I sent their costumer service an email, and they sent one back saying they would send another one out right away. But now I’m so curious as to what happened to the original one!

  4. Gina F.

    I am on team Lydia too! She is definitely my favorite. I wonder if they are going to bring up the holiday party where Viki’s son-in-law went nuts on Lydia’s mom. Can’t wait to watch part 2 tonight!

  5. Lisa Davis

    My boxes I am waiting for are Birchbox- which should deliver today and Goodies Co…..not sure when that one will come in. Still on waitlist for IPSY 🙁 – I cheated and bought August IPSY off Ebay. Loved it all! Weekend was great went Dinosaur Valley in Glen Rose! Exciting to hike around….boy come Sunday though I was soar. I really need to start working out again….but I have little time. Great to see you guys had a great weekend. Our Texas State Fair starts at the end of the month….so excited about that.

  6. Shana

    Finally got my ipsy last week! It usually comes much later. Still waiting on Lip Factory. Thinking about ordering some Sephora this week thanks to u but I will be giving as Christmas gifts and keeping the bag for myself. Interested to see what Julep has this month. Will I skip again or buy. Thinking about trialing nail art society since I have this hoard of polish now. Why not learn fancy designs. I plan to scrap book this week. Upload some books to your site. Start a new book. Give 2 birthday parties and work a massive schedule this week. I see being pooped in my future!

  7. clarisse mello

    that soap!!! i’m having the same issue my counter is all sticky and gooey. I also had to completed wash the outside of the bottle a few times. i’m glad i’m not the only one with this issue.

  8. Hilary

    I received my Martha Stewart Living Glossy box last week but am unsure about the magazine part. Have you gotten yours? I don’t know if we are automatically already signed up for the magazine with the same address the box came to or if I need to fill out the card that came in the box? I don’t know why this is so unclear to me, maybe I am missing something?!? Let me know once you get yours….

    I also got Love with Food and Bulu Box last week, it was a great end to the week!

  9. Jill

    Totally Team Lydia!!! I always watch the replays of the episodes (you know, for good measure in case I missed something the first time) and crack up at the part Lydia says to Heather “but I wan’t on the cover. Booya!”She is definitely my favorite of the bunch.

  10. Kristina Moya

    LOL! My best friend and I talk about that darn soap all the time! Isn’t it wonderful when it misses your hand and squirts all over your arm or clothes!!!

  11. Amber

    That bloody soap. It lasted forever, and I loved the scent-something plum or whatnot…but I had to clean the bottle daily for the leaks. Loved the bottle so much I saved it for a vase!

  12. Beth

    I’m getting Citrus Lane and my Goodies box arrived today but it only had 3 of the seven items in it 🙁

  13. Cathy@Five Boys

    We just finished our soap! Ours didn’t leak, but often the soap seemed thinner and ended up on the counter. Would never pay $24 for hand soap though!!

  14. Mrs. L

    Love my soap…would never pay $24 for it but the large size actually works for the space it’s in. No problems with leaks or anything.

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